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 Season 7

Episode 38

(I seem to have met you before)

"Sean probably will not bring his sister back to live here for a while." Vedder shrugged his shoulders in disappointment, assuming Sean must have made such a decision because he didn't want their annoying neighbor to contact Emily. But there was no need to tell Jacob about that right now. He already had a lot on his plate.    

Jacob urged eagerly, "You have to do something. I want to see her."   

 Vedder smiled and assured, "Don't worry. I will keep my word. There will be a banquet in a few days, and the Lu clan will be on the guest list. I'll take you there with me. If you don't want Sean to know, maybe we should make a plan B."   

 Jacob said nothing and there was no emotion to be found on his handsome face, as if it was not him who had lost control due to Vedder's words earlier.  

Vedder's eyebrows furrowed and he felt more curious about their past.    

The Lu family had received the invitation letter for the banquet very early, but Sean did not want Emily to attend the event. 

   For reasons known only to him, not only did he disapprove of Emily being attracted to others, he didn't even want anyone to lay their eyes on her. Among the distinguished guests present at the banquet were the upper echelons of society, learned and talented young individuals who were the celebrated gems of the country. It was hard for Emily to ignore them.    

Sean deviously tried to hide the invitation letter but failed. Once Emily had found it, there was no way stopping her from looking forward to the event and meeting new friends. Besides, she had grown tired of staying at home everyday, she needed a change of scenery.    

Sean couldn't take the risk of exposing his ulterior motives, nor could he resist Emily's spoiled behavior. In the end, he had no choice but to agree.  

In any case, they were in D Country. This was the Lu family's territory.    

Sean would just have to make sure he had his cautious eyes on Emily and not let anyone take advantage of this opportunity.    

Soon, the day of the banquet arrived.    Sean picked out the dress for Emily in person. When he looked at her in the mirror, his eyes and mouth were frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise, and although he was staring straight at Emily he seemed to be lost in deep thoughts.   

 "Cloris, you are so beautiful."   

 "Thank you for saying that." Emily praised him in return, "You look pretty good yourself, my handsome knight in shining armour."  

Smitten by the look on Emily's eyes, Sean started to feel regretful. Now he just wanted to hide her at home and not let anyone see her.    

Damn! What he could do now?    

Sean forcibly suppressed his desires of imprisoning Emily. As the gentle and good brother he was, he took Emily and his parents to attend the banquet.  

  Their arrival attracted everyone's attention, as was expected.    

Emily and Sean looked like couples because their clothes complimented each other, almost as if that was the intention behind it. Their outstanding appearance turned heads wherever they went.  

  "Is that Mr. Lu's new girlfriend? How come we haven't met her before?"   

 "No, she looks too young to be his girlfriend. She is Mr. Lu's sister."  

  "The lady of the Lu family? I don't think I've ever seen her before."  

In fact, apart from the immediate family members of the Lu clan, no one knew about Cloris. People had only heard of the Lu family's precious daughter. 

However, because of her poor health, she hardly went out in public, and as a result not many people had met her before.    

No wonder when the guests saw Emily for the first time, they felt more intrigued and curious to get to know her.   

 Mr. and Mrs. Lu regarded Emily as their own daughter, leading her to meet other elders and other contemporaries at the banquet.    

Sean looked displeased all the while, but there was nothing he could do to stop it.    Emily, on the other hand, was overwhelmed. She had never communicated with so many people at once, but she was very happy because it was a fresh experience for her. Most of the people were kind and friendly due to her status, and she had completely forgotten about her knight.  

Sean felt as though his heart was being dragged through the mud, dejected and unwanted.    

He simply turned around and walked out for a moment for a cigarette and to calm his nerves.    

Mrs. Lu carried on chatting enthusiastically, but after a while Emily started to lose interest in their conversation. She felt like she was going to lose her mind until an unexpected cry from the crowd took her by surprise.   

 Everyone was puzzled at the sudden uproar it caused, but it ended rather sooner than expected.    

"Sorry, I will compensate you for your clothes." For reasons unknown to her, as soon as Emily's brain registered the deep voice, she was lulled by a vague sense of familiarity.  

She scrambled to look for the source of the voice amongst the crowd and when she saw a waiter in a black vest, her body froze on the spot.   

 Who is that man?    

The man had an imposing face, well defined, with a sharp jaw and angular cheekbones. His deep eyes would look beautiful in any shade. From them came an intensity, an honesty, a gentleness like no other. He was handsome from the depth of his eyes to the gentle expressions of his voice. 

  Something flashed momentarily in Emily's mind, but before she could catch it, it disappeared just as quickly and suddenly it had appeared.    

Her intuition was telling her that it must have been something very important.  

  Unfortunately, she couldn't place her finger on it. Her forgetfulness was starting to feel like a burden.  

Emily frowned bitterly, and after talking to Mrs. Lu, she looked for a quiet place to sit and think.   

 "Miss, would you like some wine?" That voice. That captivating voice grabbed hold of her senses again.  

  Emily turned around and when she saw the handsome face of the waiter, she felt a sense of belonging and familiarity that gave her comfort. "No, thank you. I am not old enough to drink yet."   

 The waiter looked at her in silence. 

There were many strong feelings hidden in his dark eyes that kept surging but soon those feelings returned to silence.

 "Miss, I feel like I've met you somewhere before?"   

 Emily was taken by surprise. She smiled back and said, "Are you hitting on me? 

My brother is around here somewhere. If he finds out that you've been hitting to me, he will break your legs."  

  "I never hit on anyone." The waiter said expressionlessly.  

When Emily saw the light of his charming face dim down, she felt uncomfortable for having been so harsh, so she tried to lighten his mood.    

"I'm kidding. Are you okay? I saw you ran into some trouble earlier."    

She changed the topic thoughtfully.    The waiter shook his head. "It's okay. I just poured the drinks on the guests accidentally."    

"Wow. That must have been angered them." Emily brushed it off thinking that it wasn't a big deal, but when she put herself in his shoes, she could not help worrying. "Did they give you a hard time because of it? Do you have enough money on you? Will it be enough to compensate for their clothes?"    

The waiter nodded politely, "Sure."    

"Okay, that's good." Emily didn't what was it that made her feel bad for that man. 

Perhaps it was his sorrowful eyes. "Try to be more careful next time. Let me pay the damages this time."  

Feeling embarrassed, the waiter frowned and lowered his head. Emily was at a loss. "Did I say something to offend you?  

  I hope I didn't hurt your feelings."   

 "No, it's just that you are so kind. I don't come across people like you in my life everyday." The waiter straightened his stance and said, "I'll be careful next time."    

After all, Jacob was not accustomed to doing service work, after having spent many years in a high position. He was bound to make a few mistakes here and there.   

 He condescended to see her merely.    

Jacob began to feel doubtful again. He could feel Emily's essence from the girl, but her young appearance verified that she was too young to be his Emily.  

He finally understood why Vedder was surprise when he heard that Miss Lu could be his dead wife.

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