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 Season 7

Episode 23

(We will see who is faster)

Tina yanked the chain with such suddenness that she almost pulled Emily's arms out of their sockets. Having lost her balance, Emily fell straight to the ground and got half-dragged by Tina.   

 "Emily, look at yourself! Look at you grovelling at my feet! You look like a dog right now,"  Tina taunted as she bent down to look at Emily.    

Tina enjoyed seeing Emily like that. She hadn't felt this happy in a quite a while. 

Watching Emily agonize in pain had been the sole driving force of her life. 

  Emily almost fainted due to the bruises and cuts all over her body. She tried to get up but the handcuffs were making things really difficult for her. Before she could regain her balance to stand up, Tina quickly fastened the chain to the rail of the ship and kicked Emily overboard. 

 Before Emily could realize what had happened, she was hanging from the rails, barely holding on.    

The salty sea water rushed into her ears, her nose, and all the wounds on her body. The excruciating pain seared through her body and she didn't have any strength left in her to swim in the water. 

Emily couldn't put up much of a struggle before she gave in and went under water.    

Soon the oxygen deprivation took away Emily's thoughts. When she could no longer hold her breath, the water rushed in and all illusions of surviving had left her. Her heart was beating rapidly in panic. The urgency for air was more apparent than ever as she opened her mouth, gasping for air. She could feel herself fading slowly and darkness began to seep in at the edge of her vision.    

Just as she was about to embrace the darkness and suffocate to death, Tina suddenly pulled the chain on her feet and got her out of the water. Emily's head bobbed up and down and her lungs desperately screamed for oxygen. Finally she was able to breathe in some air before she heaved and threw up.  

Soon, along with sea water she started to cough up red. It was her blood. Her blood spread around her, possibly attracting predatory fishes in the sea.    

"Oh! How disappointing! I thought you would enjoy the sea and swim freely in it,"  Tina raised her voice at Emily, "I know you are not going to die so easily. So I guess I am just curious to see how long you can survive underwater. Are you ready? Begin your performance, now!"  

  Before Emily could react, Tina pushed her into the water again. Emily was like a circus animal being relentlessly manipulated by its tamer.    

Just as Emily almost lost her consciousness, she was pulled out of the water once again.   

 Tina repeated her torturous experiment a few more times, reveling in Emily's suffering with every chance she got.    

After being subjected to Tina's ruthless abuse, Emily finally lost her consciousness. When Tina realized that Emily had stopped struggling, Tina ordered her men to pull Emily out of the water. By the time they were able to pull Emily aboard, her breathing was alarmingly faint, as if her heart would give out any minute now.  

Tina kicked Emily's lifeless body to see whether she was already dead or not. 

The result was clear. Emily was lying on the deck, completely motionless. "Mark, do you think she's dead?" Tina turned around to Mark.    

"I guess she just fainted. It's no big deal,"  Mark replied after roughly checking up on Emily.   

 Just as Tina was about to say something, she noticed the look of surprise on Mark' face.    

"Look! Another ship is approaching us." Mark whispered and pointed to the direction of that ship.    


Tina's eyes widened with surprise, looking to direction Mark was pointing at. "Guess what? It must be Jacob's ship!

 He's come to save Emily, right?" Tina added. She was so excited by the prospect of seeing Jacob's disappointed face that she couldn't wait to find out the result.   

 In sharp contrast to Tina, Mark frowned and started to worry. He grabbed the telescope and pointed it at the other ship to see who was on board. Seconds later, the pale look on his face confirmed his fears.   

 "It is finally here. It's getting closer and closer to us. The day has finally arrived,"  Mark murmured to himself.   

 Tina didn't know why Mark had such worried look on his face, so she grabbed the telescope from his hand to see what had rendered Mark speechless. When she saw the figure standing on the deck of that ship, her eye-lids stretched wide open. Indeed, It was Jacob! An inexplicable feeling of excitement and nervousness came over her at the sight of Jacob's face.  

"It's him! It's Jacob! Aha! But it's such a pity! He is too late. I'm almost done torturing Emily to death like the dog that she is!" Tina sneered and gloated.    

"Tina! Stop saying that!" Mark warned her immediately, "Don't say that again. Do you know how dangerous that man is? If you tell him the truth, he will definitely kill you. Believe me! I know for a fact that he will do anything for Emily. We'd better avoid to meet him. Let's get out of here while we still can. "    

"Get out of here? No! I am not leaving!" 

Tina said firmly, "I want to see his face as Emily dies in front of him. I want him to taste the pain of losing someone he loves. I am so excited, I can hardly control myself." There was a wild look in her eyes.    

