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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)

Final Episode

“What is it that’s so important that you had to broke into my house to tell me?”
“Calm down, love. I only came to sing you a song I wrote for you.

 I might look like a douche but Camilla… my life has never been the same ever since I met you. And for the life of me, I want to know you more. I want to make you mine.” He said and even though I was still a little creeped out, I couldn’t ignore the urgency of his voice.

I remained silent. I wanted to hear him out because despite my tough girl act, I wanted to know him too. I settled on my bed and nodded.

He flashed me a cool a smile, the sweet kind that showed his dimples. And he started to sing.

That’s my apocalypse. 

So don’t blame me when;
She stands by me. I continue to break her daily.

She calls out my name. I’m ever attentive even to her muffled whispers but feign deaf.

She believes in fate. 

I believe in nothing.

She has dreams. I’m lost in the middle of nowhere.

I await a sign. She takes chances.
She’s the princess of Order.

I’m the prince of Chaos. 

She’s a queen of Elysium.

 I’m the king of nothing.

She talks her head off. I don’t talk enough.

She needs my comfort; my broad shoulder for her head whenever the world is at her heels…

…but I’m only obligated to drain her out.
My assigned duty is to beat her down. 
I want all of her but her heart.

She is a tricking boom…about to explode at any moment.

Yet she consumes my every though. I’ve to run away from her once I get the chance; for she represents a future I’d only dream of. 

She’s not mine to claim. But she’s not giving up on me.

My heart wails in muddled pieces; Run away. Don’t run away.

Run away.

Don’t run away.

For what an illicit yearning brings together, I must put asunder.

She’s not fair to herself. But I will be fair to her.

I’ll be someone.

That could be our apocalypse.”

When he ended the song, I was in tears. He was crying too.

I took his hands in mine and decided to be honest for once. I repeated to him what he told me before. “My heart can’t deny you again, Matteo. My heart has loved you even before it got the chance to meet you in person.”

Matteo kneeled before me. “You were an angel sent for above to save me when I was in the darkest place. My heart has loved you far more than I let on. I’m sorry for being a douch. I’m sorry for not finding you sooner. I’m sorry for pushing you away, angel. Please give me another chance to love you properly. I want to court you properly.”

Tears well up in my eyes. “Yes, Matteo. I want to be with you.”

He kissed me deeply. And we looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.
This was the beginning of our happily ever after.

The end.

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