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 Season 7

Episode 17

(She killed him)

Emily had been grounded by Jacob for quite some time now, and home felt almost like a prison to her. All the while, she had no idea that Jacob was actually protecting her.    

Soon, a new company rose. This company had excellent growth potential and in a very short time it earned a name for itself in the industry. Moreover, since the Gu Consortium was no longer the only monopoly in Jingshi City, people began to notice this company.    

The Bai Company.    

And the man running everything from behind the scene was, none other than, Jacob, the CEO of this newborn company.    

The fact that Bai was Emily's family name and Jacob had used it as his company name, became a hot topic of discussion among the citizens. 'The CEO of the company must love the woman named Bai very much! Why else would he name his company after her family name?'  

As for the rest of the Gu family, they were at a loss for words. This company's existence had proven them that Jacob already had a card up his sleeve all along, even before he had personally destroyed the Gu Consortium. Finally, they had come to see what Jacob was capable of. 

There was nothing in the world he couldn't achieve if he had set his mind to it. This meant that it would be too long before the Bai company outgrew the Gu Consortium.   

 The Gu Consortium was a rotten cesspool run by a group of filthy degenerates. Long ago the company was built on dirty money and the blood of his parents. Its very existence sickened Jacob to his core.   

 How could he willingly wish to be a part of a company like that?! How could he serve a company like that?!    

Ever since the company's liquidation and its imminent death, every reason Jacob had to be resentful, had disappeared. 

And of course, to make a good situation even better, Jacob finally exacted his revenge on Mr. Gu for what he did to his parents. The sick old bastard had it coming.  

The truth was that Jacob had been preparing for this day for a long time. Ever since the day Jennifer and the other traitors ganged up on him, he knew that he needed to start a new company. And from the ashes of the Gu Consortium, Jacob built the Bai Company.   

 As any other company, the Bai Company started small and most of the people didn't even notice them at first. The word 'Bai' meant white and pure. But most importantly, it was Emily's last name.  

  So technically, Emily owned the company, only she didn't know that.    The tumultuous rush was still out there. 

   At the same time, Mr. Gu came to realize that he had lost everything. He felt strongly alarmed by the current situation, and so he used up his own money to transfer himself to another hospital, even though Jacob had assured his safety. After all, it wouldn't surprise him if Jacob turned his back on his word.  

Mr. Gu did everything he could to rest his mind, but sadly there was no respite to be found anywhere. 'What if he regrets letting me go? What if he decides to kill me again?' Every day he'd ask himself the same questions over and over again, spending his days in constant fear of assassination.    

Jennifer came over to visit Mr. Gu. She intended to save the company, even though the Gu clan had already lost its prestige. No matter how hard she would try, rising from the ashes was still a big challenge.    

However, Jennifer alone wasn't strong to save the Gu Consortium on her own. 

Besides, just like the Gu clan, she had lost her prestige too. The Jiang family didn't want anything to do with her and the only thing she wanted to do now, more than ever, was to trampled everyone under her feet!  

"Mr. Gu! Please do something! Jacob has started a new company on his own. He has betrayed the Gu clan! He is stepping on your toes and you can't just let him be! Are you seriously going to let him get away with it?"   

 Of course Mr. Gu wasn't happy about it all. He would have strangled Jacob and watched his eyes pop out of their sockets, but alas, he was just a feeble old man who could barely move his lips. Yes, he was furious, but what else could he do? There was nothing he could do to stop Jacob.    


Jennifer was so disgusted by his weak response that her repugnance stopped her from giving water to the dying man. The revulsion in her eyes for him was clear and transparent.    

"I can't believe I dedicated my life to following a helpless old loser like you!"   

 Having been placed in a high position for so long, Mr. Gu had grown susceptible to flattery and praises. The fact that the woman standing in front of him was insulting him was completely unacceptable. He might have been just an old man, but he was an old man still with dignity!  

He grabbed a cup from the table and flung it a her. "Bang!" The cup landed on the floor and broke to pieces.   

