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 Season 7

Episode 55

(He was just lucky)

Emily felt restless. She tried to eat as slowly as possible, but she was itching to rush and be done with it. It felt like such a long time, but they were finally done eating.    

"Brother, can you please tell me now? I just want to know how Seventh is. Please tell me how he is."    

"Cloris, you need to be mentally prepared to take my response. So before I tell you, you have to be sure that you're ready to find out."   

 Sean looked and sounded composed and indifferent, but Emily still felt uneasy. 

She had a bad intuition about this.    

"What do you mean? What are you talking about? Does it mean you found Seventh? You know where he is?"    

"Yes, we did find him." Sean started to loosen his necktie and sighed, but he didn't elaborate further.  

Emily was burning to know what happened and where Sean found Seventh. She took Sean's hand and pleaded. She desperately wanted to know the answer, but at the same time, she was really worried it could be bad news. "Brother, please..."    

Sean held the temples of his nose and sighed once more. "He must have gotten trapped in the swamp. That was where we found his belongings."    

"What?" Emily's eyes widened at the thought. She tried to make sense of what Sean was saying, "No. How could that be? That's impossible! I don't believe it. It can't be! I refuse to believe this. Yes, he tends to be foolish at times, but he wouldn't go to such a dangerous place for no reason!"   

 A bit of anger and annoyance flashed through Sean's eyes, but it was gone as quickly as it appeared. "He's very child-like. Plus he has a very strong sense of curiosity. It is not strange or impossible for him to go and explore. Don't worry, Cloris. I've already assigned people to look around in the swamp. They would find out soon enough."  

"No! I refuse to believe! This is absolutely impossible!" Emily's bloodshot red eyes started to fill with tears as she continued to shake her head. She did not want to believe what Sean was saying. Her heart shattered and she felt devastated. "No! He will not die! He cannot die! He said he would always be with me. He said we'd be together!"   

 "Cloris." Seeing how crestfallen Emily was, Sean felt distressed. He never wanted to see her like this. He leaned close to her and held out his arms to console and hold her close, but Emily pushed him away.    

"I want to look for him! I want to go! Let me go to the swamp!"    

Emily wriggled out of Sean's reach. 

Without any hesitation, she knew she needed to leave the house to find the man herself. This was how it felt when you lose your most precious treasure.  

Sean was shocked with Emily's strength. 

He staggered backwards for a bit, before he was able to recover. He composed himself and ran. He tried to catch up with Emily.    

Emily ran faster than she ever did. She was out of the castle before she knew it. 

She looked back and saw that Sean and a lot of bodyguards were right behind her trail. She did not see where she was going till she bumped and crashed with something hard.    

She crashed on somebody who was so full of mud. Dirt and mud splattered all over. Emily's crisp and white clothes got stained with mud, but she couldn't care less. She felt that this was not the time to care about such a trivial matter.    

"Please get out of my..."    

Finally, she looked up and found herself choking on the rest of her sentence.   

 In front of her stood a tall, strong man. Though covered with mud, his good looks was still visible. But not only was he covered in mud, he smelled like it, too. 

People immediately moved away from him because of the horrible smell of swamp mud.  

But the smell did not even register with Emily. She peered closely at the man in front of her. She suddenly felt elated. She started to burst out laughing while sliver of tears fell down her cheeks.   

 The mud-covered man stared back at her. They stayed like that for a while, eyes locked on with each other's. As if the whole world outside their little bubble was muted.    

"Seventh? Is that you?" Though Emily wasn't able to see his whole face clearly, beneath all the mud was Jacob's deep set of eyes. Emily knew Jacob's eyes too well. It glimmered like shining stars in the night sky.    

The man stayed still and did not say anything. He just stretched out his arms and invited Emily in. Emily approached more closely and was cocooned firmly within Jacob's embrace.  

Emily did not struggle amidst all the mud between them. Her heart felt joyous. The joy of regaining what she thought she had lost overwhelmed everything else.

    'Oh great.   

 He's still alive!'    

