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Season 2

๐Ÿ‘‘(The rise of Alondria)๐Ÿ‘‘

๐ŸŒนEpisode 1๐ŸŒน

Alondria’s POV ๐ŸŒน

‘No!!! He can’t be dead!! You can’t tell me he’s dead!! Roland can’t be dead!!’..I tried to push through but father and Edward held me down.

‘You have to calm down Alondria,you just have to calm down and think about what you’re going to do next!!’.. Father said aloud but I just wouldn’t hear it..

‘He can’t be dead!! He was going to marry me and I was going to be his queen!! He loved me and I love him back so he can’t be dead!! Find his body please just find his body!’..I cried out..

‘I am deeply sorry for your loss your highness but we just couldn’t find his body underneath all the chaos that was happening,I’m sorry but he’s gone’..Marco said and I heaved a very short breath.

‘You don’t know Roland like I do know Roland so you don’t have a say in this,my king is a fighter and I know he isn’t dead alright?? So take fifty of my men with you and find him in the woods,in the creek,just find him!!’..

‘Alondria you’re not thinking straight yet,just take a deep breath and rest’..Mother chipped in but I wouldn’t even listen..

‘Is no one listening to me?? My future husband is missing and you all are—

‘We found this ring and a finger your highness’..One of my men said as he presented a ring before me..

It was Roland’s signet ring..

It was his ring but i am pretty damn sure it wasn’t is finger..

’It’s his ring but this isn’t his—

‘Just face the truth Alondria!! Roland is dead!!’..Marco yelled and I slapped him hard across the face..

‘Not another word from any one of you!! If I say he isn’t dead then I say that he isn’t dead and nothing you say is going to change that fact!! My Roland isn’t dead so if you don’t want your head on stakes then find him!!’..


‘What mother?!! what?!’..

‘Don’t you think you’re pushing too far with this??’..

‘I am not pushing too far with anything mother,he’s alive and I just feel it deep in my bones that he is…Ro…Roland won’t die without telling me goodbye?? I was going to accept his proposal to be his wife so he wouldn’t just throw that away and die on me??’..

‘You have to accept the truth my child,your Roland is gone’..

’No I won’t accept it cause it isn’t the truth and if y’all excuse me I’ll like to be in my room now’..

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