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 Season 7

Episode 32

(Dream come true)

Emily regarded him with a bemused expression.    

Seeming not to care, Sean helped her dress. His intentions appeared pure and free of evil thoughts. The soft clothes swaddled her remarkably unblemished skin, and the whole process seemed to be holy and pure.    

She looked like a 16-year-old girl again. 

The incident hadn't cost Emily her enviable beauty, on the contrary, she was at her best. Her skin was bright and tender. Age had apparently been kind to her and it didn't leave its malevolent traces on her.    

Credit was also due to the powerful drug that Sean had invented. At first he hadn't trusted the drug, so he had run human trials and other clinical studies to ensure that it was completely save for humans. 

Once he felt secure in the knowledge that it would not harm her, he had given the drug to Emily.  

She was reborn, completely rejuvenated from head to toes. Every part of her was new.    

She had become the 16-year-old Cloris again.   

 The powerful drug had some side effects. These included complete amnesia. Upon waking, she had forgotten everything, becoming like a newborn baby again. For Sean this was not a side effect though, as he wanted her to forget her past and rely completely on him.    

"It is okay. I will help you remember. It will take us some time, but we will get there eventually."   

 He took good care of her. Like a parent, he dressed her gently and helped her stand. With his support she walked from the room.   

 The sky was clear and blue, the sunlight dazzling. And from time to time, one could hear birds singing in the trees. Everything was perfect.  

Emily didn't seem to like the sunlight and buried her head against Sean's chest. It must have been too bright for someone who had just woken up.   


Her subconscious move pleased Sean and he rubbed her back tenderly. Aware that she might feel overwhelmed, he whispered in her ear, "Hey, don't worry. I've got you. You need some sunlight, or you might develop a calcium deficiency."

    Sean didn't know if Emily understood him, but she calmed down at his tone. 

She twined her arms about his neck, as if she was seeking security with him.  

His heart melted when he saw her like that. Honestly, she had momentarily become unreal to him, and he happily indulged himself in this fantasy.    

This day had been a dream for years, and now his dream had finally come true.  

His heart had always been empty. Not knowing what love was, nor how to love someone, Sean had buried himself in his research. Now, however, he was complete as his heart filled with the softness of Cloris' presence.   

'Cloris, my Cloris...'    

Half a year, not too long, nor too short.

    In that time, Emily had suffered greatly. 

Death and her torture at the hands of Tina had almost broken her. Unable to stand it, she had leaped into the sea and the raging tidal wave had swept her away. Fortunately, Sean and one of his underlings had hidden on one of Jacob's boats.    

Without them, Emily would have been dead. They saved her and secreted her away. But Jacob couldn't reconcile himself to her death and he wanted her back. Even if it was just her body. So Sean had brought him her twin sister.  

  Yes, Emily had a twin sister. Mrs. Tao had given birth to twin girls, but one was born dying. 

The doctor who delivered the babies was afraid that he might need to take responsibility for that. To cover his shame he abandoned that baby, and told them that there was only one baby.  

The baby who stayed was Emily. The Bai couple managed to switch the babies and she became one of the Bai's. The abandoned child was adopted by an ordinary family, and despite the doctor's misgivings, she became a normal girl. 

   Sean discovered the secret by accident. He had then spent 500, 000 dollars to buy her. This poor girl finally ended up dying for Emily. 

To ensure that the ploy was plausible he had gone to great lengths to ensure that this girl looked exactly like Emily, down to her scars. She was a carbon copy of Emily.    

Indeed, no one would even question her real identity after thorough examination.   
 The only one who knew about the twins was Sean, but of course he wouldn't tell. Years later, the secret would be buried and finally rot with him. The world would never know the truth.  

Using his chip technology, he transplanted Cloris' memory into Emily's brain. She would now remember everything that had happened to Cloris. From the inside to the outside, she was now his Cloris.    

After all these years, Cloris was finally all his. Now she would never rejected him, or betray him, or leave him. He owned her!    

How sweet it was!    

He held her and guided her steps around the sunlit garden.    

Her arms remained locked tightly about his neck. They passed by the rose bushes, where the roses were in full bloom. Attracted by these beautiful flowers, she reached out and tried to pick some roses just as a child would.    

"Don't! The thorns will hurt you." Protective of her, he didn't allow her to touch the flowers. Instead, he asked the maid to pick a rose and removed the thorns for her.  

Emily loved the rose. She smelled it over and over again. The fresh smell pleased her. 'Flowers! This smell belongs to flowers! I love it!' she thought.   

 With his eyes resting on her serene face, he felt himself bathe in tenderness just by being near her. His habitual expression changed then and suddenly his melancholy disappeared.   

 Moments later, she became tired of the rose, and started to wonder what it tasted like. So she put several of the petals into her mouth.   

 "This is not for eating." He notice her action and quickly took the rose from her hands. He pinched her cheeks gently and pulled the petals out of her mouth. "Are you hungry? But roses are not for eating.

 Here, let's go and get some real food."  

"Hmmm..." she didn't really know how to speak, as she had forgotten everything she knew.    

He didn't feel anxious at all. He would have plenty of time to restore her memory of Cloris and teach her everything she needed to know.  

On the dinning table, there were several dedicate, readily digestible liquid foods. 

   Having slept for such a long time, she had been kept on intravenous nutrition.

He feared that she would not be able to consume other foods so soon after waking, so he only allowed her to take some liquid foods. Once her stomach became strong again, he would allow her to discover all the foods possible and sate her appetite on delicacies.    

Sean set her down on a chair, took up a bowl and fed her himself. It was not possible for him to run out of patience with her.    

She was quite excited about the food, but he stopped feeding her very soon, not wanting her to gorge and suffer indigestion.    

Unhappily she pointed at the bowl and wailed to show her discontent.   

 He stroked her hair affectionately and comforted her gently, "You can't eat more right now. Tomorrow. We can still have more tomorrow."  

Becoming upset she tried to take the bowl from him. Sensing what she planned, he hugged her tightly to cut off any further protests. "You really want some more? Okay. If you call me 'dearest brother', then I might make an exception."    

She stared at his mouth as he spoke, but soon became impatient. She didn't understand him. Growing tired of his words, she slapped him through his face.    

Since she was so weak, the slap didn't hurt at all. Smiling, he held her hand, and said, "Nice! You still know how to hit people, huh?"    

"Mmmmmm..." she muttered angrily.    

While he held her, he pinched her cheek and pulled her face towards him, as he enunciated every word carefully, "Come on. Call me brother."    

She kept her eyes averted and didn't say a word.  

Ever patient he repeated, "Dear brother."    After several attempts, she managed a sound, "What?"    

'What?' he burst into laughter as he thought about it, 'This girl is taking advantage of me!'   

 Again, he pinched her check and repeated one more time, "Come on, say brother."   




He pretended to be angry, stopped and looked at her grimly before starting to eat. As for Emily, she could only watch him eating, which really pissed her off, "Want..."    

This was the second word she said.   

 He kept ignoring her. The food was almost gone, and she seemed to become more anxious, "Bro... brother!"  

Heart lurching, his eyes lit up with enjoyment.

'Yes! That's it, my dear Cloris'

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