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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)

Episode 28

For most of the flight back to Coldcliff, I curled on the leather seat as I battled with sleep. Matteo was, I guess, working on his laptop. He tried pulling me to him, but I dodged him like Ebola. He wouldn't give up so I decided to change seats all together. 

Hands gently tap me to wake from my deep slumber. The sleep was too sweet, I wouldn't bulge. 

My hands rubbed my eyes sleepily and my eyes flutter open. My senses settling down. Something was moving? A vehicle? I peered sideways only to find Matteo's head resting on the headrest with his eyes closed while talking mutely to someone via the iPod in his left ear. I pretended to fast asleep I eavesdropped. It wasn't right but darn if I cared. 

Was Matteo playing some sort of gamble with me? 

Heck! I hated questions that didn't come with answers. This whole thing was confusing and overwhelming. I needed an outlet. I needed my Mami. I'd go visit her and find my sanity again. I was going insane. I loved fairytale and always had a dream of living a fantasy. It was finally catching up with me.

"I see your sleepyhead is finally awake." He said from beside me.

I faced the window and stared off through the now familiar streets. "Who was that on the phone?" 
"Eavesdropping, Camilla?" 

"Ain't got time for small talks, you're playing some sort of games with me, right?"

One second I was on the leather seat and the next on his lap, straddling him. His calm demonior was replaced with a threatening expression. He gathered my hands and held them behind the small of my back. It appeared I'd finally pissed him up.

"You think so lowly of me?" 

I tugged to free my hands, he only tightened his grip. "Let go of me."
I moved my hip, knocking his head with mind. " buzz. Seize moving."

"You crazy son of a bish, " I moved my hip again, our chest touching. 

I looked at his face and this maniac was grinning. "If you dare move your hip again, you will give me a boner. And you'll take care of it. I'm warning you."

"You dirty bastardo," I spat, involuntarily grinding my lip against his. 
"You stubborn, stubborn fairy princess,"
I made to open my mouth but he beat me at it. He groaned, capturing my lips with his. He kissed me rough and heated. I was kissing him back with the same fervor. His grip on my hand loosened as he hugged me closer to him, his lips not leaving mine. He smelled yummy. A heated pool of a need I couldn't understand began to form between my legs and I threw my hand to this shoulder as I grinded against his erection, finding some relief from the ache. Endorphin flaunted my heart, body, soul. I moaned in his mouth while he deepened the kiss, propelling my waist against his lip. 

He abruptly broke off, " Fuck!" he cussed, running his hand over his head. He was heavily panting, but so was I.

He gently lifted me off his lap, and I slouched back to the seat, rolling to the extreme end. 

It was then I realized the car wasn't moving. 

I couldn't believe myself. I didn't feel any form of self loathe. I simply couldn't believe how my own body betrayed me under my naked eyes. 

"You ache?" He asked, his voice hoarse. 
I nodded. I couldn't even look at him. 

"Baby girl," something in his voice which I couldn't place my hands on had me turning to him. His lips were swollen, his shirt were wrinkle free were now rumpled. His perfectly styled hair were now not so perfect, I think I preferred it this way. He adjusted his pants. "Come."

I found myself crawling back to him. He opened the door and pulled me behind him. When my fit touched the floor, I realised we were at the front of my apartment. He turned an faced me. His face softened, a somewhat tender expression broke through his face. He tilted my chin, "I'm sorry about today,"
I nodded. What's wrong with me? 

"You want me to escorts you upstairs?" He asked. 

I shook my head. I'm speaking dumb now, it is. 

He chuckled, embracing me. I found myself melting in his embrace. "Tongue tied?" 
I snorted, "You wish."

"Now you're talking." He grinned as he placed a lingering kiss on my forehead. He stepped out of my space leaving me cold and I walked into my apartment, not turning back.

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