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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



She gulped, 

  "Take it and start reading! "He repeated and she grabbed it nervously and began to read, 

  *There lived a king and his precious the queen---they loved each other ---they helped each other ---but, giving birth to children ---a boy and a girl---those two children grew up in to young teenagers loving each other 

   They loved to the extent that they slept not knowing that its a sin and the punishment of such an act was death! 

 The king couldn't do that, so he made a decree that the law be changed---everyone is free to commit incest! 

Story finished! 
   What kind of story is this? 
  He smiled collecting the story book from her, 
  He beamed, he loved the voice that read out those words to him, 

She wanted to ask the meaning of the story, what kind of stupid love story is that but that's no business of yours! 

   "The meaning of the story? "He read her mind and she gulped, 
  "Its about how this world is like, with power, everything can be changed"

  Oh... It makes a little sense now, 
She heaved trying to leave but he refused, 
  "Here, take this violin and play them into my ears, I'm feeling sleepy"

  "I can't play a violin "
  He stared at her to know if its true from the noise she's going to make in her head and that was true, 

  She looked away from him, why is he so soft towards her? Why is he so soft like he's a good vampire when he's clearly not! 

  "I will teach you how to do it"
He held the violin and beckoned on her to come closer, 

 She did until her body was gummed to his, he stirred staring into her face, her eyes and then her lips, 
She trembled, 
   He wanted to kiss her, those lips were so inviting but no! What would she think of him? 

   He cleared his throat and flappd his lashes, 
  "You hold the violin this way and the strings... "
He taught her about every little string on the violin and how its played. 

 She found it boring but soon, it was interesting for her, 
 Seeing him teach her how to play and how he held her hands into the violin playing it with his hands with hers. 

  It was fun! 
  ".... Now play it! "He ordered and she tried wobbly to play the violin, 
  He beamed.... She's a fast learner! 

  "Wow! "He relaxed and ordered her to play it unend, 
  He opened his eyes after a long beautiful sound from the violin when she had stopped probably sleeping off. 

  He turned to see that she was asleep, 
  He smiled touching her face and then carried her in a bridal style. 

  He walked out of his study and walked out to the amazement of all seeing Roy carrying a woman tenderly in his arms, 

 They were amazed and lips started wagging, 
He didn't mind until he got her safely into her bed, he covered her with a duvet and dressed her hair properly so it won't cover her face. 

 He made to go but she grabbed his arm, 
  "Don't leave me Calvan"... 


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