 "Ouch! You old rascal! What's wrong with you!" Jennifer burst out in a fiery rage, "I am done with you!"    

She pushed the old man off his bed and watched him fall to the ground. The sight of him writhing on the ground in pain, gave her joy.    

The old man forced her to do things she never thought she would do. He humiliated her in front of her peers and those who worked under her. His very presence disgusted her and now, it was her turn to make him suffer!   

 Slightly tilting her head to the side, Jennifer burst into laughter. She enjoyed the feeling of immense power coursing through her veins! Mr. Gu struggled, but he somehow stood up and approached her with his eyes wide open and his face, livid with rage.  

"What do you want!" Jennifer was confused by his silence. The very next second, she noticed the silver knife in Mr. Gu's hand as he jumped at her. 

'What? Where the hell did that knife come from?'    

Fortunately for Jennifer, Mr. Gu, far from his prime, was just too old and slow which gave her plenty of time to react. 

She nimbly evaded and parried the knife away. Adrenaline coursed through her body as she pinned him to the ground.    "Damn you, old man! You think you can kill me that easily? You should really take a look at yourself in the mirror! You old miserable shit!"    

Jennifer couldn't control her anger anymore. She took off her high heels and hit him in the head with all her might. For all she knew, he could have incurred severe brain injuries.    

There was blood everywhere. But Mr. Gu wasn't finished yet. As a last-ditch effort, he pounced at Jennifer, bare-handed.  

Yet again, Jennifer outmanoeuvred him. She picked up a piece of glass from the ground and stabbed him in the jugular. 

Blood gushed out from whence she pulled out the glass from, spilling on her face and clothes.    

She could taste the blood on her lips and the smell of it made her so sick she wanted to throw up.    

Moments later, she finally came to herself. She panicked at the sight of Mr. Gu's lifeless cold body on the ground. "Don't play dead! You won't fool me!"   

 To satiate her curiosity, she kicked him, but sadly there was no response. She was frozen in panic. "'s not my fault. You tried to kill me! I was just trying to defend myself... Right, I was trying to defend myself!"    

'The knife! Where is the knife? I'll need it to prove my innocence!' She realized what the knife meant to her and she scrambled around in search of it. But it was nowhere to be found!  

"No! No! No! Where is the damn knife? It was just here! Why can't I find it now? He tried to kill me with the knife! I am the victim..."    

Jennifer frantically searched for the knife. When she settled down a little bit, fragments of memory gradually came to her mind.    

She pushed Mr. Gu down to the ground and stepped on him. Then she took off her high heels and hit him on his head. He wasn't dead yet, so she picked up a sharp piece of glass and stabbed him with it...    

'No! No! It wasn't like that!  

  I didn't want to kill him! He provoked me. He wanted me dead!'    

Jennifer couldn't trust the scenes replaying in her head. She clearly believed that Mr. Gu didn't even have the strength to stand up on his own, so how could the old man try to kill her with a knife?  

Suddenly, she started to realized that she must have imagined everything.    

She killed Mr. Gu!    

Fear gripped her in an instant. She wasn't worried that she had killed him, even though this was the first time she had killed another person. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time she had committed a crime, and she didn't believe that evil actions would bring retribution.    

She was more worried about the fact that she was essentially powerless now, and if somebody found out that she was the one who murdered Mr. Gu, it would be hard for her to avoid jail time.   

 No! Going to prison was not an option for her!    

Jennifer's hands were shaking and soon her whole body followed suit. Meanwhile, the old man lying stiffly on the ground was staring at her with his eyes wide open.    

The lifeless glare from the dead man's eyes, shook Jennifer up and she immediately turned around to get as far away from this room as possible.  

The moment she placed her hand on the door-knob, someone opened the door from the other side. She gasped and her heart skipped a beat.  

  'What should I do? I will be dead as soon as somebody finds out what had happened here!'    

