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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

 Episode 25

Roland’s POV cont’d 

‘I don’t know who you’re talking about about your highness’.He replied and I winced lightly.

‘Then why…why do I feel like I know her??’.

‘Well if you try remembering you might—

‘I couldn’t see her face!! I just can’t remember anything Ughh!!’.I screamed at the top of my voice and held my head in pain.

‘Just try and remember,try remembering Roland’.

‘Ahhh i can’t!! I can’t remember!!!’.

Alondria’s POV 

Five Days Later 

‘Do you really think this is fair your father?’.I asked in tears as he came into my room.

My hair was disheveled and dark circles were all under my red eyes due to incessant crying from the pain I was feeling.

‘I know you think it’s irrational but it’s for your own protection my child,I lost your mother and I’m not going to lose you too’.He said.

‘But you are not losing me father!! I agree to let go but that doesn’t mean mother just died in vain!! I’m not just going to sit back and watch Reana get away with what she did’.I yelled and he sighed deeply.

‘Look Alo, letting go and getting revenge is two different things.Ever since Roland died you went into a state of grief and lost my first grandchild,now your mother is dead and you lost another child—How do you even expect me to live with that Alo??’.

‘She was your wife father,she was your queen and you just can’t let it all go like nothing happened??’.I gasped in shock and he sat next to me.

‘Revenge isn’t always the answer Alondria and you’re having a hard time understanding that..Why don’t you just marry Edward and move on??’.

‘I don’t want to marry Edward!!’.

‘Well you are going to marry Edward and that’s an order!!’.

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