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 Season 2

Episode 67

(The demon general (1)

At this moment, all the disciples were stunned, astonishment reflected in their expressions.     

Once the evil spirit engulfed them, the disciples drew away from the inner disciple that had spoken.  

Cleve unsheathed his sword, pointed it at that inner disciple and yelled, "I believe that you are not Gavin. Who the hell are you?"    


 A weird chortle was heard from the inner disciple named Gavin Xu. Soon after the chortling finished, several sharp thorns stretched out of his body. 

Everyone present was shocked to see that not a drop of blood was shed even though the sharp thorns had pierced his skin.   

"I have lurked in Sky Forest for quite a long period. In all this time, I have not noticed any traces of human beings. 

Now, I have finally encountered some human beings. I must say, the taste of human flesh is as delicious as I expected!" After making this horrifying statement, the inner disciple shot out a rather long, strange tongue and began to lick his lips. Afterward, his head crumbled into pieces and the flesh, brain matter, and bone bits were exposed.     

It was at this moment that the others present realized that the inner disciple was a demon disguised as Gavin Xu.     "When did you swallow Gavin and hide yourself inside his body?" questioned Cleve. He pushed his gleaming sword closer to the demon as he spoke.     

As the demon grinned, it exposed rows of sharp teeth. With a smug smile, it answered, "You are nothing more than a lowly human being. Do you think it is necessary for me to answer your questions?" The demon let out an ear-piercing shriek as soon as it finished speaking. All of a sudden, dozens of demons darted out from one side of the valley. Not only were these demons extremely hideous, but they also emanated such strong evil spirit that the disciples trembled involuntarily.   

"Kill them!" yelled Cleve resolutely. He knew that they could not flinch in front of these demons. No wonder Cleve was an inner disciple! He maintained calm, issued an order, and boosted the morale of other disciples all at the same time in a critical situation.    

 The disciples of Drizzle Peak were out of luck to have met so many fierce demons simultaneously.    

 It was common knowledge that demons often snuck into Sky Forest to scout their enemies' movements. It was also well known that they seldom reconnoitered in groups. After all, the demons couldn't underestimate the Imperial Army of the White Emperor City. The demons were aware that if they were scouted and detected by the Imperial Army, they would be killed. Since it was difficult to disguise their evil spirit, they seldom moved around in groups to avoid discovery.   

However, a demon had now stalked, killed, and consumed an inner disciple, Gavin. What was worse was that it had camouflaged itself as Gavin and followed other disciples of Drizzle Peak. In doing so, it had given other demons the opportunity to track the disciples.


A horrible shriek was heard from an outer disciple shortly after Cleve had issued the order.     

Since the outer disciple had passed Aura's evaluation, he must have been courageous and mighty. However, several demon soldiers showed up in front of him at the same time. 

Overwhelmed by their evil spirit, he didn't know how to resist and counter-attack. As a result, he couldn't defend himself when a demon tried to bite his head.   

Aware that fear was a powerful weapon, the demon soldier lifted the decapitated corpse so that other disciples could see it, thus intensifying their fear.     

At this point, the four inner disciples had begun to attack the demon soldiers.     However, the color drained from the faces of others such as Henry and Gury. 

The power of so many evil spirits was so debilitating that these outer disciples were frozen in place. Aside from shivering and gritting their teeth, they found themselves incapable of moving.     
Of all the outer disciples, only Zen stayed calm.     

When the fight started, Zen had taken his broken flying knife out of the space ring. 

To avoid being flanked, he stood in a way that his back was facing the valley. His eyes squinted into slits as he observed the demon soldiers.   

The demon soldiers acted like malicious ghosts that had just climbed out of the hell. In their eyes, the human beings in front of them were delicious food, and they were ravenous!     

One of the demon soldiers targeted Zen.     
It wielded the sharp thorns protruding from its hands and strode forward with long legs that were covered in scales. 

Zen stood calmly and watched the demon get closer to him.    

 "Now is the right time!" Zen mumbled to himself as the demon soldier came within attacking range. Zen's mouth quirked up a little at the corners, and the broken flying knife in his hand suddenly shot out.    


A dull sound was heard as the broken flying knife slid through the demon's head and flew out. Very soon, it swept back and sliced the demon's entire body.

 When the demon soldier's corpse touched the ground, it separated into two parts along the path taken by the knife.  

 "One," Zen counted. In a sense, this was the first demon that Zen had formally killed.     

Before Zen had a chance to look around, another demon soldier pounced on him. Since the broken flying knife still lay embedded inside the dead demon's corpse, Zen gestured with his fingers. 

The broken flying knife swirled out and returned to Zen upon receiving the order.     

As the flying knife penetrated the second demon soldier's head, fluids gushed forth. All of a sudden, the demon fell to the ground.     

"Two," Zen whispered as he prepared for the next demon soldier.     

At this moment, Zen shifted his gaze to Henry. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw two demons creeping closer to Henry and Gury. With their sharp thorns brandished, it looked as though they intended to spring on the two disciples.   

Zen could sense that the two demon soldiers were not very powerful. Henry and Gury were ranked first and third respectively, among the outer disciples at Drizzle Peak. They were powerful enough to kill these demons.    

 But at that moment, both Henry and Gury were scared out of their wits. Their bodies trembled as they stood rooted to their spots.   

  Zen shook his head at this scene. He could not do much from this distance. He stamped his foot in frustration before dashing forward. When he was about 30 feet away, he tossed the broken flying knife.     

"Puff, poop!"    

The broken flying knife sliced the heads off both the demon soldiers.     

As Zen walked over to Henry and Gury, he asked, "The two of you act like cowards. Are you certain that you wanted to come to Sky Forest to kill demons?"  

Henry was grateful and surprised when he realized that Zen had saved his life. But when they were spoken to by Zen in such a belittling manner, both Henry and Gury felt a little ashamed.     

The lack of action by Henry and Gury was not because they didn't dare to resist. They stood still in a daze, only because when they wanted to step forward to fight the demons, they couldn't move. It was as though their feet had been glued to the ground. The two hadn't felt fear like this before.     

"I would never have thought that the top outer disciple of Drizzle Peak would be a good-for-nothing!" Zen sneered.    

 Upon hearing Zen's sneer, a red tinge crept on Henry's neck and extended to his face. Henry's life had been very smooth. He had not faced any challenging hardships. Ever since he was little, everyone treated him with awe and admiration as he had been a genius. But now, Zen was cursing him.   

Being humiliated by someone inferior was a fate far worse than death to Henry.

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