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 Season 7

Episode 20

(Stop doing it)

At the Lu family residence, D Country.   

 Sean was playfully tossing and catching a crystal ball in his hand, with not a care in the world. Soon his eyes lit up with excitement. Perhaps he was thinking of something pleasant.    

All signs showed that he was in a good mood right now.    

Suddenly, the ringing of a telephone with specially designed vintage patterns caught his attention.    

Sean picked up the phone casually, but moments later, his facial expression changed.    

"Sir! Miss Bai hasn't arrived at the appointed place yet..."    

The first thought that popped into Sean's mind was that Emily had seen through his lie.  

Yes, he had lied to her.  

  It was true that Jacob was in a surgery, but he wasn't at Sean's place. Those fabricated words and fake pictures were methods used by Sean to trick Emily.    

When a person cared enough about another person, nothing in the world could keep them calm unless they knew that the person they cared about was safe. As a result, Emily had no choice but to take Sean's word for it.    

But then why did she suddenly break her promise? Did she come to find the truth on her own?    

The fact that she didn't show up at their appointed meeting place wasn't the problem as there were other ways to get her back.    

While Sean was already scheming his next strategy, his subordinate on the phone continued, "Miss Bai was kidnapped by a group of people on the way and we are checking every surveillance cameras..."  

"What? " Bewildered, Sean almost leapt from his seat. His face was stuck in an incredulous expression, and he anxiously said, "And then? Have you found her yet?"    

"Not yet..."   

 "Bang!" Sean dropped the crystal ball from his hand, scattering tiny shards of broken glass as soon as it made contact with the floor. His face darkened and a quiet rage stormed his insides. "I'll be right there."   

 He wanted to see who had the nerve to ruin his plan!    

Meanwhile in M Country, Jacob was just about to go for the surgery when he heard the news of Emily's disappearance. Without a moment's delay, he ripped out all the wires attached to his body and got up to leave.

    The surgeons were dumbstruck with terror, scrambling to stop him from unknowingly harming himself.  

"Mr. Gu, all the preparations for the operation have been made accordingly. Where are you going now?"   

 "I have something important to deal with."    

"Mr. Gu, you have already been given sedatives. You can't leave in this condition! If you don't have the operation as soon as possible, it will cause severe harm to your body."   

 All the doctors and medical staff earnestly persuaded Jacob to stay. Could there even be a more important matter than one's own health?    

However, Jacob didn't have time to make any of them understand his desperation, so he pushed them away and left the hospital immediately.   

 "Get me an air ticket back to Z Country right now! I need the fastest flight out of here!  

 If not, then just ready my private jet!"   

 Jacob reflected on the news he had just heard and his eyebrows frowned menacingly. Burning rage hissed through his body and his fists were clenched so tight his knuckles turned white.  

Emily was nowhere to be found...    

Who could have taken her?    

Whoever it was, Jacob would surely make them pay a high price for pulling something like that on Emily!   


Amongst the gentle waves of the blue sea, a cruise ship glided across the glimmering waters.    

When Emily opened her eyes, she felt a sour pain on the back of her neck, so she wanted to rub it with her hands, when she discovered that both her hands and feet were tied.    

She whipped her head around to see where she was, but nothing about her surrounding felt familiar. Emily felt the soft panic grow and swirl into a vortex inside of her. "Hello? Is anybody there?" 

 As soon as she spoke, she heard the sound of high-heels tapping. Slowly the sound became louder and clearer.    

"Emily, you're finally awake."    

Emily soon realized that she was familiar with this acerbic female voice. When she looked up, she was surprised by how much the woman in front of her resembled her and she suddenly remembered the scenes right before she passed out.  

  "Tina, what the hell do you want from me?"   

 "What do I want? What do you think I want from you?"    

Tina walked towards Emily and looked down on her, then made a dismissive sneer.    

"You ruined my life and took everything away from me. I couldn't even show my face to the world after... What do you think I'm going to do to you?"  

"You brought all the trouble upon yourself."    

Emily showed no signs of fear and she continued, "You have no idea what you have done, do you? You will never be able to atone for the sins you've committed in this lifetime."    

"Sins?" Tina stared at Emily's face with a hateful look in her eyes and said, "Why should I atone for my sins? As far as I am concerned, I haven't done anything wrong. I can do as I wish."    

"Do you really think that the whole world revolves around you?"    

"It should be an honor for the world."   

 "Ridiculous." Emily was in no mood to argue with Tina as it was only a waste of her time. Tina wasn't mentally capable of any constructive arguments.    

"Ridiculous? You have no right to say that to me!" Tina's face darkened. It was clear from her expression that Emily had gotten to her. She leaned close and raised Emily's face by her chin. "What's more ridiculous than dying for a man?"  

"That's none of your business." Emily turned her head away defiantly and said, "Don't touch me."    

Tina's interest seemed to be aroused, "You are sick of being touched by me, aren't you? Too bad, because I am going to touch you. Oh Emily, I am going to touch you in ways you've never been touched. Mark, bring me my tools."    

Before long, Mark brought a box and placed it in front of Tina.    

Tina carefully looked into the box for a while and when she found what she was looking for, an eerie smiled appeared on her face. She held it to the light, a rich mahogany handle and curved blade. 

   Tina followed Emily's eyes and her expression betrayed her. Emily had made the mistake of giving Tina what she wanted.   

 "Why are you looking at me with that kind of expression?" 

"What the hell are you going to do?"    "Isn't it obvious that I brought you here to torture you?" Tina answered in a soft voice, but with a tone of harsh coldness. 

"Mark, please go there and undo her clothes."    

Emily's eyes widened and her face exploded with anger. "Tina, what are you saying? Do you have any idea of what you are doing?"    

The angrier Emily was, the happier Tina felt. "Oh, I assure you. I know what I am doing. So what? You don't want your older brother to undress you, do you? Do you feel ashamed? He'll do it anyway."  

  Tina winked at Mark as she spoke.    Mark stepped forward with a deadpan expression on his face and ripped Emily's clothes off despite her violent resistance.  

Embarrassed and utterly humiliated, Emily was so furious that her body shook like volcano about to erupt. The fact that it was Mark didn't matter as Emily would feel violated if it had been any other man doing this to her.    

"Mark! Stop! Don't! Do you know what you are doing? I'm your younger sister!"    Mark paused for a second. He glanced at Emily once with his dark eyes and answered in an indifferent tone, "Tina is my only younger sister."   

 "Mark, you are a jerk! Why do I have an elder brother like you? You spoil her so much. You make me sick!"    

"I like to do it."   

 Both of Emily's hands and feet were tied, so she couldn't prevent Mark from ripping her clothes off. It only took Mark a few minutes to rip her clothes to shred, revealing her white as snow skin. 

Needless to say, Emily was a complete mess.  

She had never felt so humiliated in her whole life.    

Emily tried hard to hide herself by curling her body, but Tina continued to beat and torture her mercilessly.    

"Where are you trying to hide? Is there any reason why you're still pretending to be a chaste woman? It's just me and Mark here. You don't have to keep pretending. We're the only ones who've seen you, but what if there were other people here? Would you jump into the sea?"    

"Tina, you are so..."    

Emily was so infuriated she couldn't form proper sentences. All the crude and vulgar words in the world were not enough to describe the lunatic in front of her.  

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