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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)

Episode 20

He heaved a sigh of relief when I brought down my weapon. His head was swelling.
"The one and only, Sir Matteo, Ma'am."
"Camilla." I corrected. My stupid heart began to drum hard against my rib cage. 
"My apologies, Miss Camilla."
I closed the door and went to the fridge for ice. I wrapped the ice around a towel and handed it over to him. It wasn't his fault. He was merely doing his job. He muttered thanks. 
He was a young man who was likely in his mid-thirties. I watched him place the ice on his head to ease the swell.
I walked to the door and opened the door. "I forgive you; you can now leave and tell your boss that I don't think we've met before." I said almost spitefully. 
He stared at me as though I'd loosed my god darned mind. After a minute of silence, he shook his head. While muttering, "I'm sorry I can't do that, Miss."
I nodded, my toes tapping the ebony marbled floor. I was trying to hold my chill and not snap. "I understand. That's why I'm calling for the police." 
"You have a choice. You either come with me nicely or false me kidnap you. Choose." He said, removing the ice from his head, charging. 
I raised my bows at him. "Did your boss also ask you to kidnap."
"Boss commanded to use whatever means necessary to bring you to him, ma'am, as long as all lock or tendril of your hair remains unharmed."
My stupid cliché heart almost swooned. 
"And why wouldn't he come himself? What happened to your boss's legs? Or are the soils of my streets unworthy to stain the golden sole of his shoes?"
"You can ask him yourself when you meet him, Miss. We've wasted enough time, as we all know; boss isn't a very patient man. I'm afraid; you would have to dress up at the back of the car."
I let out a dry laugh. "Leave!" 
"He also mentioned how overly stubborn you're." He dropped the ice off on the table and his shoulder sagged in defeat. I almost smiled in victory when all of a sudden; I was left up and thrown over his shoulder. 
Oh bluidy hell. If there was one thing I hated it was to be manhandled. 
I kicked and slapped him senseless. He wouldn't bulge. I screamed for help, but my self-centered neighbors wouldn't come to rescue. If anything, I think I heard doors closing and bolts falling into place. 
He man who I had no idea what his name was used the elevator. And the worthless surveillance cameras installed in the hallway wasn't working. 
Effortlessly, he held me steady as I verbally abused him, punched him, kicked him, and bit him. 
Soon we were outside, the cold air coursed through me. I shivered. 
"You static moron. I'll strangle you with my bare hands once I get the slightest chance. You and your stupid boss."

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