"So you would like to risk your own life just to witness his pain? Are you crazy?

 He will kill you!" Mark warned her again. 

   Although, Mark was afraid that Tina had completely lost her mind, her safety was of paramount importance to him.

  He even started to regret bringing Tina with him in the first place. She must have left clues for Jacob deliberately. How else would Jacob locate them in the middle of the sea so quickly? What the hell was Tina thinking? Mark had meticulously designed everything, but he wasn't expecting Tina to destroy all his plans in one fell swoop.    

"I don't care about my life at all. I don't care whether I live or die! All I want is to see that man's hopeless and desperate face! Can you imagine it? How would he feel to watch the love of his life die in his arms? It will be the most beautiful thing in the world!" A venomous smile appeared on Tina's face.   

 "Tina! Look at you! Have you lost your mind?" Mark tried to reason with her. He shook her shoulder as if that could help her come back to reality. He was mad at Tina for not only ruining his plan but also putting both of their lives in danger.  

  "Mark, don't look so surprised. I have been mentally unstable for a long time. 

This isn't the first time and you know that,"  Tina sneered as she looked into his angry eyes. She put her hands around Mark's neck and kissed him on his face. 

"Why do you worry about me? Oh, I know. You don't want to part with me? I understand. You haven't even tasted me yet. Do you want to have a try? I won't let you down,"  Tina said seductively.  

Tina's teasing words were like fire burning in Mark's heart. He forced himself to control his urges and slapped Tina hard across the face.    

The slap was a loud, open-handed smack that stung her face and left a red welt behind. She staggered backwards, clutching her face, eyes watering.    

The shock of Mark slapping her was more painful than the actual slap itself. 

All her life Mark had been kind to her and he never raised his hand on her.    

She stood there on the spot, frozen, staring at Mark in utter disbelief.    

"Mark, how dare you slap me?" Tina exploded.  

Suddenly, Mark pulled her into his arms and held her so tight that she could hardly breathe.    

"Sorry, Tina. That was impulsive of me. I shouldn't have hurt you,"  Mark apologized sincerely, "Please, forgive me. You should never belittle yourself. 

Promise me that you will cherish your life and you'll stop doing stupid things to yourself!"    

"Let go of me!" Tina struggled in his arms. She ignored his request and tried to push him away. Suddenly, she felt warm drops of water on her neck.    

She froze with astonishment.    

What was that? Tears?    

She looked up at Mark and found tears running down his face. How ridiculous!  

  Why did he care about her so much? A woman like her was not worthy of his tears.  

Mark was the most foolish man in the world!    

"Tina, let's leave here together. We can take the skiff and make our escape. We can leave all of this behind and settle down in a remote place. We can finally start anew and spend the rest of our lives together. Forget everything that has happened. Cast away your personal grudges. What do you say?" Mark begged Tina. He wiped away his tears, nervously hoping that Tina would say, yes.    

When Mark let go of her, Tina pushed Mark away and said, "It's too late for that, Mark."    

Even at the face of imminent death Tina's resolve didn't falter. She was determined to achieve her goals no matter what happened. She would willingly give up everything in her life to see her purpose fulfilled.   

 No one could stop her from doing what she wanted.  

When Mark realized that Jacob's ship was already very close, he closed his eyes and breathed a deep sigh.    

It was too late indeed. Their ship was surrounded by Jacob's men and there was no way for them to get away any more. Within minutes, Tina saw Jacob and his men surrounded their ship.    

"Emily! Where are you?" Jacob whipped his head around, searching every nook and cranny. When he caught sight of Emily lying in a corner, clothes drenched in blood, he cried out in pain. The next moment, Jacob's pain turned into anger as he looked towards Tina with a deadly glare. It was like a vexing of the soul for what Jacob felt was not human, it was twisted and distorted. "Tina!"   

 Jacob's teeth were clenched so tight that he had to squeeze her name out of his mouth. Today, nothing would stop him from ripping that woman to shreds.

    Tina, however, felt nothing. No fear, no remorse, just a general feeling of numbness all over. She looked into Jacob's fiery eyes with an uncanny calmness. It was almost as though she were trying to deliberately provoke him with her arrogance. Tina stepped on Emily's chest and sneered at Jacob, "Mr. Gu, it's been a long time since our last meeting. How have you been?"  

Without a word, Jacob pulled out his gun and aimed it at Tina. Almost at the same time, Mark pointed his gun towards Jacob.   

 Before Jacob could pull the trigger, Tina took a gun out of her pocket and aimed at Emily with an evil smile.    

"Mr. Gu, why don't you shoot me? Are you afraid? Just try it! We will see who is faster." Tina laughed hysterically.  

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