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 Season 7

Episode 18

(I'll try my best to get to you)

When the police arrived at the hospital, Jennifer showed resistance, but was soon subdued and taken away in handcuffs. The bloody scene was cordoned off and Mr. Gu was officially pronounced dead.   

 When Magee heard the news, he sighed regretfully. "I thought Mr. Gu would live a little longer, yet he died so casually and unexpectedly."   

 Magee was hoping to get his revenge on Mr. Gu before he had died.   

 Sadly, the opportunity had never presented itself before him. He didn't anticipate Jennifer to be so aggressive. 

   All he did was ask his subordinate to give her some hallucinogenic drugs. The irony was that his plan worked so well he didn't even get the chance to play.   

 The news of Mr. Gu's murder at the hands of Jennifer Jiang soon got to Jacob. His face remained impassive and he showed no position on the matter.  

But deep down in his heart, he thought Mr. Gu died too easily.    

He died too casually.    

The elaborate torture Jacob had planned for him was all for nothing. 

   What a waste!   

 After the death of Mr. Gu, the Gu family essentially went out of business and the storm subsided gradually.    

Even without the Gu clan, Jacob was not a weakling. Even now, no one could defeat him easily. He brought down his righteous hammer on all who tried to retaliate, and thus no one dared to act ravenously.    

Meanwhile, Emily was released from house arrest. Finally she was able to go wherever she pleased.   

 She would have eventually come to realize that what Jacob did was for her own good, but she could not help but be angry at him for not telling her the whole story, and settling the matter in such a rough way.  

Although she was angry at him, she knew that there were far more pressing matters between them that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. But before that could happen, Jacob went abroad with his underlings.    

Apparently, Jacob had urgent business that required his undivided attention.    

Jacob left Emily, without a word, under the watchful eye of his bodyguards, to keep her safe.   

 "Mommy, when will daddy be back? We haven't been out together in a long time,"  asked Beryl as she tugged at Emily's arm.   

 Emily patted her on the head gently and replied, "He'll be back soon."    

In truth, even Emily didn't know when Jacob would be back.  

He had made a habit of keeping things from her.    

He hardly told her anything lately. She was the only one left in the dark.    

Beryl rested her head on Emily's lap and asked, "Mommy? You, daddy and I... We'll all be together forever, right?"   

 Emily didn't know how to answer that question.   

"Of course,"  she replied after some hesitation. Emily closed her eyes and said, "Yes, we will be together forever." It seemed as though she was trying hard to convince herself.    

At night, after putting Beryl to bed, Emily found it difficult to sleep alone in her room. And when she did manage to fall asleep, she had nightmares.    

In her dreams, Jacob came to her, soaking in blood. His mouth opened and closed as if he were calling her name, but his voice had no sound.    

Emily thrashed in her sleep, suffocating, as if something heavy was pressing down on her. She ran towards the man with all her might. As fast as she could. 

 But before she could reach him and touch him, Jacob's figure dissipated like a wisp of smoke...   

 "Jacob! Jacob!"    

Emily let out a cry and woke up from the nightmare, drenched in cold sweat. Even her breathing trembled.   

 Eventually, she calmed down a little. She looked out the window and gazed deep into the moon, not knowing why she had an ominous feeling in her gut.    

Suddenly, her mobile phone rang.    

Startled, Emily's heart thumped and she paused for a while to breathe before answering her phone.    

The voice had a ghostly vibe. "My dear sister, it seems that you are so happy that you've completely forgotten about your brother."  

"Sean, what do you want?" Emily's eyes widened, but her voice was subdued. "What are you trying to do?"   

 "I want to prove presence, of course." Sean's tone was casual and slightly eerie. "Jacob had cut you off from me to keep you safe..."    

"What did you say?" Emily was taken aback. 'How does he know?'    

"What do you think? Jacob is not as stupid as I thought he was. Do you know what he's doing right now? Not only does he know that there is a chip inside his brain.   

He's having surgery abroad to get it removed..."    

Stunned, Emily stood as if paralyzed from the neck up. Emily held onto her phone, unable to form a sentence in her mind.    

"Do you know why he didn't tell you? Because he doesn't trust you at all. Why else would he leave you here on your own?" Sean was trying to hit a nerve with his provocation.  

"So what? I don't care!"  

  "Nothing." Sean smiled, and said, "It's just that I'm not going to let him have his way. Would you like to see how far I can reach?"    

The scream tore through Emily like a great shard of glass. "Sean, what the hell are you going to do? I won't let you harm him!"    

"Emily, my patience has run its course,"  Sean shouted.    

"I don't want to play games with you anymore. I want to see you right away. Otherwise, I'll make sure Jacob dies on the operating table."   

 Emily bit her pale lip and said, "Sean, do you really think you can control everything in the world?"    

"I never wanted to control everything, but I can try my best, only if you can come back to me. I can't give you too much time to decide. Please, consider this offer seriously, okay?"  

Emily hung up the phone, gasping for breath and feeling more and more upset.   

She immediately dialled Jacob's phone, but his phone was switched off.    

Sam, who accompanied Jacob on his journey wasn't answering his phone either.    

Before long, Emily received a photo from Sean.    

The man in the picture was Jacob, lying unconscious in the operating room. His eyes were shut tight and his face looked lifeless, as if he were dead.    

The photo was the final straw which broke the camel's back.   

 And Emily, was the camel in this analogy.    

With her trembling hands, she called Sean's number again. "Sean, listen to me! Whatever you're doing, stop it right now! Just stop it!" Emily was shouting desperately.  

Sean, on the other hand, was in a playful mood. "What if I don't?"    

"You'll never get what you want,"  Emily responded word by word. 

   Sean's face darkened for a moment. "Are you threatening me?"    

"No, I am willing to make a deal with you!" Emily took a deep breath and forced the words out of her mouth. 

"You've been planning this for a long time now. What you want is finally within your reach. Do you really want to screw up this chance? As long as you don't hurt him, I promise to give you what you want."    

Sean didn't say anything in response. Emily continued, "If Jacob dies, you already know what I'm going to do."   

 There was a long, oppressive silence.    

It was so quiet that they could hear each other breathing over the phone. Soon, Emily heard a faint mocking laughter from the other side.  

"Emily, you've grown so much over the years that you've even started to threaten me."    

When Emily believed that she would hold on to the advantage, Sean said, "But you have to know this. I made the choice, but it doesn't have to be you when there are so many lookalikes in the world."  

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