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 Season 7

Episode 29

(Overwhelming sorry)

Jacob lay on a big soft bed covered with roses, holding the stiff corpse tightly in his arms, and the pitch-dark muzzle accurately pointed to his temple. He was just a pull of the trigger away from reuniting with the love of his life...  

  'Pull the trigger, and then I can meet Emily in the next world.'    

"Daddy! Daddy!" Beryl's helpless and desperate cry suddenly echoed in his ears.    

Jacob froze for a moment, assuming that he had been hallucinating. 'How could Beryl be here? She's supposed to be in David's home, isn't she?'    

"Daddy! Daddy! I want my mommy!" 

Beryl's voice became clearer, and with it came the sound of tiny footsteps.    

Jacob's heart felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to it, which made his chest tremble, and so did the hand that was holding the gun.  

How could he have no thought of their daughter?   

 What would Beryl do if he had died as well?    

She would lose both of her parents, orphaned at a young age, just like repeating Jacob's miserable childhood of being bullied and mistreated by people.    

Although, David and Rita were more than reliable enough to leave Beryl in their care, how would the rest of the world look at her? How harrowing and heartbreaking would it be for such a young child to lose both of her parents all of a sudden?    

"Emily..." He reached out and stroked the pale face of the dead body. His eyes had gone red and dry from crying but he still had so much sorrow inside of him. "How do I tell her? Beryl is going to be devastated to hear that her mother is no more... Just as devastated as I am, without you..."  

Why? Why did God treat him like this?    From the first time he had laid eyes on her until the very last, all he ever wanted was to be with Emily. He just wanted to build a world around her and their family together. It wouldn't matter even if he had no money or wealth. He would trade away all his possession as long as he could have his life back with her.   

 'Just don't take her away...'    

Only in her presence he could feel like a real person. She always managed to bring out the best in him. Without her, there was no difference between being alive and being dead.    

"Bang-bang!" Loud knocks at the door broke his thoughts. Muffled words, coupled with the sound of a weeping girl drilled into his heart over and over again. 

"Daddy! I want my mommy! I want to see her!"  

Then came the anxious voice of the butler. "Miss Beryl. You can't go in here! Please listen to me! Come on! I'll take you to eat something!"    

"No! I am not going anywhere until I see my mommy and daddy! Why are you keeping me from my mommy and daddy? Aren't you supposed to be the good guys? I have to see them. I don't want to live in someone else's home anymore! I want to go back to my own home! To my own parents!"   

 "Miss Beryl, Miss Beryl..."    

"Open the door quickly! I'm going in... Uncle David, will you open the door for me? I beg of you, please..."    

David felt a dull pain in his heart when he saw the little girl, imploring to him and weeping profusely. Finding it hard to refuse Beryl, David kicked the door open.


"Don't come in!" A hoarse voice from inside the room warned David.   

 David covered Beryl's eyes the moment he saw what had happened in the room. "Don't look,"  he said.    

But Beryl couldn't contain herself anymore and she desperately tried to push his hands aside. "Mommy! Where is my mommy? Daddy! Daddy!" she cried.    David immediately took her to the butler.

 "Get her out of here quickly. Don't let anyone enter this room!"   

 Suffice it to say, the butler was also perturbed by what he had seen. However, he responded reliably, as he carried Beryl in his arms and walked out of the room even though she kicked and screamed.  

  As soon as the door was shut, David sprang up to his feet, grabbed the gun from Jacob's hand, and dragged him out of the bed. "Jacob, what the hell do you think you are doing? Are you crazy?" He shook Jacob by the shoulders. "Have you lost your mind?" David couldn't believe his eyes.  

Jacob seemed to have lost all his strength. "I know,"  he replied in a voice that was completely bereft of hope.    

"Damn it!" David lost his temper and delivered a right hook to Jacob's face. "What the hell is the matter with you? I swear if you kill yourself, I'm going to throw your daughter into the streets and let her live like a beggar for the rest of her life!"    

"You won't." Jacob's face was bloody and swollen, but he didn't care. "You and Rita will treat Beryl as your own daughter. You will bring her up right and be the kind of parents she deserves..." It seemed as though he wasn't only saying this to David, but to himself as well. 

   "The hell I will be!" David was so angry and shocked to see the despair in Jacob that he tried to beat it out of him. "You are going to raise your own daughter! 

Don't think you can just walk away from that responsibility. Do you hear me? I assure you as soon as you end your life, I will kick Beryl out of my house and send her on her way to fend for herself."  

"How dare you!" Perhaps this was David's plan all along. Thanks to his hurtful words, Jacob finally came back to life.    

However, David wanted him to snap out of his depressive state, so he went on provoking him. "I will not only abuse your daughter but also supervise your afterlife. I will bury Emily in the south, and you in the north, so as to keep you two apart even in death."    

"How dare you!" Jacob was one hair away from snapping.  

  He wanted to commit suicide so he could be with Emily forever. But it would be pointless if they wouldn't even be buried together!    

David deliberately said in an arrogant tone, "Let's wait and see whether I am speaking the truth or not!" In any case, you will be dead, and you won't be able to stop me! I'll do whatever I want..." 


Before he finished his words, Jacob got up suddenly, like a cheetah, and pounced on him, throwing one punch after another.    

"You're fucking kidding me!"    

Jacob rained down his fists and pummelled David to the ground until he spat blood. Once the demon inside Jacob was summoned, there was no way to defeat him.   

 David paid dearly for the violence he had just incited!    

David tried to fight back. But still, by the time Jacob was done with him he was lying on the ground, half dead. Jacob was no better. Blood seeped beneath his skin, ribs fractured. His swollen face was hardly recognizable.  

He conjured whatever strength he had left to stand up and walk to the bed. He cast his sight at the inanimate body on the bed, and held her in his arms.    

"Sorry, I shouldn't have fought in front of you... But I just lost my temper. David was being an asshole. He said he'd abuse our daughter. He said he'd bury us separately after death..."   

 The sight of his best friend holding and talking to a cold dead body broke David's heart.    

If only there was something he could do to ease his friend's pain.   

 Soon came the feeling of overwhelming sorrow, like a huge net, wrapping him up, making it impossible for him to escape.    
David was glad that he left Rita back at home or she would have surely cried herself to death at the sight of this room.  

  Jacob was not even half the man he used to be.  

There was no doubt that Jacob and Emily loved each other deeply. After all the ups and downs they had weathered together, the hardships only strengthened their love for each other. But then why did God deprive them of happiness? Why couldn't he give them a happy ending?  

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