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 Season 7

Episode 39

(No one can take you away)

How was this possible? Could this little girl actually be Emily? Jacob shook his head and felt his bubble of hope slowly burst again. He felt resigned, but he still could not move to leave.   

 He knew it was impossible, but this little girl really looked very similar to Emily. 

This was what Emily must have looked like when she was a teenage girl, around the age of 15 to 16. It would have been perfect if only he met her back then.  

  "My older brother will be back soon. Are you sure you want to stay here?" Emily giggled and added, "My brother cares and worries about me too much. He doesn't like it when strangers approach and talk to me. He'd be mad at you, for sure."   

 Jacob's ears flared up at the very mention of Sean's name. His eyes grew cold and he felt the need to warn the young girl, as if he had to protect her from Sean.  

"Hey, I think it's best if you stay away from your older brother. 

   He is not a good man. He does bad things. You need to be able to protect yourself.   

 Okay? Be very careful. Bye!"    

"Huh? What do you..." Jacob did not let Emily finish. After his warning, he immediately turned and walked away. 

Emily was dumbfounded. She muttered angrily to herself, "What an arrogant waiter! Such an impolite way of talking to a guest. I wonder if he's like that to everyone? He should have been fired!"

    "Hey, what's with the long face? Who made my little princess angry?" Sean strutted back to where they were seated and saw Emily's huffed up face. Her bright red lips pouted as she crossed her arms in front of her. Sean found himself staring at that luscious lips of hers.  

He stopped the thought on its tracks because he knew that would be improper. Emily had already recalled and stored most of Cloris' memory. She now understood the sense of their actions as brother and sister. He knew she would feel uncomfortable with the intimacy if he pushed through with his thought.  

  Unable to control himself, he gently moved and slightly touched her lips with his fingers. He then nonchalantly motioned his finger from her lips to his. 

   Emily was oblivious to Sean's actions. 

Her childish face was still beaming with annoyance. She refused to relax her arms and her pouted lips. She looked adorably mad as she said, "Hmp! There was a waiter here. He just left. He said some bad things about you. He pissed me off."    

Sean was a bit take aback, but held his composure. He brushed her cheek and with narrowed eyes, as he quietly asked, "Is that so? And what did he say?"   

 Emily looked at Sean and said, "He said that you're not a good person and that you do bad things. He also warned me to be careful and to stay away from you." 

 A dangerous gleam quickly flashed through Sean's eyes. He said between gritted teeth, "Oh, really? And what did you say? Did you believe him?"    

"No! Of course not. You are my older brother. I will never think that of you." 

Emily saw the flash of anger in her brother's eyes. She felt nervous as she quickly explained, "That man was a stranger. I don't even know who he is. He's just stirring up trouble. I will not listen to a man like that."    

Sean's shoulders relaxed and he warmly smiled at Emily. "Can you tell me who he is? Who's the arrogant waiter?"    

"Oh. He..." Emily's brows furrowed as she tried to recall the waiter's name. She bit her lower lip and said, "Hmm. I did not check his staff ID card. I don't know his name."  

"Well, what does he look like?"    

"Hmm. What does he look like..."  

  Emily repeated Sean's question as she tried hard to recall. The man's stunningly beautiful face lingered in her mind and it made her heart beat a little quicker. She felt nervous and excited just thinking about the man's face.    

He was very handsome. Why was he working as a waiter when he could surely be an actor or something with his beautiful face?  

  If Vedder asked her again who else in this world was more handsome than him, she would tell him about this waiter.    

Sean grew suspicious as Emily stared blankly at him. She looked as if she didn't know how to properly answer his question. "Cloris! Hey, why are you staring ahead? What are you thinking about? I asked you what the waiter looks like."  

"Oh. Uhm..." Emily shook her head and came back to her senses, "Well he wasn't very pleasant to look at. His appearance looked boring and bad. I do not want to recall him again."    

Sean peered into her expression more and asked with a smirk, "But then, how would I be able to teach him a lesson?" 

   "Hey, there's no need for that. It won't be necessary." Emily didn't want her brother to get in a fight. Besides, the waiter might not be able to take whatever Sean would do to him. It would be best to just let it go.    

