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 Season 2

Episode 66

(Encounter with a demon (2)

At that point, a jet of silver light skimmed over the snake's head, and a second later, the snake was cut in half.    

 "We haven't found demons yet. But there are other creatures in the forest as well. 

Be careful, Qiu." The inner disciple who had killed the snake said flatly, a shiny sword in his hand.     

The inner disciple, Qiu saw what his peer had done. Qiu hurriedly cupped one hand in the other to salute him. "Thanks for saving my life, Cleve!"    

Zen who had been trailing behind them saw how Cleve Lin had killed the snake. 

His brow arched. Even though Drizzle Peak ranked bottom among the other peaks, it didn't lack talented body refiners. Cleve Lin had shown exceptional power in this kill. The snake was only a fourth-rank beast, but Cleve's reaction wasn't much slower than Zen's.

   Zen had his hand on his space ring at that moment. If Cleve had not killed the snake, Zen would have finished it with his flying knife.     

Cleve nodded, took back his sword, and then led the team forward.     

Cleve Lin was the leader of the Drizzle Peak disciples.     

They did kill many beasts along the way, but they hadn't met any demons either.

 The five inner disciples complemented each other pretty well and killed some fierce beasts. Once the beasts were dead, they cut their bodies open and took the crystal cores.     

Henry, Gury, Zen, and the other two disciples had been reduced to the role of bystanders.     

It wasn't until noon that they stopped at the edge of a valley after a long stuttering journey.     

"You and you, go find some firewood and make a fire," Qiu said curtly as he pointed at Henry and Gury.   

Henry and Gury were two of the most talented outer disciples at Drizzle Peak. 

They had never been bossed around like this.    

 They felt deep resentment at Qiu's order, as a result of which, testiness crept into their eyes.    

 "What? Do you have a problem with that? If so, I have an easy solution. You don't have to obey my orders if you choose to explore Sky Forest independently. We protect you, and in return, you do as I say. We clear?" Qiu said coldly.     

Henry and Gury exchanged sour glances. They had no choices but to obey Qiu. 

Their lives were in the hands of these inner disciples. And quitting the trial at this stage was not an alternative. 

Whether they liked it or not, they would never make it out of the vast forest alive without the inner disciples' protection.   

  They had no choice but to look for firewood.   

"The rest of you should keep watch beside the valley," Qiu glanced at Zen and the other outer disciples as he commanded.     

Zen wanted to say something but thought better of it.     

The ten disciples were a team now. Qiu was not asking too much by putting them on watch duty.     

Zen walked along the edge of the valley. 

When he identified an appropriate spot, he climbed on a huge slick stone to get a better look.     

Sky Forest stretched before him. All he could see was spruce trees, an endless ripple of green.     

"We're on a demon hunt. But we haven't seen hide nor hair of demons till here," one of the outer disciples beside Zen said.     

"It makes sense. The forest is too vast, and the demons are too few. If you want demons so badly, perhaps you should go to the White Emperor City. Once you're standing on the city wall, you can have as many demons as you like," the other outer disciple answered.   

Zen fell silent at their words. Humans in the eastern region had built a veritable golden age of prosperity ever since the Burning Sky Empire was founded. But over the recent hundred years, the realm had been under constant attack by demons. As a result, the whole Burning Sky Empire had been put in an untenable position.     

It was a blessing that the Empire had two men to rely on to control the situation. The first was the ultimate expert from the Burning Sky Palace, and the other was the leader of Cloud Sect. 

Both of these men had fathomless power.     

Demons would have already taken the White Emperor City and even devoured the whole eastern region had it not been for these two outstanding men!     

Smoke drifted from the valley after half an hour. And then, Zen and the other two outer disciples were called to return as the meal was ready.   

They gathered around the campfire and ate their meal.     

"Cleve, have you really killed a demon before?" Qiu asked as they ate.    

 "Yes. It was four years ago," Cleve replied with a smug smile as he ripped off a chunk of meat from a roe deer. "At that time, I was still an outer disciple of Drizzle Peak, and the Shura Battlefield was about to close. I entered the trial to slay demons. We cornered a demon soldier, and I made the lethal strike."   

 Killing a demon soldier as an outer disciple was something Cleve should be proud of. Nevertheless, he continued with a little modesty. "Still, it was pure luck. I was not as strong as I am now. If I meet a demon soldier now, I can kill it in three strikes."    

Just as Cleve was prattling on about his history with demons, an inner disciple who had been busy devouring his meat, suddenly interrupted in a sharp, rasping voice, "Is that so? I'd like to see if I can survive three strikes from you. Show me your sword!"  

All of a sudden, a terrifying evil spiritemanated from the inner disciple.

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