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(No Zuo No Die Why You Try (9)

“No problem. Let her go first,” Su Yu replied quickly.

“Su Yu, do you think I’m a child? Why would I let her go before I see a helicopter and have the money?” Jian Tong was putting everything on the line. She knew that her relationship with Su Yu was beyond repair. She just needed to get out of the hospital. If she continued to stay, neither Su Yu nor Huo Mian and Qin Chu would let her live.

She had no choice but to burn all bridges…

“You’ve known me for so long. You should know that I never lie.” Su Yu looked angry.

“That was before. Why should I believe you now? You’re willing to kill me for this woman and her kid. So, don’t tell me to trust your ways, I only believe my own eyes. Money, my passport, and a helicopter. Hurry up, I want to leave here immediately. Otherwise, I’m taking her with me to hell.” Jian Tong was cornered and desperate.

Meanwhile, something else was happening on the rooftop of the building across South Side.

Next to Gao Ran and Qin Chu was a sniper, his rifle aimed at the target.

“Are you in position?” Qin Chu was nervous as could be, but he needed to be calm to save his wife.

In order to not further aggravate Jian Tong’s instability, Qin Chu didn’t go to the hostage scene. The person that Jian Tong had asked for was Su Yu.

However, how could Master Qin remain calm knowing that his wife was being held hostage?

His soul had already left his body from fear… In the words of Gao Ran, no matter how calm and collected Qin Chu was normally, when it came to Huo Mian, he would lose all of his cool. He simply loved and cared for her too much.

“Director Gao, this is not a good position. The target is behind the hostage. If I shoot, the probability of the bullet hitting the hostage is high,” the sniper explained the situation.

South Side Recuperation Centre was taller than its neighboring buildings, so setting up at the sides of the building wouldn’t make sense.

The only plausible location was the industrial building across from it. However, from where they stood, their line of sight was limited.

“Then what do we do?” Gao Ran was also worried as hell. He couldn’t make a decision.

“Ask the sniper to stand by and keep watch. Maybe when Jian Tong’s really unstable she’ll make bigger movements. Take the shot as soon as they’re not overlapped,” Qin Chu analyzed.

“Alright, I guess that’s our only option right now… Don’t worry too much, both ambulance and fire are right downstairs. They’ve set up the air mattress. Even if they do fall, nothing bad will happen…” Gao Ran patted Qin Chu’s shoulders, trying to comfort the man.

“I’m not afraid of them falling… I’m afraid that Jian Tong will cut Mian…” Qin Chu replied with a heavy tone.

This was also his most urgent worry, something he had no control over.

Although a 12-story building was tall, they had prepared for all the necessary protective measures at the bottom, but…

Jian Tong was unstable… and at any moment, she might lose all hope and cut Huo Mian’s throat.

That would be the ultimate disaster…

In other words, being held hostage by an unstable lunatic, Huo Mian could be in life-threatening danger at any given moment.

No wonder Qin Chu couldn’t sit still, his expression gloomy.

After some careful thinking, Qin Chu decided to dial Su Yu’s number.

Su Yu picked up without a word. He recognized Qin Chu’s phone number.



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