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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



 "How can you marry him? "The nobles asked one after another but she won't want to hear them, 

  "I love him! "She replied while Calvan smiled sheepishly looking at those things infront of them, 

  "You love him? Your husband just died! Your husband just died!!! "
  "So? Can't I find love again? In hades now, I know my husband might have found a lover too, "

  "Scarilege! Abomination!! What are you saying? You want to... "
  "And who dares question an already crowned Queen of the land? "She interrupted airily full of pride. 

  "This isn't how you should rule! This isn't how you should rule! 
  This kingdom will leave with no nobles and councils if he emerges as king and seats beside you on the throne! 

  "How's that your business? "
  "I don't your need your advices...."
  "Don't you think one of you might want to be the prime minister? "She asked in a coy way to make those old men shut up. 

 And they did! They all wanted to be the prime minster and legal adviser of the queen, 
  "So, we're already married and he's going to be the king to sit by my side"

  "We support you"they all gave their support except one man, 
  He didn't speak, he was looking eyeball to eye ball with the queen. 

 Its obvious he wanted to die this night! She smirked looking at him and he didn't dare look away until everyone was gone from the room. 

  "Why are you being this way my queen? He's young enough to be... "
  "Get out! Follow your mates out now! "

  He smiled, 
  "What can you do to me fox!? "He asked smirking and she was shocked, 
How did he know her? If not for every maid and guard inside the palace with her, 

She would've brought him down to his death! 
  "No don't think of killing me fox, cuz... "He came close to her and stood, 

Calvan drew his knife and raised it up to his neck, 
 The man smiled looking at the queen, 
  "You can't kill me and I've been wanting to meet face to face with you"

 "What do you want and who are you? "She asked really angry, 
  "I'm Drez the goblin, "
She frowned on realizing whom it was, 

  She kept mute looking at him, 
 She clearly knew him from somewhere, 
  "Drez? "
 "You clearly know me... Remember the lovely times dancing in the moonlight those days"

  "Remember the beautiful night that I met you and told you that you're beautiful and you told me that... "

She looked around and saw the curious eyes pointed to her, 
  "All of you get out! Now!! "They scurried out of the palace remaining only her, Calvan and that strange man. 

  "Are you scared? That they might know that you're a fox! Where are your tails? I can't see them, they normally pop out in times likes this.... Remember? "

  "Stop it! Stop it! "She was getting over sensitive about everything, 
  "Are you okay? "Calvan asked her holding onto her but she pushed him away slightly, 

  "Go away"
  "No, I don't want to leave you my queen, he might hurt you "he refused to go, 
  "Go, I will be fine"
 "I'm not sure about that my queen"

  "I'm really going to be fine, I promise"he left but not without giving that man a devilish gaze.... 


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