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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

Episode 4

Alondria’s POV 

‘She now rules Arilea your highness and we were only able to rescue few of the injured soldiers’..Marco stated and I groaned deeply..

‘She is going to pay for what she did to those innocent men,women and children she killed!!’..i yelled at the top of my voice..

‘We can’t wage war against her Alondria,she is way more powerful than you could ever imagine’..He said as i panted heavily..

‘She hates me and she knows I’m alive Marco,if I don’t shoot the first arrow she will’..

‘No she won’t’..

‘How do you know that??’..

‘Because my father was once a general and I have fought a lot of battles, She is a very smart woman and she knows she has a lot of enemies.Waging war and losing more men would only weaken her tyranny and give her enemies an advantage so she won’t do so’..He explained and I nodded..

‘I still have to do something!! She just can’t go Scot free??’..

‘Revenge takes time and effort to carry out Alondria,Roland is gone and—

‘Marco we have been close and without you I would be dead by now but no more about Roland please’..I stopped him and he sighed deeply..

‘You’re wearing his ring??’..He asked..

‘Yes,it’s the only thing that’s keeping me going’..I replied and wiped a stray tear off my cheek..

‘Alo I know it’s hard but it’s time you move on’..

‘I just can’t move on,It might sound stupid but I can feel it in my heart Marco…He’s still alive’..I said and he wrapped his arms around me..

‘You know I consider you my little sister right?? Mourn him the proper way and you’ll feel a little bit better,I believe you Alondria that there is a slight chance he is alive but for now grieve okay??’..He whispered and I broke down in tears fully..

Minutes later ♥️
I stood before the gravestone i had one of the sculptors make and slid my hand across the writings on it.

(Alondria’s King)

‘You know I don’t believe you’re actually dead Roland,you just can’t die and leave me alone in this world not after I told you how much you mean to me….This is just a statue to keep you close and not a gravestone Roland and I swear an oath that I would avenge you.Reana is going to pay for what she did and this is my promise to you’..

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