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 Season 7

Episode 41

(The truth)

Emily chose several participants as her bodyguards, including the man with the silver mask.    

Sean frowned when he saw her choose the man, but he said nothing about it.    

On the first day when her new bodyguards came to work, she noticed something strange. She asked, "Where is the man with the silver mask?"    

The bodyguards offered no answers but looked at each other nervously.    

Sean calmly answered, "His wife is about to give birth, so he went back home to look after her."    

"What?" She would never have expected this was the reason. Her eyes widened with astonishment and she asked, "He... he is married?"    

He nodded and said, "Yes, my dear."  

She replied in low voice, "Well."    

Her heart was confused. The man with the silver mask had given her a sense of familiarity, as if she had known him from a long time ago.    

She had chosen him as bodyguard to increase the chances that she might see his real face. It was her hope that once she saw his face, she might remember what made him feel so familiar to her. 

   Emily would have never expected that he was married and had an unborn child.  

  The sprout of her secret emotion disappeared before she even noticed it. 

   Looking at her contemplative and absentminded expression, Sean smiled with quiet pleasure.    

She was unaware that the man she was thinking about had actually been imprisoned and was being tortured by Sean in the basement.  

Sean came down to the dark and humid basement after he ensured Emily was asleep. He looked at the man who had competed in the silver mask. He was badly injured but still prideful.   

 Looking at his familiar face, Sean sneered, "Jacob, you really have some balls to come here!"    

"Why shouldn't I?" Jacob raised his head.

 His handsome face was bruised and blood painted his clothes with crimson undertones. Although he was weak now, his gaze was razor sharp as he looked up at Sean. Swallowing heavily, he asked, "Sean, is that girl... Is that girl Emily?"   

 Instantly change flashed in Sean's eyes, and he sneered defensively, "You're blind if you can't see that she is only a teenage girl. Not even 18 years old yet."    

Jacob fixed his eyes on him and said, "Yes, she certainly looked like only a little girl. But I can tell she is Emily. What the hell did you do to her? Why has she lost her memory? Why did her appearance change?"  

"You are being so ridiculous!" Jacob's words haunted Sean with the crippling feeling of guilt. His only defense was to keep calm and look at Jacob as if he were the raving lunatic. Sean argued, "Do you really think that I have some magic powers? That I can turn an adult woman into a little girl? Emily is dead! It was your carelessness that killed her! Why are you still here after her death? Why didn't you follow her in death?"   

 Every word of his sentences was fashioned into a knife, aimed straight at Jacob's heart. This pain would kill him just as readily as the bleeding wounds on his body would.    

"Will you swear that the girl is not Emily?" Jacob countered.    

"Why should I? It does not matter to me whether she is Emily or not. What I want is a substitute for Cloris. I don't care who that substitute is."  

"Really? Then why are you so nervous about my being here? If she was only a substitute, you would have no necessity to tie me up down here."   

 Jacob had intentionally fallen into Sean's trap. Of course he had the ability to get out of this trap, but first he wanted to take advantage of it to get the truth from Sean.   

 Catching the instant flash of temperament change in Sean's face, Jacob continued pressing for the truth. "I don't believe that she is Emily in the first place. After all, she looks to be only around fifteen. But I've mailed one of her hairs, which I found in the castle, back home. The hair will tell me the truth. I have ordered them to use the hair to compare for maternity against my daughter's DNA."    

"Damn it!" Enraged Sean finally lost his calm. He angrily stabbed a knife into Jacob's chest as he yelled, "Go to hell! Jacob! Nobody can take her away from me! Nobody!"  

The pain was excruciating, but soon delight overwhelmed the agony as Jacob thought happily, 'She is Emily! I knew it!' 

But he could not figure out what Sean had done to her that would prompt such drastic changes.    

There was no maternity test at all. It was only a trick Jacob played to fool Sean. 

But he hadn't expected that Sean would lose control and admit the truth at all. 

That Sean would actually stab Jacob had come as an unplanned surprise, certainly.    

"You said you only want a substitute for Cloris, right? But why Emily? There are lots of girls who look like your sister if you want a substitute. I can find you a girl who nearly looks the same as her. 

Just give Emily back to me!" Jacob yelled then, choking on the blood that was filling his mouth.    

"No fucking way! She's mine!" Sean screamed angrily.    

Taking hold of the knife Sean pulled the weapon free. Black rage filled his eyes, and he desired to tear Jacob up right then. Though he wanted to do such a bloody thing, he had not done so for a long time, and his scruples stopped him from doing so at the moment.  

So he order one of his subordinates to torture Jacob to death. What he wanted was Jacob dying slowly and in great pain. It was the price of his punishment for trying to take Emily away.   

 Sean showered and changed his clothes, then he went back to Emily's room. He gave her a gentle kiss on her sleeping face, which comforted his empty heart.    

He kept thinking about what Jacob had said to him.    

'He's right. There are a lot of girls who look like Cloris, if I want to find a substitute. Emily is just one of them. But why her?    

Because of all my efforts I made for her? Is that why I won't give her up?'  

He knew deep inside that this was not the correct answer. He wanted Cloris and Emily. He wanted both of them in one. 

That was the only way in which they could be the perfect one he needed.    

Nobody could take her away from him. 

Even if death took her from him, she would only rest in peace in his arms.   

 Sean decided to kill Jacob before he caused more trouble.   

 The longer he lived, the more likely he would screw up all Sean's plan one day.  

  The next morning, his subordinate was jittery when he called him, "Sir, that man... He... he ran away! And we can't find him!"    

"What!" Rage burnt in Sean's eyes. If his looks could kill through a telephone, then the subordinate would have been dead right now. Instead Sean yelled, "You losers! Go find him! Now! If none of you bring him back, all of you are dead meat!"  

"Yes, sir!"    

"Why are you so mad, Sean?" Emily asked, as she walked downstairs. Her sleepy voice continued, "What are you looking for?"    

He hung up the phone as soon as he saw her. He regained his usual gentle look and walked towards her. "Just a crazy dog. I'm afraid it could hurt people if we don't put it down as soon as possible. 

That's why I'm so angry."   

 Then he hugged her, walked her down the last stairs, and asked, "Did I scare you?"   

 "Nope!" She looked a little nervous, as she asked, "What should we do? Where is the crazy dog? What if it hurts people, especially kids?"    

"Don't worry about it. I've given the order." Sean seated her at the dining table, placed breakfast in front of her and donned a smile to comforted her. He continued, "The crazy dog is fatally injured. It could not run far. It's just that you'd better not go out for the immediate future."  

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