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Season 2

Episode 96

(In the box(2)

"Hey! Hey..." Lennie shouted, trying to stop Yolande. But it was clear that she wouldn't change her mind unless he could win her.     

Lennie was confident in his own ability. However, thinking of the magical power of the enchantment, he gave up the idea of fighting her.     

Nina was anxious when she saw Zen being taken away by Yolande like a puppy. "Uncle, what do we do now?" she asked. She hadn't expected that even Lennie couldn't save Zen this time.    

 "Well, there's nothing I can do now. I hope Zen can hold on until some help comes his way." Lennie couldn't come up with any good idea except comforting Nina. Even the Lord of the city couldn't persuade Yolande to change her mind.     Zen was so depressed.   

He wondered if Yolande was deliberately torturing him. The transparent box he was locked in was rubbing against the ground all the time and would turn over occasionally, so Zen had to face the ground in some cases and rolled over along the way.     

When he was pulled forward by Yolande on the streets of White Emperor City, many soldiers and civilians came to watch.     

"Hey, Yolande! Can you let go of me?" Zen pleaded, squatting in the box.    

 "Bang!" The box turned over again and Zen faced the ground again. It would take him a lot of efforts even if he wanted to see Yolande's feet.    

 "Since you're the offender here, why should I let go of you?" Yolande asked.  

   "I'm not an offender! I beat a guy named Yale who tried to kill me. He then asked his brother Josef to help him. However, instead of striking me down, he was killed by me. Then a guy named Hugh came. He wanted to kill me too."  

Zen had figured out Yolande's way of doing things, and so was trying to convince her by logical or legal reasoning.     

"It's useless telling me anything about that. Whether you're guilty or not is up to the Military Office to decide." With that, Yolande stepped forward and Zen began to roll again with the shaking of the box. 

    What Yolande had said nearly drove Zen crazy. This stupid girl was so stubborn! He could do nothing but curse her in his heart and sigh.    

 Finally, Zen "rolled" to his destination after a rather long and bumpy trip. He guessed that they had arrived at Yolande's home.     

The building looked special. It seemed to be the kind that would be provided to high-ranking military officers of the White Emperor City. Yolande dragged Zen in and threw him into a corner. After that, she sat on a futon and began to meditate with closed eyes and crossed legs.   

Zen was worried, but there was nothing he could do. During the hours of her meditation, Zen had to keep the same posture and couldn't even practice cultivation.     

It was so boring! With incomparable difficulty, he managed to take out a book from his space ring.    

 Fortunately, he had accidentally thrown a novel into the space ring before. Now he could kill time with it at least. 

Although it was quite uncomfortable to keep tilting his head to read, he had no choice.    

 After several hours, Yolande suddenly opened her eyes before standing up and walking outside.     

Zen looked at the door, but found nobody there. Then he began to knock the box with his head.    


 The box rolled forward under the impact.   


Zen thought excitedly. He twisted his waist, and the box rolled forward again.    
 "Come on! Let me try again!"   

 Then he hit the box with his leg, and the box continued to roll.     

After a while, Zen finally mastered the method of keeping the box rolling. He could not only roll forward, but could also roll aside by hitting his head against the sides of the box.   

  Thus, he moved towards the door little by little through his rolling.     

In front of Yolande's house was a staircase. Zen looked at it and took a deep breath before knocking his head hard onto the transparent box.    

 "Bang! Bang! Bang..."   

 The square box, with Zen inside, rolled down the steps all the way with several large bangs.   

Zen got dizzy due to the bumps and when he finally recovered, he struggled to raise his sore neck. To his surprise, what he saw was nothing more than the skirt hem of Yolande's long colorful dress covering her long slender legs and her snow-white little feet.     

As Zen looked up, he saw Yolande's emotionless face.    

 "Bang, bang, bang..."  

  Yolande dragged Zen back to her house along the steps, bumpy all the way.     

To prevent him from escaping again, Yolande now decided to take him with her wherever she went.    

 After a short moment, Zen found out that she was pulling him into the bathroom!    

 After leaving Zen in a corner, she began to untie her nine-color long skirt.    

 The girl seemed to have no self-protection sense against men at all, or she wouldn't have taken off her clothes in front of a man like this.   

After taking off all her clothes, she stared Zen for a while with her grey big eyes. There was a rare expression on her face--she frowned!     

Then she covered the transparent box with her nine-color long skirt before walking to a big wooden barrel and jumping into it.     

Although Zen had read many books, he had never thought of himself as a gentleman. He knew how rude it would be to look at a girl nude, but it was impossible for a young man of his age to have no physical reaction at such moment.     

'If you're afraid I'll see you take a bath, you should at least have covered the box a little bit more tightly. Why did you leave such a big bar area uncovered?' he thought to himself. Zen wondered what Yolande was thinking. From the uncovered area, he could see her clearly.     
'Be polite! Keep your eyes away from her!' Zen kept on reminding himself in heart. However, his eyes turned uncontrollably to her.



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