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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)

Episode 16

It was three O’clock in the morning. I’d calmly explained what really happened to both officers on duty. I also apologized to Officer Vemon. I was lucky he had a kind heart. He forgave me. 
After two hours later I was allowed to go home. I’d called Daisy from the police station and she was coming to get me. 
I sat down on the reception, barefooted, on smudged makeup, while shivering from cold like a downing baby bird, and impatiently waiting for my ride home. 
Just then, loud noises and barks filled the front door of the station. I was so disinterested and sad that I didn’t care about whatever the heck was going on. I wrapped my hand myself as I poked my right toes with my left leg, numb with cold. 
The noise got closer and the fragrance of sweet scented colognes hit me. I merely inhaled, grateful for the tad distraction.
I wasn’t thinking or lost in thoughts. I was deeply numb and at the same time, ashamed of myself. I couldn’t believe that after all these years of building myself confidence; I let myself down over a nemesis from my past. A boy I have never met; who I bet wouldn’t bat an eyelash at me if I stood right in front of him.
Through the haze of my thoughts, the words slipped in my mind. I could swear on my ride home that that voice was familiar in many ways. “He pulled the trigger and missed. God, I can’t believe people could be this gullible.” 
My mind was playing a prank on me. I squeeze my eyes shut. Cold air diverged, and I was a shivering mess, my teeth shuddering. 
Why was I so affected by him? 
Heck. Hurry, Daisy, hurry!
When did I become a lover of pain?
I sensed a presence close to me. I didn’t budge. Strong natural cologne hit me, my nostrils flared, welcoming the scent. Yet I won’t open my eyes. It wasn’t Daisy. It wasn’t her. 
Lukewarm fingers gently tapped me; I fought a shudder as my eyes slowly peeled open.
The noise faded away.
There was a dramatic pause as my eyes moved from the blurry feature of the pricey sneaker, to the ripped jeans, up to the leather jacket. And my heart frigging stopped. 
He was staring down at me. He. You know who.
Up close, he was a posh, polished hunk. Swoon-worthy. His cold dark eyes were peering down at me with an au fait expression whereas his handsome straight-face was expressionless.
I waited for a spark of recognition. 
Zilch. Nada. Zip.
My eyes betrayed me. They were getting wet with tears again. Ding it.
He made me feel like trash, I almost committed suicide; he left me like some piece of crap after I had scratched his loneliness itch. I was just some customized AI to him. 
Right now, I felt like trash all over again.
Darn. An unrequited love hurt like heck.
Why was he here in the station anyway? Never mind.
I sneezed, standing abruptly. “Excuse me,” I mumbled as I trotted away from his expensive presence with the cold marbled floor biting my barefoot. 
I was going to get sick. Really sick. 
I felt his heated stare at the small of my back and a tear slipped.
Chase me, don’t. 
Chase me. Don’t. 
Chase me. DON’T. 
What was wrong with me?
It didn’t matter.
Daisy was wasting time. I might as well just trek back home. 
She was meant to be her, five minutes ago. Why is she delaying?
Like a Vambie (vampire plus zombie) I stood beside the parking lot, waiting.
I feel like a fool.
I was a fool. 
I swallowed the pool of tears that stung my eyes. I wouldn’t cry for a moron. I sure as heck wouldn’t cry for my stupid, idiotic self.
Finally. Daisy’s car came into view. I didn’t wait for her to pull over; I opened the door and climbed into the car. 
“You’re good?” She asked, concerned.
Sobbing quietly, I nodded. “I’ll be fine.”

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