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 Season 7

Episode 28

(Let's get married)

"That's enough! Shut up!"    

Jacob's eyes turned crimson, like a raging animal. He slammed Sam to the ground, then wrapped his hands around Sam's neck, choking him as he fought to breathe.    

Jacob had regained all the memories of his past.    

All the memories he and Emily shared together appeared vividly in his mind. He remembered all the sacrifices she had made for him, and all the pain he had brought her.    

If he had remembered sooner, Emily would not have been deceived by Sean and then kidnapped by Tina. Emily's torture was a result of a chain of events, at the top of which was Jacob. If it weren't for his mistakes, she would still be here.  

"Emily is just missing. She is still alive! 

This is not her body. Don't lie to me!" 

Jacob loosened his grip around Sam's neck and then screamed ferociously, "Throw away all these unknown corpses!"    

Sam's face changed at once, and he yelled, "No! Don't do this, sir! This is Miss Emily! You can't do this to yourself!"    

"Shut up! This is not Emily! If you say that again, I will kill you!" Jacob screamed.    The butler rushed to Jacob and reported, while still fearing for his life. "Sir, the Tao Family is here. They are here to... They want to take the body back with them." 

   "Tell them to get the hell out of here!"  

  Sam coughed and then deliberately suggested, "Sir, since you are sure that this is not Miss Emily, why not just let them take it back with them?"    

When Jacob sensed the sarcasm in Sam's words, his eyes widened and he raised his fist towards Sam. The other subordinates around Jacob rushed to stop him as soon as they saw the rage beast come out again.  

"Calm down, sir! Sam is not thinking straight right now! Don't listen to him! We all believe in what you're saying!"   

 "Yes, sir! Please calm down, Mr. Jacob. Sam won't make it if you kept hitting him."    

"Sam! Keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you!"    

Sam ignored them, however, and continued his insistence, "Why don't you just let them take the body? Why? Because deep down you also know the truth, sir. You know that this is, in fact, Miss Emily. After all, no one knows Miss Emily better than you in the whole world.

 You know her so well that you don't even need to see the DNA report."    

Sam respected Emily and he wished for her and his boss to be together forever. 

Nobody expected that it would all come to this after all the difficulties they had gone through.  

There was no way to run away from the truth even if Jacob lied to himself.    

All Sam could hope for now, was to give Emily a decent funeral. She was a wonderful woman who had always been kind to him when she was alive. She deserved a proper farewell ceremony instead of being displayed like she was right now.    

This was a disgrace to her memory.  

  Sam's words felt as though someone had poured down a bucket of icy cold water on Jacob's heart and extinguished his burning rage. Like an inanimate statue, Jacob stood there paralyzed from the neck up.    

The others slowly took their hands off Jacob and backed down.    

The dead silence in the room suffocated everyone, but none of them dared to break the silence.   

 Jacob slowly walked to the dead body, which covered with a white cloth, with heavy steps. When he stood beside the corpse, he tardily knelt down.  

Soon, the only ones in the room were Jacob and the dead body.    

The eerie calmness of Jacob's disposition was poles apart his previous madness. Once again, as always, he hid his anxiety under a mask of arrogance and callousness. And his momentary lapse of sanity was cast aside as though it were a false illusion.    

Jacob slowly lifted the white cloth, revealing a swollen face washed up by the sea. But the face vaguely resembled Emily's facial features.    

"Who are you?    

You are not Emily, right?"    

Jacob said to himself, under his breath. He picked up the envelope from the table and ripped it to shreds. He pulled out the DNA report inside the envelope and read word for word carefully.   

 "Why does it say it's you?" Jacob could not figure it out. He frowned, distressed, and said, "Why? The result says the probability of parentage is typically 99.99%?  

 That's impossible!"   

 A drop of tear escaped his eyes and fell on the report.    

More teardrops followed the first and    Jacob clenched the report paper in his hand. Then he sank to his knees and cried hysterically like a person drained of all hope. Like an abandoned child, his wails echoed. "Emily! Emily!"   

 He desperately kept calling her name, but even though his throat was running dry, there was still no response.    Emily was dead.    

The muffled sobs wracked against his chest and he held the dead body in his arms, trying to warm the cold and stiff corpse before him.    

It felt like someone had reached down his throat and pulled his heart out. 

Feelings of great sadness, fashioned like a knife, cut him up from within. The pain was so sharp that he almost blacked out.  

But he somehow managed to fight off the pain.    

He could clearly feel how the pain was consuming him and slowly forcing him to acknowledge the death of his lover.    'My love, you must have been in a lot of pain when you died, right?'    

Even before she died, she suffered through Tina's torture. It must have been so unbearable that she decided drowning at sea would be far better than going through so much pain. Jacob couldn't even begin to imagine how desperate she must have been to choose such a fate.   

 'I have failed you. Time and time again, I have failed you.    

I couldn't save you when you needed me the most.    

Now that you're gone, what am I still doing here?'  

Every single beat of his heart was for Emily and now that she was gone, there was no purpose for it to beat anymore.

    "Emily, don't worry!" Jacob lowered his head and leaned forward to gently kiss the lifeless lips. Sorrow filled his eyes and he whispered, "I'll be with you soon, my love. Just wait for me!"   

 He carried the body upstairs and strode into her room. He gently placed her on the bed and opened the closet to carefully pick out clothes for her.   

 "Do you like this dress? It's the red one. I think it would look good on you. This purple one is great too. But..."   

 Jacob conversed with the corpse as if she was still alive. Finally, he picked the red dress. After changing her into the red dress he picked out some jewelries for her. He even brushed her hair and tied her hair up into a bun.   

 "You look so beautiful,"  Jacob said, as he looked at her affectionately. Soon after, he changed into a suit and put on a tie and even some perfume.  

Her red dress and the red rose petals, scattered on the bed, formed a breathtakingly beautiful sight. Jacob stroked her pale face with one hand, and in the other he held a gun. He waved the gun playfully and said, "Emily, you look stunning today. Let's get married now. 

What do you say?" Jacob regretted not throwing her a grand wedding before she died. But none of that mattered now. 

They were finally going to have their wedding today. As the vows said—for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until they are parted by death, but today not even death could keep them apart. They were to be together, forever and ever.  

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