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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)

Episode 15

A group creepy looking guys were gang smoking not far from me. And I wondered why the police weren’t doing their duty. 
I finally saw him. Matteo. And it didn’t help. It only complicated things for me. I didn’t want him back in my life. I sure as heck didn’t want to be his secret online girlfriend. I couldn’t tell what my sick twisted heart wanted. Always complicating things for me. I just wanted to tear my heart out and be a normal person for once. 
I didn’t notice until it was too late. A gun was pressed at my back as some creepy hooligan walked beside me. I wanted to say something but he placed a single finger on his mouth motioning I act nice and quiet. 
Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. 
If anything bad happened to me, I wasn’t sure I could live with myself. I played along to buy myself time to think out something. 
He was leading me to a dark corner. 
Oh bluidy hell. 
I was going to be raped. And my ATM card was in my purse. I was in much trouble than I deemed possible. 
I decided to fight now than allow them to lead me like some obedient little lamb lead to be slaughtered. I took them by surprise and punched the one beside me in his gut and used my boot to smack the other’s eyes and head. Then I ran. It wasn’t long before they caught up with me. One of them backhanded me twice, seizing my boots, my earrings, necklace, phone, and my purse. I screamed as they made away with my stuff. 
I sobbed quietly as I walked, my hands folding myself. 
Darn me. Darn me. 
“Excuss me ma’am, you’re okay?” 
I didn’t pay attention. I kept walking while shameless tears slide down my cheeks. 
I wasn’t okay.
Someone grabbed me from behind, and I abruptly turned and blindly punched the air, fortunately, my hand collided with a hard jaw.
“Shoot. I’m just trying to help. I’m security.”
I was defeated. I exhaled as I kicked the man where the sun didn’t shine. He groaned. “Security, eh? Where were you when those creeps came at me? You’re too late, Mr. Security. They’re are gone. My stuff with them. So respect yourself and just buzz off.”
I turned and continued my pity walk. 
The so called security guard wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Miss, just a moment. Hear me out; we could retrieve your stolen items.”
I was fuming. And he was only adding salt to the bruises. He was getting under my skin. 
He reached out and grabbed my arm again. 
What on earth did I do to deserve this sudden change of events? 
I couldn’t contact Daisy. 
I didn’t even have cash on me to get me home. And home was miles away from here. 
“Leave me alone, you creep! Security can kiss my butt. I’m finding my way home. Leave me in peace. Or I swear I’ll break your bones to pieces.” And by the way, why wasn’t he in his uniform? When did they start putting on fancy suits? 
I sighed, and detached my arm from his hand. 
“Touch me again, I promise, I’ll sue your sorry ass for harassment.” I warned. 
Oh god. 
I suddenly twirled and backhanded him twice on the cheek. I ignored the sting on my palm. My face red with anger,” buzz. Off.”
The ‘security guard’ stood pitiable with his hand to his jaw as he stared at me unbelievably. 
“What’s going on here? Officer Vemon?” Another person intervened. 
My heart began to thump.
“I was only trying to help out this miss. But instead she harassed me thrice, Sir.” He replied, standing upright.
“Is it true young lady?”
My mouth was dry.
“Okay then. Cuff her, we’re all going to the station and may our good lord safe your soul if these allegations are true.”
I stood like a zombie as my wrists were cuffed. Like I culprit, I was dragged by the two police men into the car siren.
Shortly, we zoomed off. 
Honestly, I didn’t deserve this.

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