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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

Episode 33

Edward’s POV 

‘I feel like something is wrong your highness,she is too okay with this’.I muttered as I paced back and forth in the King’s library.

‘You suggested that she should be locked up Edward,what else should I do to protect my own daughter??’.He asked.

‘I don’t know your highness,the Alondria I know is not someone to back down when brought under….she’s just too lenient with this’.I said.

‘There are gaurds by her door and window Edward,there is no way she could escape without being caught’.He replied and I nodded.

He might think nothing is going on but I know Alondria.

She is up to something and I’m going to find out what.

‘I propose that our wedding should be shifted tomorrow your highness,your daughter and I want to get married as soon as possible’.I smirked lightly and he sighed deeply.

‘So be it Edward,you will marry my daughter tomorrow’.

Alondria’s POV 

‘Alondria you have to get out of here now’.Marco said as the gaurds let him into my room only to see me on the ground bleeding from all the sores and open wounds on my body.

‘Oh my God what happened to you?!!’.He cried out but I pushed him away instead.

‘Get away from….get away from…get away from me!!’.

‘Alo what did he do to you??’.

‘He flogged me Marco…he…he raped me and flogged me all over..all over again’.I stuttered in pain as he covered my body with a blanket.

‘He has your broken-heartwd under his control Alondria and your wedding preparations has commenced’.


‘You are getting married to that monster tomorrow Alondria unless you do something about it…Have this in case he tries to touch you’.He whispered and handed a dagger over to me.

‘Thank you Marco…thank you’.

Roland’s POV 

Mena chuckled as she threw cornbread flour on my tunic which also made me release a chortle.

‘You haven’t known me for too long and yet you disturb me like I’m your brother’.I said as she handed me a napkin.

‘It’s a relief being with someone of my age for once and handsome too’.

‘Is that so??’.

‘Yes’.She whispered and I gulped hard as she moved in closer.

‘You really don’t remember anything do you??’.She asked and I nodded.

‘I keep seeing flashes of a woman and I..I think I know her so well but her face is always so blurry to me’.

‘Hmmm are you sure it’s a woman or is your mind playing games on you??’.She said in a very flirtatious way and entwined my shirt lace in her hands.

‘Mena what are you doing??’.I asked.

‘I want to help you remember’.She whispered and covered my lips with hers only for me to have the same flash again.

I groaned in pain and pushed her away with every power in me.

‘Who are you?!!’.I cried out in pain as I kept on seeing flashes of me kissing and touching this same woman but her face was still unclear to me.

Who is she?!!.




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