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 Season 2

Episode 75

(Fighting Demon)

Demons expressed emotions differently from humans.     

But, now, the other demon general fighting Lenard slowed down. His ugly eyes glared at Zen.    

 It was shocking to see the demon's astonishment in his eyes.     

It gave Lenard a chance to attack.     

But, Lenard unexpectedly missed his chance while swinging the black and white swords. He looked over at Zen with an astonished expression in his eyes.  

 If he hadn't seen it himself, he would never have believed someone a half-step into nature level could knock a demon general out with his physical strength.    

 Lenard was anxious. Wielding the black and white swords and with his secret martial arts, he was confident he could win against one demon general, but, he knew the strength of the three disciples from the Skytop Peak. The battle array from those three couldn't resist for long.

 As soon as the three failed, given his strength, he wouldn't be able to hold off two demon generals.   

However, Lenard hadn't thought a warrior a half-step into the nature level would show up there. He saw the guy was dressed in a white robe, being an outer disciple unexpectedly.     

The one in a white robe knocked the demon general violently miles away.    

 The abrupt movement surprised Lenard while giving him hope. He waved the black and white swords forcefully, aiming them at the demon general.     

In the heat of the battle, Nina covered her small mouth and stared blankly at Zen.     Now, Zen's momentum was much more powerful than what she'd seen before. 

He had abnormal confidence, an arrogance in his dignified manner. It appeared as though nobody in the world would make it except him.   

Her heart raced, although she didn't know why his energy made her heart thump faster. After all, she hadn't known Zen long, having just met yesterday.     

At the moment, only the disciples from Drizzle Peak were calm because they'd seen Zen's physical strength and weird attack method before.    

 "Ouch!"    screeched the demon general, howling in pain as Zen hit him, and sending him flying back miles. After slamming into the ground, he scrambled to get up again.    

 When he howled, the crazy evil spirit spread immediately. There was endless anger hidden in the evil spirit. Anybody could see that the demon general was indeed in a rage.   

The demon general sensed Zen was unique too, but, at the moment, the furious demon general just wanted to tear Zen to pieces.     

After the last fight, Zen knew a demon general's strengths and weaknesses.    

 Compared to humans, demon soldiers used the single attack method, mainly with pure strength and physical collision. The demon general was the same way, but the demon general could exert bone spikes from his body to strike. The bone spikes' tenacity was equal to that of a spiritual weapon. They came from the inner body and caught humans off guard.    

 Zen wasn't afraid to fight against him with physical strength.    

 Facing the furious demon general, Zen spread his hands. The demonic life energy stored in his naval flowed slowly through his meridian vessels.     

Zen made a fist and moved his hand forward, pointing at the demon general who was charging him. He stood there calmly.   


"Careful, the demon general has bone spikes!"    

someone called out to Zen.    

 Even if Zen knocked the demon off guard with his percussive force now, many people stubbornly believed Zen wasn't strong enough to cope with a demon general.    

 Humans were used to comparing their strength with others.     

For example, the person who reminded Zen was in the nature level, but when he was a half-step in the nature level, he wasn't able to last even one round against a demon general.     

They reminded him out of kindness, but, Zen couldn't afford the distractions. He had to focus on the demon general rushing at him.   

On the shoulders of the demon general were four bone spikes. When he was several feet from Zen, the four bone spikes ripped from his body to attack Zen.     

Dodging, Zen lowered himself, moved back, turned and went to the side. His moves were coherent and smooth. He clung to one side of the demon general as he punched his rib.     

"Ogres Shaking the World!"    

Zen's move appeared light, but, every detail was, in fact, carefully calculated. He did his best to execute it flawlessly. 

    Compared to the considerable body of the demon general, Zen's punch was slight.     

But when Zen punched the demon general, a vast dark purple shadow fist appeared and entered the demon general's body instantly.   

The shadow fist appeared as quickly as it disappeared. Almost nobody noticed it.    

 Everyone just saw Zen throw a punch, but didn't know the horrible power hidden within it.     

"Thwack!"    came the slightly muffled sound from the body of the demon general.     

The demon general suddenly stumbled back, staggering and shaking, seemingly drunk.     

Seeing the demon general's reaction, surprised everyone, even Zen.     

Zen had used the Heavenly Ogre Fist against only one enemy, Vale on Hell Mountain.     

But then, Zen's Ogres Shaking the World was resisted by Vale. His lotuses dissolved the move into nothing.     

