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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

Episode 34

Alondria’s POV 

The Next morning 
I snuck out of the castle through the secret passage but not before taking extra precaution.

Ramona was back on my command to be my eyes and ears and she told me about Edward being suspicious of me which was why I had her stay in my room and in my clothes pretending to be me.

‘You’re here again??’.One of Gregory’s men asked as he helped me down my horse.

‘Is he around??’.I asked and handed my coat over to him.

‘He is and we’re awaiting your orders my Queen’.He replied and I could see the questioning look on his face when he saw my bruises.

I walked into the house and the moment Gregory spotted me he drew out his sword.

‘Who did this to you Alondria?? Tell me and I’ll have his head on a pike if you just give me the go ahead’.He asked.

‘I am getting married tomorrow’.


‘I am getting married to Edward who is Reana’s brother…he is nothing like her but he is also unstable and obsessed…he is under the false pretense that he loves me but he’s hurting me Gregory’.I explained and a tear slipped down my cheeks.

‘What should we do Alo,just say the word’.He said.

‘Simple Gregory.I want you and your men to ruin my wedding tomorrow and I know just what you can do to Reana for me at the same time’.

Prince Sher’s POV

‘I have been waiting for you’.I whispered as Meredith walked into my secret bunker naked.

‘I was waiting for her royal foolishness to leave,when are we going to strike?’.She smiled as she snuggled under the covers next to me.

The night before Reana and I got married she walked naked into my Chambers and we made love until the morning sun.

She pledged her allegiance to me cause she was tired of being thrown under the carpet by my so called wife.

‘She would kill me if I told you about this but she is pregnant with child your highness’.She said and I jerked upright.


‘She aborted the child yesterday your highness while you were gone with the troupes’.She said and I groaned.

Reana has gone too far with this.

She has just gone too far and I will not forgive her for doing what she did!!.

‘Do you love me Meredith??’.I asked as my hands groped her buttocks.

‘I love you more than you know your highness’.She replied.

‘Will you carry my child Meredith? Bear me a son and I shall make you my one true queen’.I said and when she nodded I kissed her hard on the mouth.

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