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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)

Episode 29

I was thrilled to be back home after a long day. I unlocked the door, and stepping into my apartment. Darkness met my eyes. I shrugged and tap the switches on. The light from the bulbs brightened the living room. I removed my thick jacket since the room was warm enough, plus I was sweating already. I threw the jacket on the couch without looking and pulled off the remainder of my clothes, and languidly walked into the bathroom. I reached for a hair net and tucked in my box braids. 
I sat in the bathtub and exhale as the warm water graced my body. It felt like heaven to be clean again after a long day. Carefully, I washed off the light make-up on my face...
...satisfied, I grabbed a towel and stood, wrapping the towel around my waist as I left the bathtub. 
I heard my cat purr as I trailed towards the bedroom. As I advance the bedroom, my over sensitive nose like the fictional character Remy from Ratatouille, caught a scent of a cologne that wasn’t mine or any of my friend’s, and then this strange feeling like I wasn’t alone in this apartment surged. I quickly picked up a frying pan in the kitchen before heading to the bedroom, opening the door turning the knob noiselessly. Again, darkness met my eyes. I switched the lights on and screamed crazily for help when my eyes fell on my bed.
There was a stranger on my...bed.
Spooned up with my teddy bear while my cat sat meowing on the bedside table. 
I screeched like a crazy banshee. Whoever that was acting a horror movie in my house won. I couldn’t run. That part in horror movies where the main character encounters an ancient evil spirit let’s say Lamia and doesn’t run away is certainly not exaggerated.
I kept screaming till a pair of clammy hands cupped my wide mouth while cursing in some foreign tongue. Well, the frying pan had dropped off from my hands as horror took over my being.
When my senses came back, with all my might, I tried to detached his hands from my mouth, but he wouldn’t budge an inch. I nudge him with my elbow.
“Get away from me!” I muffled against his palm.
It was certainly a guy, granted the musky Cologne and fine long fingers.
“No earn deafening shrieks for your freedom of speech. Deal?” His deep baritone voice resonated in the room.
At this point, I would do anything to get off this awkward position. I fervently nodded.
“That’s a good girl.” He commented, gradually unfolding his hands from my mouth. When freed, in the speed of light I bent down and picked up the frying pan I’d dropped. I hoisted my weapon and turned to the enemy, I wasn’t fast enough. He caught my hand before I could aim at him.
“Really?” He said, snatching the frying pan from me. “And here I was thinking we had some sort of mutual understanding.” 
I was robbed of speech. I found myself face to face, toe to toe, with him. I recognized those set of eyes; the ones that ruined me yesterday. And his voice sounded way better than I imagined. Somewhere between tenor and brass. His face was much clearer and closer. His dark brown eyes sparkled under the light in the room. His tall frame and masculine built would be my undoing. He was beautiful, but not in the mills and boons character way. He wore a dark plain tee over ripped jeans and a pair of black sneaker. He was a total hulk.  
Here he was in my bedroom...
I couldn’t believe I was romanticizing a creep. I wasn’t well. I think I was soft in the head...I didn’t know how long I looked him in the eyes, but I jerked back to reality when that nasty smirk I would so much love to hate began to pull from his lips. I ignored the part were he was checking me out and asked what he was doing here when he beat me at it.
“Yeah it’s me, Matteo. I’m sorry baby that I resorted to seeing this way but we have to talk. Urgently.”

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