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🌹Season 2🌹

👑(The rise of Alondria)👑

🌹Episode 2🌹

Alondria’s POV cont’d 🌹

The Next Morning 🌥️
‘What happened??’..I yanwed loudly as I woke up and turned around only to see Nana rose next to me..

‘You cried yourself to sleep last night’..She replied and I get it cause the migraine is really working its way into my head..

‘Yes,I guess I was really out of place yesterday’..I rolled my eyes and she nodded…

‘A candle service for the lost souls in Arilea is being held tonight,do you want to come?? Your father has the carriage ready for you’..She asked…

‘Roland is not dead Nana Rose,I just feel it,you’re a spirit guide aren’t you?? So you should know right??’..I tucked my hair behind my ear..

‘It doesn’t work like that Alondria,I prepare herbs and I give advice,I’m not a ghost catcher or—

‘But you could try?!’..

‘No it doesn’t work like that my that my child,grief is a stage no one wants to go through all because of the pain’..She said..

‘I don’t have to grieve someone who isn’t dead Nana Rose’..

‘Are you sure he’s still alive of you’re just in denial?? You know you can talk to me Alo’..

‘I don’t…everyone keeps telling me that he’s dead but I know he isn’t dead and they will know that when he’s finally found’..

‘Alondria they found a finger and his ring!! The kingdom is holding a service for him!!’..Mother came out of nowhere and I raked my hands through my hair….

‘I can’t do this right now’..

‘No you will listen to me young woman!! He’s dead okay?! Your Roland is dead and he’s not coming back and you are going to go-to his service young lady!!!’..She yelled..

‘Remember when everyone told you and father that I was dead?! You refused and you kept looking for me!!’..I fired back..

‘Well I gave up alright?!! I gave up and it took years before you finally came back to us and it’s not the same case with Roland!! The sooner you get over his death the better!!’..She said aloud and I gulped hard..

‘I will not go to any candle service for the man I love when I know he’s alive!! Y’all should leave me alone and let me find him in peace’..

’He’s dead!! He’s dead Alondria and you better get over it!!’..

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