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 Season 7

Episode 27

(How pathetic)

After spending a few more days on the island, Tina took Mark's ashes and used whatever money she had left to sneak back into Z Country. This time, however, the purpose of her return wasn't vengeance. Perhaps she just wanted to go back home to the Tao family residence after everything that had happened.   

 Master Tao had been dead for several months. His son and his daughter-in-law, the Tao couple, were the only members remain in this family. However, after everything they'd had to go through because of Mark and Tina, they didn't look like they were doing so well either.    When the sun rose, casting the trees in their virescent hues and bringing the warm brown tones back to the earth, the city came back to life.    

Mrs. Tao was enjoying a quiet time with her flowers in the garden, and she slowly brushed her hand over her baby bump. 

She asked with an expression of both expectation and enjoyment, "Darling, can you guess whether it is a boy or a girl?" 

 Mr. Tao pulled out a chair for her to sit on and smiled gently. "Honey, I will love them with all my heart, boy or girl."    

Mrs. Tao smiled, relieved to find that she and her husband were on the same page on the matter. She looked up to his face and said, "But it would be nice If they are twins of mixed sex."    

"I would rather not." Mr. Tao showed an expression of disagreement. However, he was only coming from a place of concern. "You are an elderly pregnant woman. Having even just one baby in your age won't be easy. Don't even talk about twins."   

 "You are right." Mrs. Tao nodded. She knew she wasn't healthy enough to go through labour at her age, especially without risking her own life, but they really needed a change of scenery and what better way to start fresh than to start fresh with a new life.  

Mr. Tao looked at her baby bump affectionately. Then he squatted down and listened with his ears, showing the anticipatory flash of excitement of a father. "I wish the baby would come out sooner. There are so many things I'd like to teach and show our baby. I will raise it to be a good and healthy person..."   

 Meanwhile, Tina hid herself behind the flowers in the garden to listen in on the heartfelt conversation shared between two expecting parents. When Tina saw Mrs. Tao's belly, her grip on the urn tightened subconsciously.   

 Tina's mind was sent reeling, unable to comprehend or process the images it was being sent by her eyes. She looked away, then looked back to see if it was still there. It was.    

Had they completely given up on her and Mark? It couldn't be!    

Perhaps, there was no reason for her to take Mark back to the Tao family cemetery anymore.  

Tina wanted him to accompany her forever.   

 So that even death couldn't tear them apart.    

A self-pitying snicker escaped her mouth. She didn't know why she felt so frustrated with everything.    

All of a sudden, it occurred to her that she was all alone in this big harsh world. A feeling of abandonment overwhelmed her thoughts. She felt abandoned by everyone, including Mark.    

How pathetic and ridiculous she was!    She totally made a fool of herself.   

 Tina left with Mark's remains quickly. There was no nostalgia here, only loss and small consolation.    

Mrs. Tao looked out, compelled by a subconscious urge, and a sense of melancholy appeared between her dainty eyebrows. "Darling, I felt as though someone was watching us just now."  

Mr. Tao followed her sight and looked out, "Really? I don't see any one out there. Are you sure?"    

"Yes, I am sure I saw someone out there just now."  Suddenly, Mrs. Tao felt certain of her intuition. "Honey, I think it was Tina. Could our daughter be back?"   

 Mr. Tao was still unconvinced. "If she really came back, why didn't she come inside?"    

"Maybe she still blames us for everything. You'd better take a look. She might not be far away!"   

 "Fine. Just stay here and I go out to have a look."    

Mr. Tao went out and looked around for a while, but he found nothing. When he was ready to go back inside, he noticed the petals of a blooming rose crumpled and scattered on the ground.   

 Mr. Tao's expression changed slightly. Soon after, he rushed back to tell his wife about it and sent people to look for their daughter.  

When Mrs. Tao came to learn about it, she gasped and covered her mouth with a handkerchief. "Tina came back, but she didn't want to see us..."    

Mr. Tao did his best to comfort his wife. "She was like that since she was young, you know that. She will come back after she has had enough fun outside. Mark is a reliable man. He will protect Tina, so we don't have to worry.    

