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 Season 2

Episode 68

(Demon general(2)

"You don't believe me? When faced by demon soldiers, you have not dared to move. Tell me. Aren't you a good-for-nothing?" Zen sneered as he questioned Henry again.    

 Henry couldn't bear it anymore and yelled loudly, "I am not a good-for-nothing!"   

 Zen nodded and responded, "Since you say that you are not a good-for-nothing, prove it to me. Those demon soldiers are as mighty as people who have reached the nature level. They are even a little weaker than you. Fight and kill them. 

Even if you die in the battle, it would be better than submitting yourself to the demons without a fight."    

In essence, human beings had infinite potential. Provoked by Zen, Henry bellowed and unsheathed his three-foot-long cyan-blade sword. His eyes turned red as he rushed toward the demon soldiers.   

Now that Henry was on the verge of becoming an inner disciple, he stood out in terms of gift, talent, speed, and strength. In addition, he outperformed ordinary inner disciples. After Zen provoked him, Henry exhibited, harnessed, and exerted deadly strength.    
 Zen was stunned to see Henry stir up gusts of wind and thunder with his cyan-blade sword. He wielded his sword with the aggression of an angered God. At last, he sliced a demon to pieces.     

After killing that demon, Henry stared at its remains. Henry's chest heaved, and his eyes widened. He couldn't believe that he had executed a demon.    

 Only after Henry had killed the demon was he relieved from his debilitating fear. Henry stood in a daze and grunted, "I've got it! I am no longer wreathed and badgered by the evil spirit. I have figured out why."  

As he exclaimed, he switched his gaze to Zen.   

  By this time, Zen had been rushing toward another demon soldier. He spared Henry an apathetic glance before readying his broken flying knife for his next kill.     

Zen had killed four demon soldiers.    

 Henry saw the power and ease with which Zen was killing the demons. He sighed at Zen's abilities and his speed. 

His envy for Zen had changed into admiration by now. Another sigh escaped Henry when he secretly acknowledged that he lagged behind Zen in terms of strengths. He knew that Zen should be ranked as the topmost outer disciple at Drizzle Peak instead of himself.     

The fight was so fierce that Henry didn't have much time to get lost in his thoughts. Immediately, he invigorated the life vitality inside his body to help the other inner disciples fight the demons.  

 Cleve's sword was a low-grade spiritual weapon. Nevertheless, it was powerful. He wielded his sword dexterously. When confronted with a demon at the very beginning, he swung his sword back and forth 30 times in the blink of an eye.   

  But none of his attacks were to the point.     

"Didn't you say that you could kill me with only three strikes? But I have given you so many chances. Why couldn't you kill me?" the demon shrieked in a human tone as it taunted Cleve.     

This further infuriated Cleve, who thereby stopped and thought over the matter. He felt as though there were anomalies about this demon as it had moved and dodged much faster than other ordinary demon soldiers. His eyes widened as a terrifying thought flashed through his mind. Cleve whispered, "You are not a demon soldier!"   

 "Gyuh, gyuh, gyuh, gyhu!" The demon burst into shrieking laughter. Immediately, many bronze colored sharp thorns stretched out of its tawny body. In a flash, it became several feet taller. 

From a distance, it looked as though the demon was as tall as a hill!   

At the same time, its evil spirit was enhanced. It was more overwhelming than the evil spirit that was emanated from ordinary demon soldiers. Within seconds, it filled up the whole valley.    

 Other disciples of Drizzle Peak who were fighting the demon soldiers were shocked at the scene.     

Cleve was so scared that his complexion paled. His throat felt parched as Cleve realized what he was up against. Cleve gulped at the sight of the towering demon and mumbled, "Demon general!"    
The demon general's strengths were far mightier than ordinary demon soldiers'.     But generally speaking, demon generals rarely haunted Sky Forest.     

Their evil spirit was so overwhelming and perceivable that demon generals felt challenged when trying to keep their evil spirit from being sensed by the Imperial Army from the White Emperor City when they hid in Sky Forest.   

But there could be exceptions! A demon general was standing in front of Cleve, although all people present were confused as to how this general had slipped into Sky Forest unnoticed.     

"I will kill you even though you are a demon general!"    

yelled Cleve, who, at this moment, understood that he had no other choice but to face the demon general. Unlike Henry, Cleve had undergone the trial for slaying demons before and had even killed demons. At the same time, he understood that no emotion was more useless than fear.    

 Deep inside, Cleve knew that fear would lead to his death faster.     

At the thought of all this, Cleve summoned his courage. With a deep breath, he swung his sword against the demon general with the greatest strength he could exert. As Cleve's sword cut through the air, streaks of bright white light glittered on both sides of the blade. Others around were dazzled by the brightness to such an extent that they couldn't see the sword.   

Only the demon general was capable of dodging Cleve's fierce attacks.    

 "Shiiiiiing, vzzzzt!"    

A loud, crisp noise was produced as Cleve's sword clashed into a bronze colored sharp thorn. The vibrations from the clash traveled through Cleve's arm. A shooting pain jarred his nerves before Cleve felt his arm go numb.     

Gosh! Cleve realized that something terrible was going to happen.     

The demon general was waiting for this chance to counter-attack. How could it possible for the demon general to make it easy for Cleve to escape from his counter-attack?   

Before Cleve could take a step back, the demon general extended one of its sharp claws. The claw hooked Cleve's sword, and with one swift movement, the demon general pulled the sword away from Cleve. As a result of the force used by the demon general, the sword arced through the air and embedded itself into the ground.    

 Cleve stared at his sword in dismay as it swayed to and fro. It had been dragged out of his hand by the demon general with such force that it had landed far from Cleve's reach. Before Cleve could think of a way to defend himself, the demon general extended another claw and aimed for Cleve's chest.     

If he was unable to dodge in time, the claw would slice Cleve's belly open.    

 A malicious grin spread across the demon general's face as it prepared to kill Cleve. However, before its claw could slash Cleve's chest, the demon general roared in surprise and stepped back. He withdrew his claw like a streak of lightning. In the next moment, a broken flying knife sliced through the air between Cleve and the demon general.  

 The demon general's claw would have been chopped off by the broken flying knife had it not been withdrawn in time.  

   Cleve was stunned by his narrow escape. This demon general was not scared by his low-grade spiritual weapon, but why was it fearful of that broken flying knife? Cleve couldn't help but ponder upon this mystery. When Cleve turned to see where the knife had come from, he noticed that Zen was standing nearby. His arm was still extended as though he had just thrown the knife. 

Regret flashed in Zen's eyes.    

 "How cautious and agile it is. My flying knife even didn't hit him," sighed Zen as he straightened himself.     

The demon general glared at Zen with its ugly and evil eyes. Fear was reflected in the demon general's eyes as it yelled in a shrill and horrible voice, " are different."

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