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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)

Episode 25

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. A sweet tingle running through my spine. My teeth clamped my upper lips and his eyes flared. He still had an effect on me. Which was not a good thing.

“Maybe because you’re a perv,” He let out a low chuckle, leaning back on the head rest of the seat. His hands briefly leaving mine. My hands felt cold. I hid my hands in the hoodie front pocket. “And have a habit of breaking the hearts of foolish young ladies.” Like me. 

He was sort after my gaze again. “You speak as though from experience.” 
I eyed him ridiculously. Was he out of his goddarn mind? I was at the verge of suicide. No, I attempted suicide, per se. I couldn’t go through with it because my Mami intervened. 

“You’re unbelievable, Matteo Dickson.” I said, shaking my head. 

“Just how much do you know about me?” He suddenly asked, after a second had passed. 

I inhaled, rolling my eyes. I didn’t even know him how I’d had loved to. I hesitated for a heartbeat before replying mindlessly. “A badass DJ who has women of all shapes and sizes at his beck and call. A business tycoon and the prodigal spoilt son of a multimillionaire who runs most of the departmental stores in the BlueLake City, Milala, Coldcliff, and across the globe. Your mother was admitted into a mental hospital when you were merely two weeks old and your dad remarried the week later. Sadly, your mother died in a car crash.” I quote from the magazine I read some time ago.

You are a college dropout who loves eating from every fancy restaurant more than DJing (his career). You can cook practically anything. You chuckle when you’re nervous as heck. You’re as gentle as a dove but don’t tolerate nonsense. 

You runaway or go into a deep panic attack when try something new. You’re way too touchy feely. You’re generous, kind hearted, and tender. Ah. You’re complicated when emotional. Stubborn. 

Loves chocolate cake and consumes way too much sugar more than a normal person should. You have the brightest smile and you smell so good. And I could totally kiss those lips of yours every second of the day if you let me. And most importantly, you’re mama’s boy. I hate to admit that.

I know all these cause I’ve shamelessly been keeping tabs on you too while I deceived myself. 

He gazed at me blankly and nodded. “I see.”

“What time is it?” I mumbled, defiling the ear splitting silence. 

He glanced at his rolex. “Almost one O’clock AM in Milala,”

I gasped. “We are at Milala?” 

“Yeah. We will land in less than two minutes.”

“But I have school tomorrow.” I whined. 
“I know, baby. I know.”

“What exactly do you know?” I dared to question. 

He swallowed, his Adam apple bobbing up and down, then, he leaned forward, his hands rested on his lap as he interlocked them. “What do you want to know?” 

“Everything,” I whispered. I cleared my throat before replying again firmly. “Everything.”

He grinned. “You’ve grown into a difficult and an even more stubborn lady, Camilla.”

“And you into a certified blockhead, chauvinistic person, and I totally understand.”

His grin only widen as he leaned over the small table that separated us, nearing impossibly close to me. My breathing hitched. My cheeks stung in embarrassment. I feel he would kiss me already and I’d let him. Unfortunately, he grasped the seat belt and strapped them. Mehh, he smelled good... 

“Better safe than sorry.” His voice sliced through my mind like butter on bread. He spoke just an inch from my face. I could easily lean in an... 

Bluidy heck!

He pulled away and slouched back into his seat, fastening his own seatbelt. 
I could feel the jet deflating. It was almost unnoticeable but I was always conscious of it. 

“You can play hard to get all you want, little tigress. But this time, you aren’t slipping off my fingers.”
I leveled him a gaze. “Who do you think you’re?”

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