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 Season 2

Episode 78

(Bathed in blood(1)

Zen's body turned faster and faster like a gyroscope. The flying knife, which was connected to Zen by the ring around Zen's thumb and impacted by the centrifugal force, was spinning more quickly than Zen's body.     

The soft soil on the ground and even hard stones would be instantly split if the broken flying knife hit them. Tree roots or soft-bodied animals like earthworms huddling inside the earth were certainly no match for the broken flying knife.   

  But judging by the state of the ground, the demons didn't notice any sign of the slightest stir.     

The demon generals came closer and closer to Zen.     

Two hundred feet...     

One hundred feet...   

Fifty feet...     

Thirty feet...     

As the five demon generals neared him, Zen was engulfed by their evil spirit.    

 But Zen, who stood in the middle, wasn't bothered by the evil spirit at all. His body was still spinning at a fast pace as if Zen had forgotten about the danger surrounding him.   

  "Now! It is time!"    

yelled Zen. When the five demon generals were about ten feet away from him, Zen abruptly raised his hands, and his body soared high.     

Under the ground, the broken flying knife mimicked Zen's movements. As Zen's body ascended, so did the broken flying knife. After marking a crescent on the ground, it flew toward the five approaching demon generals.    

 This time, the broken flying knife attacked the demon generals stealthily. This assault was beyond their expectations, and so, the demon generals failed to dodge. As a result, the broken flying knife swept across their bodies.   

"Puff, puff, puff..."    

One demon general's arm was severed.  

   The flying knife sliced through the chest of another demon general.   

  A third demon general clutched his abdomen as the broken flying knife sliced through.    

 The fourth demon general...     

"Ow!" howled the demon generals in pain.     

Initially, these demon generals thought that their prey was like a rabbit trapped at a dead corner and within easy reach. 

After all, Zen was only a human being. The demon generals had not expected that Zen's assault could be so incisive.  

 Zen hadn't planned this attack. He wasn't sure that it would work either. But seeing the demon generals had surrounded him, Zen had no other choice.     

He knew that his move would fail if any of the demon generals decided to jump at him ahead of his attack. But it was a risk that Zen was willing to take.    

 Coincidentally, all five demon generals acted predictably. Zen controlled the movement of the flying knife so accurately that he was able to inflict severe wounds to all five demon generals.    

 In spite of that, Zen still felt heavy-hearted. Demons were physically stronger than human beings. While a human being would be incapable of fighting after such severe wounds, demons would usually battle to their last breath. The fight was not over yet!    

 While the demon generals were still howling, Zen seized the chance to rush toward the demon general that had abducted Nina.   

Zen knew that he couldn't run away and leave Nina behind.     

As he dashed toward the demon general, his broken flying knife swirled inversely behind him. Then, it suddenly shot at the demon general before Zen reached his target.     

When the demon general had grabbed Nina, she fainted with the power in his hand. The demon general had been astounded by the attack on his five peers. He was still confused and stunned by how a human being like Zen could be so powerful. He didn't get back to his senses until the broken flying knife came into his sight. In the face of such an emergent attack, he suddenly lifted Nina and put her in front of his body to protect himself from the broken flying knife.    

 It was beyond doubt that the broken flying knife would penetrate through his body if the demon general were in its path.   

But now that the demon general had placed Nina in front of himself, Zen was helpless. At last, he had no choice but to wave his hand and withdraw his broken flying knife.     

Zen had expected to kill the demon general with this attack. But he had never thought that the demon general's dirty trick would ruin his plan. Although Zen's plan had failed, his mood wasn't affected at all.     

For a battle between two races, no act should be deemed unfair. In such a battle, only when one race killed its opponent could it survive. Thus any method was considered, no matter how underhanded.     

After Zen withdrew his broken flying knife, he summoned his demonic life energy. It coursed through his body like tidal waves. Immediately, Zen rushed closer to the demon general who had used Nina as a shield.     

Deep in him, Zen thought it would be unnecessary for him to continue the battle once he saved Nina from that demon general's hands. And so, his strategy was to grab Nina and leave.   

But when Zen neared the demon general, his face turned serious in a flash, as a bone spur was abruptly shot at him.    

 Even though Zen's body was as mighty as a spiritual weapon, he would be hurt if he were to be stabbed by the hard and sharp bone spur.     

Thus, Zen moved sideways to dodge the bone spur.    


Another bone spurred shot toward Zen. Agilely, Zen stepped sideways.     

"Thwip, thwip, thwip, thwip..."   

 All demon generals released bone spurs from their bodies.     

The rate at which bone spurs were being shot at Zen, forced him to shelve his attack strategy and continue dodging. 

For a while, Zen eluded the bone spurs, but he found no opportunity to breathe or rest.   

At the very beginning, there was still space for Zen to dodge. But as more and more bone spurs were released, Zen felt challenged to escape the attacks.    


A bone spur hit one of Zen's thighs. It pierced through the inner side of his thigh and came out from the outer side.     
"Puff, puff, puff!"   

 Another long bone spur penetrated Zen's thigh from the back. As a consequence, he was unable to move. Other bone spurs hit Zen on his arms and thighs...   

  Although his body had been turned into a spiritual weapon, Zen still felt pain. 

When attacked by a palm or fist, a warm current would be produced inside his body, so that he would be neither injured seriously nor feel the extreme pain.   

But now, seven or eight bone spurs had pierced different parts of his body. As a consequence, he was unable to stand or walk. Weak and unbalanced, Zen fell to the ground.     

"Gyuh, gyuh, gyuh, gyuh..."  

The demon general that had kidnapped Nina burst into laughter on seeing how severely Zen had been injured.

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