Due to that punch, Zen remained alive under the pressure Vale exerted.  

 So, Zen hadn't foreseen how mighty Heavenly Ogre Fist could be.    

 The demon general kept moving back in obvious pain. He raised his hand, and the brownish yellow arm unexpectedly fell from his body. From the broken appendage, a dark purple vitality spilled out, flowing nonstop. The demonic life energy swallowed all the flesh and blood from the arm.     

At the same time, some demonic life energy emerged from the demon general's chest. Flesh and blood in the body of the demon general were 'eaten up' by the demonic life energy.     

The demon general's death was extremely uncomfortable. Zen hadn't realized how strong the demonic life energy was. Until all flesh and blood were swallowed, the dark purple demonic life energy remained. When the demon general was completely 'eaten up', the energy gradually scattered, disappearing between heaven and earth...   

All the disciples of the Cloud Sect present were warriors. More than half of them were nature creatures, so, they were naturally familiar with life energy and life vitality.     

Yet, none of them had seen such aggressive life energy that could enter an opponent's body and swallow flesh and blood!     

Although Zen knew demonic life energy had the feature of swallowing, in the past, it seemed to have only consumed the lotuses Vale miraculously transformed from the life energy and the purple life energy in Zen's naval. He hadn't thought that it could swallow flesh and blood of the demon...     

So, it shocked Zen when he saw that his punch caused such horrible damage.     The demon was different from a blade locust.   

Most of the blade locusts didn't have intelligence. The queen blade locust controlled even the blade locust officers. If the queen told them to court death or kill themselves, they would obey.     

But, even the lowest level demons were self-aware and possessed some wisdom. They would feel fear like humans.    

 The demon general fighting Lenard of Skytop Peak saw his peer die a miserable death. He knew he couldn't defeat the man with the black and white swords after the long battle and looked to retreat.    

 But he couldn't control the situation.     In the beginning, the disciples of Cloud Sect were frightened, and nobody dared risk rushing the demon generals. But, when they saw Zen kill a demon general in such a short time, it roused their spirit greatly. So that now, they surrounded the remaining demon general.     

The demon general feigned an attack, forcing Lenard back before attempting to run off.   

"Swoosh!" the bright silver light sword that sliced the air was shot over as Cleve started to take action to block the demon general.     

The demon general's body was solid still though. He ignored Cleve's light sword, allowing the silver light to cut his body. There were no serious wounds, only shallow ones on its skin.    

 Along with Cleve, other inner disciples started to move, but none of them could stop the demon general.     

Just then, everyone felt a tremble in their ears. A buzz came, leaving pain in their ears.     

Looking around for the source of the strange sound, they saw Nina holding a jade box, which was one of the weapons from Zhu family, the Shock Dragon.   

  She released the Shock Dragon.   

When the Shock Dragon was touched, a steady flow of energy was activated. The jade box started to heat up and glowed. 

In an instant, a burning dragon-shaped life vitality rushed from the box.   

  Only the overmatches at the Illuminating Soul Realm could burn life vitality and gain a more powerful strength.     

Zen stared at the colossal life vitality dragon burning and was amazed by the high level of Zhu family to make the hidden weapons. They honestly could make a weapon equal to the overmatch at the Illuminating Soul Realm.     

The Shock Dragon was matchless in power and could kill any nature creature below Illuminating Soul Realm in seconds.     

After the flying dragon rushed out of the jade box crazily, it flew ahead. With its power, it seemed to tear anything to dust that got in the way.     

The demon general saw it and was scared too. It was one thing when a man a half-step in the nature level suddenly appeared and killed a fellow general just now, but this was something else.   

The attack from this one little girl in the front terrified him even more.     

The demon general sighed. Was it out of luck, or had the human promoted to this level? How could the younger members be so much more difficult to handle?    

 At a crucial moment, the demon general rolled on the ground in an awkward position and avoided the Shock Dragon's headlong attack. The Shock Dragon managed to hit the demon general, severely injuring his left arm.   

  'This little girl uses a hidden weapon like a machine. She doesn't have great strength, ' thought the demon general as he climbed to his feet and rushed at Nina.     

'Unfortunately... Nina isn't at the Illuminating Soul Realm. Therefore, the attack from the Shock Dragon can't severely hurt the demon general... What is the demon general trying to do?' 

wondered Zen as he sighed while watching the demon rush at Nina. The first to react, he raced toward her.

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