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 Season 7

Episode 60

(It's merely a misunderstanding)

"Nonsense!" Sean contradicted her nearly without a second thought; he could barely hold the discontent in his eyes. "He was just giving you some suggestions for his own good. How could you possibly want anything to do with him?" 

 Emily was utterly dumbfounded by Sean's reaction. She paused to gather her thoughts, then said, "I'm just saying. There's is no need to be angry..."   

 Sean calmed himself down a bit. "Okay then, please don't say that again, all right?"    

Emily nodded, "Sure. I won't..."    Softening his tone, Sean offered comfort. "I'm the only person in this world who cares about you, the only one, your elder brother..."   

 Emily frowned and said, "But I'm going to get married, well, eventual..."  

Sean reached out and covered her mouth before she could finish that sentence. All of a sudden, his eyes had frozen over like the surface of a winter puddle, robbing them of their usual warmth.    

"I don't want to hear another word about that.    

I'll be with you, from this day, until the day I die."    

It was in this moment that Emily clearly sensed the hypocrisy in his words. With her eyes opened wide, her heart shuddered. She couldn't help but question her brother's feelings towards her.    

"Does he take me for his personal possession?"    

Confused and somewhat perturbed, Emily wasn't sure what to make of Sean's words.    

Mixed feelings filled Sean as well, making him feel deeply unsettled inside.  

He wasn't sure whether Emily would regain her memories of Jacob again, but he was sure that he couldn't take that chance.    

Sean decided to make a move to put an end to all his worries. At night, he coaxed Emily into his room by telling her that he had prepared a surprise for her. 

   "So, what's this surprise you've been telling me about?" Emily whipped her head around and felt rather disappointed after she couldn't find any gifts.    

"Close your eyes,"  Sean whispered to her.   

 "What is it? Would you just show me...

Out of sheer excitement and anticipation, Emily closed her eyes anyway. "Hurry up,"  she urged him.    

Sean caressed her face and started to gently hypnotize her into an unconscious state.    

Sean clapped like a giddy little girl, thrilled as the hypnotism had gone very well. "Soon Emily will forget Jacob; forget his stupid nickname 'Seventh'." He was about to take the next step when an unwelcome knock on the door interrupted him.  

Emily's long and curly eyelashes fluttered like a startled butterfly; her temporarily sleep must have been disturbed.  

  With disappointment at having been interrupted, Sean contorted his face in fury. But before he could walk up to the door to see who it was, the door was kicked open abruptly--bam! 

 The first thing Jacob's eyes caught was Emily, who had her eyes closed. His face went incandescent with rage almost immediately and he shouted, "Sean, what did you do to her?"  

  Having been interrupted, Sean, whose eyes blazed with purple wrath, picked up the phone to call security. However, the moment he saw Jacob approaching his beloved sister, he threw the phone and quickly moved forward to stop Jacob. 

A scuffle broke out between the two men. They grunted as they took handfuls of each other's clothing and attempted to wrestle the other to the ground. 

Showing mercy was no longer an option.    
"Sean, you crazy bastard! What did you do to her? If you hurt her, I swear I'll kill you!"    

"Damn you! Why on earth did you have to show up here? Why don't you just drop dead!"   

 Hurling obscenities and abuse at each other, the two were ready to fight to the death if it came to that!  

  Before things got out of hand, a girl yelled in panic.   

 "What are you doing? Stop it!"    

The sound of her voice froze both Jacob and Sean as they turned their astonished eyes towards Emily.    

'Oh, no!' Sean thought, 'The sudden interruption of hypnosis might cause harm to her... Jacob, you son of bitch. 

This is all your fault!'  

Jacob pushed Sean away, rushed forward to Emily and looked over her carefully, "Are you all right? How are you feeling? Is there something wrong?"   

 "I'm fine." Emily felt relieved, when the two men stopped having a go at each other. "What are you doing? And why?" 

   Emily's face was stuck in an incredulous expression. She remembered that Sean had brought her here to show her some surprise, then she closed her eyes, upon his request and suddenly, out of nowhere, she heard a noise. When she opened her eyes, she shuddered with horror at the sight of the two men tussling with each other.    

Sean looked at Emily with a submissive expression. 'Damn that Jacob for disrupting and destroying my plan. She still remembers this hateful tool!'    

He scrambled to explain himself. "He broke into the room without a word."  

Hearing this, Emily turned her gaze upon Jacob and asked, "Why did you do that?"    
Having realized that Emily was safe and sound, Jacob breathed a sigh of relief and his heartbeat steadied. He leaned in and whispered, "I was worried about you."    

"What for?" Emily found his words amusing. She chuckled and said, "Sean is my own brother. There's no need to worry. He would never hurt me. 


 Emily's brows furrowed into a pensive expression and she looked at Jacob curiously. "Seventh, did you... did you get your memory back?"    

Jacob nodded, blinking his eyes at her, "Part of it, but not much."    

"No wonder..." Emily said the rest under her breath, 'No wonder he seemed a bit different after he regained his memory.' 

   "Then why didn't you just say so? You were waiting until I'd find out about it myself? That's not fair." Emily looked deeply annoyed.  

Jacob gently explained, "I meant to tell you the day after I fully recovered, but there are still some blank parts in my memory after all these days. Anyway, I'm sorry."    

'He does look a bit different right now! Shimmering with the charm of a grown man, handsome, considerate and gentle, not a childish boy anymore.' Sean understood what was going on.    

Frustrated and angered, he clenched his teeth and thought to himself, 'That lying two-faced dog. He's lying out of his teeth! He's just saying he hasn't regained his memories as an excuse to stay in the stay with Emily!    

You have crossed the line here, Jacob! You will pay for this!'   

 "Never mind. Sometimes it can takes time to fully recover lost memories. Don't push yourself too hard, or you might hurt yourself." Emily comforted Jacob. She looked at the two men standing in front of her and sighed in resignation.  

"Now, what am I going to do with you two? Why do you always have to fight? 

Sean is my dear brother, and Seventh is my friend. Why can't you just live in peace? The moment I'm not around, you two are up at each other's throats. Why?"    

What puzzled Emily most was the fact that Sean, who had always been a calm and steady man, would unexpectedly lose his temper every time he saw Jacob.    

Sean had also noticed his failure to control his emotions lately, but he just couldn't put up with Jacob any longer. 

However, despite his displeasure, he knew that he had to keep on playing the game, so he feigned a smile on his face.

 "It's merely a misunderstanding. It won't happen again, I promise."   

 Jacob cast a glance at Sean and said, "Yes, it won't happen again."    

Emily had no choice but to take their word for it, but it still didn't stop her from feeling upset. She had tried so many things to make the two most important men in her life accept each other, but she just couldn't find a solution.  

A few minutes laters, Sean used some excuse he had made up, to check Emily's state of health to see whether the hypnosis had affected her in a bad way or not, but fortunately there was nothing to worry about. However, he remained vigilant and decided to keep a watchful eye on her.   

 As for Jacob, he felt somewhat afraid and remorseful since he realized that his brash behavior could have been harmful to Emily, but the thought of Sean's creepy behavior towards Emily stirred up the anger inside him every time.   

 He could not allow Emily to stay in D Country any longer. Something had to be done, and it had to be done quick!  

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