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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)


“We are postponing the wedding,” Mami’s voice came from the other end. I gasped, not believing my ears.
“What the...” I patted my chest and heaved a sigh, steadying. In a more calmed and controlled way I asked. “What?” 
“I know, I know. It’s crazy but Leo and I still have some things to sort out.” She continued, they was a hesitation in her tune.
I nodded, clutching the phone closer to my ears. “It’s about Papi?”
There was a pause at her end. It was difficult to understand why Mami would still love my excuse for a father after all these years over all he’s done to us. 
It was still a mystery to me. 
“If it helps, I know you still care about him.” I added. 
“I’m not sure I want to remarry. Leo noticed. He’s hurting.” She wasn’t denying it. Good. “We’ll talk later, my sweet.” 
“You’re sure you’re okay?” 
“Everything will soon fall into place, baby.”
I frowned. “I hope so, Mami.”
She hang up.
Oh my! My poor Mami deserved better than all these hurdles. 
It was a Tuesday afternoon, and I’d just had my last lecture for the day. I wasn’t in a hurry to get back home, besides, Daisy travelled, I didn’t want to stay alone. I decided to stop in the library and return the books I borrowed before deciding what next to do. 
The exchange was smooth and swift. I was hungry. I had leftovers at home. But I rather eat something else. I would just go to my favorite eatery outside the campus. Any Nico’s spicy hot meal could help me process the news Mami just broke to me.
Daisy had generously left me her car. That girl was a darling. Her boyfriend’s mother passed away, she’d gone to be with him.
The cloud overhead was darkening. It would soon rain. The campus was scanty since school just resumed. I leisurely walked to the Parking space. 
The last three days had been hard. Finally. Daisy had beaten the words out of me. I’d shamefully told her everything. Surprisingly, she understood. She didn’t judge me.
That was when I realized she was my soul sister. 
I was grateful. And even more determined to become a better person; a responsible young lady with maximum self-respect. 
It was already drizzling when I got to the convertible. I quickly unlock the door and slide inside, heavily seating on the leather car sit. It was warm inside and a pure contrast to the weather outside. I fastened up my seat belt and kicked off the engine, slowly reversing before darting out. 
The ride to Nico’s eatery was about five minutes from Coldcliff Business School. I tuned on the radio as I sped. With luck, I wouldn’t meet much traffic on my way. 
It was heavily raining when I pulled over at Nico’s. I fetched an umbrella at the passenger seat and stepped out of the car, the cold biting air coursing through me. 
I hated the rainy season. 
I hated cold. 
I ran into the Eatery, pushing the door ajar as I stepped inside. Shutting  the small umbrella, Clinton in the waiter’s tee shirt was coming to me. 
I turned to him with a small smile. He returned my smile with his smug own. 
Clinton was always pleased to see me. 
“Let me hold onto that while you find yourself a warm seat.” I handed the umbrella to his outstretched hand. He collected it, peering searchingly behind me. “I don’t see your talkative friend with you.” He said.

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