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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

Episode 3

Edward’s POV 

I stared from a distance at Alondria who was busy picking flowers and then after a while I mustered enough courage to walk up to her…

‘Are you okay??”?’..I asked

‘Do I look okay??’..She replied and I pursed my lips lightly..

‘Look Alo I know that—

‘Do you believe them?? That Roland is dead??”..She asked and I gulped hard..

Of course I believe them cause I also want him dead!!..

‘Alodria we have to face the facts that he’s dead’..I said instead and she snickered very nervously..

‘You too??’..

‘Alondria I know it has taken a toll on you but you still have a very fulfilling life ahead of you,I know where we left off was rocky but—

‘I said what i had to say Edward,I love Roland as my lover and husband to be while I love you just as a friend okay??’..She interrupted me and I balled my fists…

‘What then huh?? What are you going to do then?? You’re just going to throw your life into grief??’..

‘If I have to grieve him for the rest of my life then I will!! I will grieve him for the rest of my life if I have to!!’..She cried out and walked away..

This isn’t over Alondria..

I lost Cassandra and I’m not going to lose you too…

If I have to force you to love me then I will..

Princess Reana’s POV 

‘Your highness your subjects are outside’..Meredith,who I released from jail and now the head of my council bowed before me and I smiled..

The people of Arilea glared at me with their faces filled with anger and despair but why do I care??..

They all bow to me now..

‘Certain events might have caused deaths of some of Arilea’s subjects but not to worry!! They sacrificed their lives for a greater cause!! Your king is dead and hence I am now the queen of this kingdom!! Arilea and Demeris now share a common border which means it shall now be called Demelia!! Anyone who is against me shall either be banished or face the death penalty just like these men!!’..I yelled at the top of my voice and pointed at the rest of Roland’s council who refused to bend the knee..

‘By the power vested in me….Hang them all!!!’..

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