Emily had always been more tolerant and a little bit patient to beautiful people.    

Sean knew Emily was hiding something. She could obviously recall the waiter, but didn't want him to know. He did not force her to say it cause he knew he would be able to figure it out by himself. He just wasn't very pleased with Emily's attitude and reactions.  

She was obviously starting to hide things from him. She now had her own secrets, and it made Sean feel anxious and paranoid. But he suppressed them and tried not to reveal these feelings on his face.   

 Emily was feeling very tired after the banquet. She leaned on Sean's shoulder and rested her eyes. She eventually fell asleep on the way home.    

Sean smiled at Emily sleeping beside him. He reached out and gently touched her cheek, carefully not to wake her up. 

His eyes was so full of love and care for her. It was a quiet car ride when his cellphone started to vibrate.    

He picked up his phone and clicked it to check. He had a message from one of his subordinates. It was about the result of an investigation he had previously requested.    

The message stated how the waiter just suddenly appeared there without any previous records. No one was able to find any information on him. At the banquet, he stumbled and accidentally spilled a drink on one of the guest's expensive clothes. He then hit on Emily soon after. Only one thing was assured about the waiter, and that was that he had a connection with Vedder.  

"It is him!" Sean was fuming and his eyes were enraged. He curled his fists with unyielding anger.    

What the hell was Vedder up to? What did he want? And that waiter, what did he want with Emily? What did he say to her?    

All to soon, the car turned to the Lu mansion.   

 Sean gently picked up Emily and carefully threaded towards the house with her in his arms. She woke up in a daze and quickly turned to look at who was carrying her. She relaxed as she found her older brother looking down at her. She leaned closer to him.  

"My dear brother..." She murmured in a sleepy voice.    

Sean's heart melted as Emily leaned closer to him. He looked at her and saw how dependent she was on him. His anxiety faded away at the love and innocence on her face. "Yes, I am here."   

 He carried Emily to her bedroom and instructed the maid to wash her and change her clothes. He turned back to Emily who was laying peacefully on the bed. He looked at her with so much love and very gently hugged her. It was a while before he loosened his grip and released her. He rubbed her hair away from her face and kissed her lightly on the forehead.   

 "Cloris, you belong to me and only me. No one will take you away."   

 Even after he died, he had no intentions of sharing her with other people.   


"So Mr. Jacob, what happened? How was it?" From behind the steering wheel, Vedder glanced at Jacob in the passenger seat. He couldn't seem to decipher whether Jacob was satisfied and happy or if he was angry with what happened. Without hearing any reply from Jacob, Vedder continued, "I offended Sean, all just to help you. I think he has started to suspect me by now." 

   "You did? Really? Well as far as I'm aware, you don't actually see eye to eye with the Lu family, anyway. I don't think it matters nor will it make a difference if you offended Sean." Jacob calmly answered while keeping his gaze fixated ahead, his face bland of all expressions. 

   "How could you say that?" Vedder wasn't affected by Jacob's nonexistent display of expressions. He was only concerned about the results. He continued as if Jacob didn't say anything, "So, will you be needing my help for the next mission? You provided me with quite enough anyway. It's sufficient and I would be able to help you. I could dispense you with what you need."  

"Thank you but I don't think I'll be needing it anymore." Jacob rubbed his sore temples. He kept thinking about that young girl. He couldn't get her out of his head.    

Though he knew it was impossible, he desperately wished that that young girl was actually Emily. He longed for her to have lived a happy and carefree life. She deserved much more than just to leave this world.   

 But he knew what he was thinking was illogical, because Emily was a twenty-seven year old woman and the girl he just saw was merely a teenager. She would not just suddenly turn and look like that of a fifteen-year-old girl. All things considered, unless there was a medicine that could turn your age and appearance around...    

Hold up! Wait... Medicine?!  

Wasn't Sean a crazy guy who liked to meddle and perform out of this world experiments? So if he actually succeeded in developing this kind of medicine, it would make sense for him to apply this on Emily! It wouldn't be impossible for Sean to go to this extreme length to make Emily unrecognizable!  

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