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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)

Episode 26

He outstretched his hand, helping me through the last step. When my feet touched the ground, I couldn’t hide my amusement. 

“Where is this place?” I breathed, twirling around, my eyes blazing in wonder at the sight before me. 

Grinning, he took my hands. “Come,”
For a change, I obediently followed. Obviously enthralled. 

“The lake is about a minute walk from here, with luck, we will meet the rays just in time,” He added as he led the way.
I turned back and discovered that his body guards stood still in front of the jet. “They ain’t coming with us?” 


“Your robots?” I rolled my eyes, jogging behind him. His strides were way longer than mine. 

He suddenly stopped and I unconsciously bumped into him. An tingling sensation sparked and ran through me. He faced me with a frown and swallowed. “Those are people with actual human emotions, Camilla. Not robots.”

I forcefully made to tug my hand away from his but he only tightened his grip. “Darn it.”

“You’re being a bad kitten again,” 
“I’m no kitten. I’m a porcupine, remember?” 

“Right, porcupine.”

He made to continue walking, but I remained static, not moving an inch. This whole thing was overwhelming. Matteo and me. The pace was way too fast. It frightened me. I untangled my hands from his grip, this time I exerted more force and he let go. I folded my arms. 

Don’t get me twisted, it was a dream come true having him in flesh and blood with me. I’d know and dated him for three years without meeting him for once. We had broken up very badly. And now, he was here going all lovey-dovey with me. 

Forgive me while I interrupt our fun reunion and dive back into reality. I’d a fragile stupid heart here to protect. 
“What’s the problem?” He inquired, tucking his hands in his pants pocket. 
I bit my upper lips, my chest tightening. “This,” I wagged a finger between us. “This all feels wrong.”

He rubbed a hand against the front of his shirt, looking downwards, a wavering smile breaking on the surface of his face. “You’re frightened?” 

Yes, I’m flipping terrified. 
I wasn’t about to affirm that aloud to him. I stood tongue-tied and mopped at him. 

For the next couple of seconds, we stood, avoiding any eye contacts while an eardeafening silence ranted. 
I sort his gaze. “I’m not about to go through all that emotional torture again, Izzy. We couldn’t glue. You stopped caring. You moved on. And I eventually put myself together and moved on too. And after all these years...I just can’t. I’ve learned to grow without you, and now, I don’t think I need you in my again.”

The smile was long gone when he looked back at me. His eyes were vacant, his voice toneless as he responded. “I’m not trying to justify my actions, babe. But I didn’t even for a second stop caring about you.”

“Don’t feed me that crap. Tell me the unfiltered truth; tell me I served my purpose, I scratched your itch, and when you had had enough of me, you simply put me aside. You poisoned whatever it was we shared. Flying me in your expensive jet can’t fix a thing. Pampering me, as though we are long lost lovers, can’t fix a thing. It’s nine years already. You have a bad sense of timing - "

His shaky hands clutched my waist and tugged me to him. And before I could blink, warm lips were pressed against mine. My eyes widened. 
Oh my god! 

I froze. My knee weakened, my hands clutching his shirt for stability. His lips on mine caused a jolt of electricity to spurge and spread through me. 

“goddammit, Camilla. Kiss me back,” He rasped pleadingly just above my lips. 

And that was all it took for my mouth to open on its own accord, granting him entrance. He hummed in approval as he deepened the kiss. The kiss was sweet, teasing, and soft. He pulled me closer as our lips moved in a sync. I clung to him like a rabbit on heat, while he kissed me silly. 

He gently separated his lips from mine. His hands still holding me firmly. “I never stopped caring about you. I never stopped loving you. I sure as buzz don’t have a sense of bad timing. I did it all for you, baby girl. All for you.”

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