"Mark is..." Mrs. Tao had long known about the strange bond Mark and Tina shared with each other, but she decided not to bring it up.    

Mr. Tao breathed a sigh of resignation. "You should be more open-minded. It is normal that they have feelings for each other because they've been together since childhood. They are not siblings anyway. We should just take it easy and accept them for who they are..."    

"If they're willing to come back to us, I won't oppose to anything..." Mrs. Tao recalled Emily, who still refused to regard her as mother, and became even more sad. "I must have committed countless sins in my previous life, and that's why even though I have three children, none of them want to have anything to do with me..."  

recalled Emily, who still refused to regard her as mother, and became even more sad. "I must have committed countless sins in my previous life, and that's why even though I have three children, none of them want to have anything to do with me..."    

"Don't say that. It's not good to keep negative thoughts in your mind. You are having a baby now, so you'd better look after yourself." Mr. Tao wiped her tears away and comforted her with a gentle voice, "Sooner or later, they will understand you."  

  Mrs. Tao rested her head on Mr. Tao's chest and nestled in his arms. "I hope so."    

Unfortunately, destiny had different plans.    

Tina scaled the rocky trail and climbed to the top of a mountain with Mark's remains. As she reached the summit, she caught her breath. Tina cast her eye at the sun setting over the horizon. The skies were stained with faint pinks, lavenders and blues. Being alone in such a peaceful setting caused her to feel very spiritual. Soon after, the night sky was populated by hundreds of stars.  

When the sun came up, its light spread across the whole valley beneath her. An indescribable feeling of joy, relief, and beauty graced her heart.    

She spread out her arm and jumped down from the cliff with the urn in her other hand. She drifted down like a butterfly with broken wings.    

Then the whole world went quiet.    

Right before Tina passed on, she saw the face of the man who had promised to protect her forever. He reached out his hand to her and smiled.    

"Come here."    


Tina's body was discovered almost half a month later, along with the urn. Soon after, the Tao family sent someone to identify the dead body and the urn. On that same day, news about the death of Cloris also known as Emily spread throughout Jingshi City.  

Mrs. Tao had lost three children at the same time. No amount of words could express the sorrow she felt in her heart and she suffered a stroke. As a result, she had to suffer through premature delivery, but in the end she gave birth to her daughter, Julia.    

The atmosphere in the Tao Family was full of gloom and grief.    

As was in the Gu family. The air was so depressing it felt suffocating.  

  "I don't believe it! This isn't her at all!" Jacob looked at the dead body someone had brought to him with eyes as wide as they could stretch, and refused to acknowledge Emily's death. "There are a lot of people who look like her. Do you think I don't know what she looks like?"  

  Not a single person present in the room dared to utter a sound. They kept theirs heads lowered and their mouths shut.    

Jacob sneered, and he looked at everyone with eyes as sharp as a knife. 

"Are you trying to make a fool out of me? I will see to it that your life becomes a living hell. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be begging for death!"  

Sam couldn't bear it any more. He stood forward, with eyes reddened, and said, "Sir! No one would dare to make a fool out of you. I wish I could lie to you... But the test results confirmed that this is Miss Emily!"    

"Pah!" Jacob delivered an open-handed smack across Sam's face. But it seemed as though he wasn't finished releasing his anger thoroughly, and he kicked Sam.

 "Who are you to say that? Just because you said so? I'm saying it's not her. So it's not her!"    

Sam fell on the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. He couldn't speak a word for a long time.    

After watching Sam get beaten up, the rest of the people in the room started to shiver in fear. Sam was Jacob's most loyal confidant. If Jacob didn't spare him, surely their fates weren't going to be any different, if not worse.  

As a result, they all winced as quails and kept silent, just in case Jacob would notice them.    

However, Sam seemed not be driven by fear any longer. After he caught his breath, he continued, "Miss Emily is gone, sir! She won't be coming back. You didn't cherish her when she is alive. Why are you pretending to be affectionate now? You just can't let her rest in peace, can you?"  

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