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Season 7

Episode 46

(Men are all ungrateful)

Emily took a couple of deep breaths to counter the sudden flush that appeared on her face, but her cheeks were still a bit warm. She didn't know what else to say, but this silly man managed to make her feel both angry and amused at the same time.    

"Tell me, did you do that on purpose or not?" she asked.   

 Jacob looked at Emily with an innocent expression, "What does 'on purpose' mean?"    

Emily smacked him upside the head and explained to him in a tone she would use on a child. "You are behaving like a hoodlum! Do you know what a hoodlum is? A person who does bad things!"   

 Finally having understood what Emily was trying to say to him all along, Jacob shook his head up and down repeatedly. "I don't want to be a bad guy. No one likes a bad guy."  

"That's right! I don't like bad guys!" Emily nodded gravely, and ran her finger over her lips subconsciously. It was like she could still feel his fingers brushing her soft lips. 

   She emphasized, "Especially bad guys who like to behave like hoodlums! Do you understand me?"    

"Got it." Jacob nodded with an apologetic expression and took a furtive glance at her beautiful lips again, then he whispered to her, "I just wanted to taste the cream on your lips, but I didn't intend to behave like a hoodlum."   

 "That does not make it okay, either!" 

Emily snorted angrily. "Do you know that if you eat other people's saliva, you will become stupid? You are already stupid enough. Do you want to be even more stupid?"    

"No, I don't want to be stupid." Jacob was aware of his lack of intelligence, so he eagerly tried to be smart. But he didn't realize that he wasn't going to become smart overnight. "Dear sister, you snort like a piggy."  

Emily had no words.    

Was that all he took from their conversation? Was that it?    

"Hmph!" Emily snorted again and then she drove him away. "If you can't figure it out why I am angry at you, then maybe you shouldn't come here with me again."

    Jacob was heartbroken. Although, he took a whole day to contemplate why Emily was mad at him, he still couldn't figure it out. However, it did not stop him from learning to admit his mistakes and act like a spoiled child.    

Although, there were certain things he still needed to learn, he could see the benefits that his handsome face brought him.  

Just as he had expected, when he apologized to Emily and owned up to his mistake she forgave him, albeit, reluctantly, and warned him not to pull anything like that again.    

Jacob made sure to keep it in mind that Emily didn't like it when someone tried to taste her saliva, but she didn't mention that she didn't like it when someone tasted her lips.   

 He badly wanted a taste of her lips, even just one small lick. They were definitely softer and smoother than cream and sweeter than candy.   

 All he could think of was tasting her luscious lips.    

Jacob agreed to live in the villa house upon Emily's insistence. Perhaps it was because his handsome face, soon the voice of opposition waned.    

At first, Jacob spent most of his time in the room because of his treatment, so there weren't any maids that had seen his face properly except for those who took care of him specifically. Then, after Jacob was a little better, he followed Emily all day long, so no one paid attention to his looks.  

Lately, however, since Emily made it compulsory, Jacob was often taken out to bask or exercise under the sun.    

The man looked incredibly attractive under the rays of the sun. He had thick, lustrous black hair. His eyes were two mesmerising black orbs in which flecks of silvery light performed dances. His face was strong and defined, as though his features were moulded from granite by the Gods.    

As he stood there the sun, the golden light accentuated his toned muscles even more. One look and women swooned at the sight of him and one smile from lips had them all flushing shades of red.    

Certainly, it would be more perfect if he didn't talk.  

"Dear sister, here's a worm! Come here quickly and take a look."    

"Dear sister, here's a flower for you."    

"Dear sister, I want a hug."    

The maids and bodyguards didn't know what to make of him.    

None of them knew how to react to a grown man, in his late twenties, running around like a child after their mistress, who was clearly a lot younger than him.  

  'My dear Miss Cloris, were you sure that you really didn't take advantage of the man on his seniority just because he didn't remember anything?'    

What a pity! How could this good-looking man be so stupid?    

All the maids sighed in resignation. They felt sorry for Jacob, so they stopped mistreating him like they used to. They slowly opened up to him and even started talking to him.  

As a result, Jacob started to apply himself more and got busy with things during the day. Sometimes a maid would ask him to hand over the broom, or do some gardening. Eventually he got quite busy doing chores around the villa all day.    

This displeased Jacob, as it left him no time to play with Emily anymore.    

He could not understand why the maids occasionally made eyes at him, but he noticed that they were intentionally taking up more of his time with every chance they got.   

 One of the maids told him that if he had to stay in the villa, he would have to pull his weight. The maid had him believe that their mistress would despise him if he were a freeloader. Therefore, he would have to work hard to earn his staying there.    

Jacob didn't want to be a freeloader person nor did he want to be loathed by Emily, so he had to be patient and help the maids with their work.  

Soon, the maids finally understood why their mistress allowed this man to stay at the villa. They concluded that it had to be his handsome face because it had the ability to please people with just one look.   

 Jacob's handsome face could take away their weariness when they worked.    

Eventually, Emily sensed that something was going on in the villa behind her back.

 'I wonder what's happened. Why did that man stop coming to see me?'    

She secretly observed him carefully and realized that Jacob had been helping to boost everyone's spirit in the villa over the past few days. What a silly man! It was as though he was their golden retriever.    

The maids had become a lot more friendlier with him and some even made eyes at him, but it was a pity that the old fool couldn't see what was going on. In his innocence, he thought that maybe there was something wrong with their eyes.  

Everyone's smile stiffened when they saw Emily.    

Needless to say, she wasn't happy to see this. 'You fool! So you're bold enough to ignore me and replace me with these other girls?'   

 "Seventh is my little brother! Who allowed you to dump all the work on him? If you enjoy being lazy so much, maybe you all should go back home." 

Emily spoke gently, with a sweet tone, but the anger in her eyes was undeniable.    

The maids felt guilty for using Jacob and they sincerely begged for Emily's forgiveness. "Sorry, Miss Cloris. We know we were wrong to do so and we promise it will never happen again."    

Emily sneered and dismissed them. She then walked forward to Jacob and asked, "Seventh, are you a fool?"  

Seventh was the name she had given to him because he had no recollection of his past memories and he couldn't remember his name. She gave him a simple name so she wouldn't have a problem addressing him. It just so happened that it was the seventh day of the month when she picked up this man. 

So she named him Seventh just for convenience.    

Jacob understood that she was mad at him so he lowered his head and stood there in silence.    

"No? So you wanted to help them? Why? Do you want to impress them? Out of expectation, you big fool had this kind of idea. Ah, men are all ungrateful!" The more Emily thought about it, the angrier she was. But she didn't know why she felt so robbed, as if someone had taken something belonged to her and used it without her consent.    

She was not someone who would use something that had been used by others.    

But Jacob was not a thing. He was a human being. She couldn't just throw him away, could she? After all, she was the one who brought him back and promised to keep him safe.  


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