Seeing what transpired in front of him got Sean frantic and aggrieved. His pupils contracted a little, his fists clenched hard, and his knuckles turned white.   

 How was this possible? How did Jacob manage to escape out of the swamp?  

  He never should have survived! He should've disappeared all together.    

Sean rushed up to the two and hastily separated them. He made sure to step Emily away from Jacob as he placed his arms around her protectively.    

"Mr. Lu, it seems like we haven't seen each other for a long time." Jacob looked at Sean straight in the eye and gave him a meaningful smirk.  

Sean was stunned for a second, he thought Jacob was able to regain his memory already. But the moment he looked and saw the childish glimmer in Jacob's eyes, he knew this was still the same guy.   

 Sean wasn't the one who brought Jacob to the swamp. The latter had no idea that Sean was involved, that meant there was no need for him to panic. Jacob might not have seen him, but Sean saw how Jacob fell in the swamp. He was there, and he saw it with his own eyes. How was he able to come up? How did he survive?    

How was he not dead? Sean felt that Jacob must really have luck on his side.

    "Sean! Seventh came back!" Emily could not contain her excitement, and she was bouncing up and down. Her face was so red and her chest thumped faster than ever. She quickly uttered, "Can you believe it? He's really back!"  

  She felt so elated that she thought she must have been dreaming.

Jacob stepped forward and in a low voice he said, "Sister, please hug me..."   

 Emily gave Jacob a do over look and wrinkled her nose. But amidst all the mud, dirt, and bad odor that emanated from Jacob, Emily found herself drawn to him more. It felt like a thorn was finally pulled out of her chest and she could breathe again.    

A small laugh escaped her mouth as a shower of tears fell down her cheeks, "How should I hug you? Look, how dirty you are! What happened? Where on earth have you been?"    

Jacob's expression betrayed nothing, his eyes full of innocence as he said, "I accidentally fell into the mud and decided to roll around in it, I guess."   

 With this, Emily was reminded of her earlier conversation with Sean. Panic-stricken, she checked him and asked, "How were you able to get out of it? Are you hurt? Did you obtain injuries? How are you feeling now?"    

Jacob found himself shaking his head. 

He did not feel anything, "I honestly do not remember anything. I don't recall what I was doing there. I am hungry, sister."  

"Oh! Okay, let's go inside. I'll get you something to eat then you need to wash all this mud off." Emily had no idea how much pain Jacob had endured, but her heart ached for him and with him all the same. "You shouldn't be running around. 

It's dangerous outside. You might seriously get hurt. You know, you can't protect yourself. You have to be careful and not risk your life."    

As the exchange between Emily and Jacob went on, Sean stayed beside them. They did not seem to realize that he was there. This turned Sean furious.    "Let's all go back inside the castle first." 

   With a dirty Emily on one side and a muddy Jacob on the other, Sean was fuming as he turned and walked back towards the castle.    

Famished, Jacob immediately ate upon entering the castle. He took a hot bath afterwards. Emily did not stop until Sean gave in and gave Jacob a physical examination. After a while, Emily was finally convinced that nothing was wrong with Jacob. She breathed a very heavy sigh of relief and coaxed Jacob to rest and go to sleep.  

But Jacob kept insisting that he couldn't fall asleep. He was like a very fickle-minded child. He kept saying, "I am worried that once I close my eyes and fall asleep, my sister would go and leave.

 While I was in the mud, it was very dark.

 I felt scared and alone. I thought that was the end. I thought I was going to die."    

"Sshh... Don't say that. You are not alone now." Emily covered his mouth with her hand. She refused to let him say another word. "How about I stay here with you?

 Would you want that? I'll stay beside you as you sleep."   

 "Yes, I would love that." Jacob's voice was sullen and quiet. He held Emily's hand close to his mouth.   

 Emily felt a little uneasy. She was about to take her hand back when Jacob held on tighter and kissed her palm.  

Emily stopped moving and fell silent.  

Sean saw and heard everything.

Oh how he wanted to blow that jerk's head off.

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