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 Season 2

Episode 95

(In A small box(1)

But wait. Zen wasn't hurt at all! Why?     For the very simple reason that he had squatted down as soon as he sensed that the enchantment was coming his way.     

"What an idiot!" Zen gazed at her with a mocking stare.    

 However, Yolande's face remained emotionless even when she saw Zen avoid her attack so easily. No matter what happened, she had always been serious and indifferent; her face's poker expressions were undeterred by emotions.    

 She merely cast another enchantment in the direction of the box, which was as easily avoided as the one before it.   

  Zen had curved up as most as possible and the enchantment had swept over his head with a gust of wind.   

However, he was now in quite an uncomfortable position. His head was bowed and his hands were embracing his knees. He had bent himself into a ball and couldn't even raise his head as the area above it had been blocked by Yolande with the enchanted barrier.    

 Zen saw Yolande's little snow-white feet, but was in no mood to admire them. 

Right now, he was more busy with his resentment about being stuck like this.     
'What a shame! How can I be forced into such a desperate situation and die like this!' he thought to himself.     

Just then, Yolande bent down and squatted in front of him. She reached out and was about to cast an enchantment once again.     

If she succeeded, both Zen's limbs and body would be rent apart into two separate pieces.     

He was stuck and couldn't move at all. All he could do at the moment was swallow hard with despair on his face. 

  At that very moment, a small silver sword flew right towards Yolande. 

   Without so much as a glance in its direction, Yolande deftly cast another enchantment to block the sword that was about to hit her.     

"Yolande, stop!"    

Lennie's crystal clear voice rang across the entire area.     

Nina had started the Immediate Messager again when she had found out that Zen was in danger.     

Lennie himself had been searching for the remaining demons to break their siege of the city with a group of Kung Fu masters    when Nina had summoned him. He had rushed here after completing his task but hadn't expected to see Zen almost die at the hands of Yolande.   

  He wondered    how Zen had provoked Yolande, who was a well-known killer and extremely mindful of her emotions.

   Yolande looked at him coldly and asked, "Why are you stopping me?"    

"Because I want to know why you are trying to kill Zen," Lennie replied.     

"He offended the imperial army and almost killed Hugh, so he must die," Yolande replied matter-of-factly.    

 "What? He almost killed Hugh?" Lennie was shocked and couldn't believe what he had heard. And the surprise was to be expected. Anyone who hadn't seen Zen fighting Hugh Xu would have taken it as a joke.   

  But Lennie knew that Yolande was emotionless, so she wouldn't have been lying to him. Since it was her statement that Zen had nearly killed Hugh Xu, then Zen must really have the ability to kill Hugh Xu.    

 "You must have misunderstood!" Lennie tried to reason.   

"I've already checked it out. There was no misunderstanding," Yolande replied, and was about to cast the fatal enchantment towards Zen.    

 "Wait! Yolande, even if Zen committed a crime, it should be the Military Office to punish him, not you!" Lennie said.     

He knew more about Yolande than anyone else and was using his wits to control her.     

This Killer Girl was not only emotionless, but rigid as well. So it was almost impossible to ask her to help anyone. It was clear that if he wanted to save Zen, it could only be done by trying to invoke some rule that would stop her from killing him.    

 According to the rules of the imperial army, if the soldiers of the imperial army committed crimes or if there were conflicts between civilians and the imperial army, then soldiers would be handed over to the Military Office for adjudication. "Yolande, you should know that even if Zen is condemned to death, it should be the Military Office to execute him, not you," Lennie continued.   

Yolande thought for a while, tilting her head like a naive little girl. Who would have thought that she had killed countless demons and humans!   

 "You're right! This person shall be locked up before being judged and executed by the Military Office." Yolande finally nodded in agreement. "But since a large troop of demons are attacking us, the Military Office has no time to judge such trifles. I'll lock him up and hand him over to the Military Office after the demons are defeated," she continued.    

"You're not going to lock him up here forever, are you?" Lennie asked with a bitter smile.   

  "Why can't I?" Yolande asked, blinking her grey eyes.     

Lennie felt a headache coming.     

Zen felt the same way.     

'Is she serious? I would die soon if I have to remain curling up in such a small space all the time!' he thought.   

In the small box, Zen couldn't even raise his head or look straight. He was feeling stiff all over after only a short while in the box. 'I'd rather die if I have to stay in this posture for more than ten days, ' he thought.     

He knew that in her nature, Yolande would absolutely do so.    

 Yolande suddenly stood up before Lennie could find a way to convince her to change her mind. "I've made my decision. I'll keep him in the box until the demons are defeated."  

  With that, she turned around and walked away. Zen moved slowly with her steps in the square box, like a pet following its owner.


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