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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



 The queen turned to her past lover of many years ago,

  "What do you want? What do you really want? "
  "What I want? Haven't you tormented this kingdom enough? Haven't you? You have ripped them off many souls, aren't you tired? "

  "What do you want? "
  "Leave this kingdom else am going to tell them whom you're! "
  She grinned clenching her fist, 

Who'd the hell is this one to tell her what to do and what not to do, 
   "And if I don't? "
 "I have told you what I will do if you don't leave the kingdom alone! "

  "Sheesh! Hey Goblin! I'm stronger than you're... "
 "And the last time I checked, you gave out your fox bead to your daughter..."

She was moved by that, 
  "You know fox, I thought you loved your daughter the way you were protecting her, I thought you really loved and cared for her until you married off her bethroted by enchanting him with your body... "

   "Stop this! Stop talking to me! I'm your queen!! Guards!!! Guards!! "

They ran to him on her call, 
  She pointed at him and ;
  "Take him out of here! I don't want to ever see him again! "
  He began to laugh as they grabbed his arms leading him away, 

  "Let me tell you queen, your daughter is coming for you! She's going to kill you with her own hands! You can escape everyone but not a half breed like your daughter!! "

  They dragged him off, 
 "She's going to kill you! She's going to kill you alongside Roy, your worst enemy! "

  They pushed him out and closed the giant door, 
  She heaved. 

"I need to find Elena, I have to... "She soliloquized

     She opened her eyes, 
  "Another nightmare? "He asked peering into her face, 
  "Where am I? "She asked sitting up from the bed, 

  "Where am I? "She repeated looking around him and then frowned, 
  She was still in the woods, 
 "I thought am at home"
  "Home?? "He asked, he can't understand what's wrong with her, 

  "Yes home! I want to go home! Take me home! I want to go home! I want to see my mom and dad! I want to see Calvan my love, I want to see him! 

I want to know if he's in danger or not, I want to see my mother and father! Take me home! I want to see Calvan, he might be waiting for me for such a long time! "She pleaded taking Roy unawares. 

 He was shocked, heartbroken and really moved. 
  Calvan... Who is he? What role is he playing in her life? 

  "Take me home"
  He didn't speak, he stood up and left for his room, 
  "Sir... "Someone called him from behind as he hit his fist on the wall, 

  "Get out"he snapped at that person, 
  "Sir.... "
 "I said get out! "He yelled chopping it the person's head off, 

 His eyes were as red as blood! He was so in a fury that he felt himself boiling, 
   She has a lover.... 


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