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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)

Episode 27

My hand dreamingly reached up and my finger tips touched on my parted lips. 
"Don't tell me you haven't been kissed properly before." his words echoed in my foggy brain. 

I agreed too quickly in a embarrassing loud pitch. "Of course," then shrugged one shoulder, "my lips have tasted better days."

He chuckled, while his gaze trailed on my fingers. "Whenever you lie your right thumb involuntarily twitches, you told me that back in the good days, baby girl."

I hid my fingers in the hoodie waist pocket. "And you chuckle when you're as nervous as heck." I deadpanned 
After a while, a distant smile was on his face when he said. "You're cute as buzz when you're shy," 

I tilted my head upward, rolling my eyes in an exaggerated fashion. "I believe we were going somewhere?"

He glanced at his rolex and shook his head. "We're late, baby girl. The rays passed five minutes ago. I would show another day."

"And what's it with all the ball gown and facial mask?" 

He frowned. "Another failed attempt to take you some where,"

I glanced back at the jet and the beautiful city of Milala. A pang of guilt hit me. Why was he doing all these? His motive was still vague to me. "Why go through all the stress?

He stared off at a distance, then his eyes sort for mine. He took a step closer to me. His warm masculine hands cupping my cheeks, his thumb softly caressing my jaw. 

His eyes were intent, and serious as he promised. "I'll stop at nothing to make you mine again," 
I laughed a sad laugh. I put my hand over his and patted it before removing them from me. "Oh, sugar boy, that ship sailed long ago."

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