While she scrambled in her mind for a strategy, the door was pushed wide open.   

 Standing at the door was a handsome man with a pair of black eyes, staring at her. She knew who it was but the inadvertence in his eyes gave her a feeling of uncertainty.    


Of all the people in the world, this man was the last person she was expecting to see there. However, his presence relieved her heart. "Magee! What are you doing here? Well, never mind! Please take me away from here!"  

She rushed towards the doorway to leave as she finished her words, but the man stopped her. He gestured to the ward with his chin, "Tsk, tsk!"    

Mr. Gu was lying in the pool of what seemed to be his own blood. The walls were splattered all over with his blood and the strong, metallic smell of blood lingered in the air. There was no doubt that this was a crime scene!    

Jennifer did not dare to look back, however, and said, "This has nothing to do with me! He tried to kill me! I am the victim. I was defending myself! I so sick of this place. Please, Magee, please take me away from here!"    

A tiny smile curved up in Magee's face. He seemed to be deeply satisfied with what he had seen. With a patient tone, he said, "Tell me, Miss Jiang. Why would I help you run away from this?"   

 The longer Jennifer stayed at the ward, the more she began to panic. However, since she refused to show her vulnerability to the man who was once one of her admirers, she masked her anxiety under a facade. "Didn't you used to have a crush on me? What's with the sudden lack of consideration? I wasn't asking you, okay? I was telling you. If you are really into me, just do as I say!" 

Jennifer was desperate to try anything. 

 "Well! Well! Well!" Magee burst into laughter. "Jennifer, what are you? 3 years old? Who do you think you are? You don't tell me what to do! You should really stop being so ignorant!"    

"Magee Lin!" She nipped her lips, "Don't forget you used to have feelings for me!"    
"Don't be so naive, babe. I never really liked you. Don't you see? You were chosen by the Gu clan and I had no other options!"   

 "You..." She clenched her fist and waved it at him in anger. At the same time she realized that she was all on her own and she couldn't afford to offend him. 

"Magee... I have known you for so long... Please take me away from here. I can't go to prison, please..."  

Magee saw an opportunity and he seized it without a second thought. "I want you to beg! Kneel down and beg to me."    

Jennifer was stunned. "Excuse me?"    

Magee responded mockingly, "What? Don't you remember how it's done? You've knelt down before Jacob once. What about me? No?"    

Without wasting any time, Jennifer knelt down immediately, burying her pride. She was just following her survival instincts at this point. She feigned remorse, letting the tears roll down from her cheeks and said, "Magee, please, I beg you. Please take me away from here! I'll do whatever you ask me to. I will be at your disposal. 

Just get me out of here, please..."   

 "Look at yourself! Selling yourself to me like a pathetic whore! Too bad, I prefer virgins. Honey, I am not a trash can." 

Magee spared no effort in ridiculing her.    
Jennifer wasn't a nitwit. She knew he was calling her trash.  

But she needed his help. There was nothing she could do.   

 "You told me that you would help me if I kneel down..."    

"Well, I asked you to kneel before me, but I didn't promise you anything in return."  

  "You... Magee! I am being serious! I mean it. I need your help! Please help me! I will definitely return the favor!" 

Jennifer's ego wouldn't allow her to ask anyone for help. Kneeling before Jacob was a matter of great disrespect for her. But this time...    

This time was even worse than the last.  

  At least with Jacob, even though she paid a high price with her dignity, she admired him. But Magee was different. 

He was the one who chased after her. How could she embarrass herself in front of one of her admirers?   

 Jennifer felt utterly humiliated!  

Jennifer's desperation was making Magee feel bad. "It hurts me to see you like this. I really want to help you."    

Jennifer saw a light of hope at the end of the tunnel. She was just about to express her gratitude, when Magee said, "But I am a law-abiding citizen and I don't think I can hide criminals!"    

As soon as the words left his mouth, he took out his phone and dialled a number. 

As expected, he was talking to someone from the police station. "I would like to report a murder..."  

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