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(No Zuo No Die Why You Try (4)

“Yeah, there’s still some work I haven’t finished.” Qin Ning held onto the mouse and stared at the computer screen, her heart pounding erratically.

“What did that kid decide with you?”

“We didn’t really talk about it. He’ll leave tomorrow.” Qin Ning tried to hide her disappointment with an expressionless face.

“He’s leaving tomorrow? He doesn’t want to agree to my offer?” Papa Qin looked surprised.

“Daddy… how old are you again? How could you be this na├»ve? Tang Chuan’s from a super-rich family. The Tang Family is incredibly highly regarded domestically and they’re equal to us in terms of capital. His father is the head of the family, a man with a reputation to upkeep. How could he allow his son to be a live-in son-in-law?” Qin Ning tried her best to not leak her disappointed she felt.

“Did he say these things himself or are you speaking for him?” asked Papa Qin.

“What’s the difference?” Qin Ning asked in a cavalier tone.

“Of course there’s a difference. If he said it himself, then he’s not that serious about you… and you don’t need a man like that… But if you’re speaking for him, then you’re the one who’s making the decision for him. You’re not him, after all, you don’t know what he’s thinking.”

“Forget it, Dad, let’s stop talking about this. Little Chuan and I… well, I guess this is it for us. Maybe it’s better if we stay friends… please don’t give him a hard time. Plus, I’m still young and not in a hurry to get married. If you need more help at the company, just hire more people. Hire more high-level professionals. Stop spending your energy on my marriage.”

Qin Ning seemed to have frustrations towards her father so her polite tone sounded forced.

“Ning-Ning… Daddy’s just…”

“Dad, I’m tired. I’m going to sleep after I finish this. You should sleep early too.” Qin Ning didn’t give her father a chance to talk and ended the conversation resolutely.

Papa Qin sighed and said nothing. He then turned and walked away.

He had wanted to have a talk with the kid but decided that it was better not to as it may complicate things even more.

Just like that, the three residents of the gigantic mansion separated, each burdened with their own thoughts.

Both Qin Ning and Tang Chuan couldn’t sleep and the mansion fell into silence.

Qin Ning refreshed her page over and over again, waiting for Tang Chuan to say something to her.

Unfortunately, there was no sign of that.

Qin Ning wanted to initiate a conversation but found herself without words.

Finally, at 1:40 AM sharp…

Tang Chuan updated his status…

“I play hard but I also work hard. I can scare you with my promiscuity but I can also shock you with my dedication. I can reign in the business world but I can also appreciate the little things with you at home. All of this depends on who you are and how you treat me. Between the freezing and boiling points, the amount of fire you give me is what determines how I treat you. So, please do not judge me from your point of view, for I’m afraid that you will never see through me.”

Qin Ning didn’t know how to feel after reading his status. This was the first time she had seen Tang Chuan’s more serious side.

Dark and cold… He was completely different from his normal comedic self.

Feeling restless, Qin Ning couldn’t help but send him a message.

“Are you asleep?”

“I’m sleeping now,” Tang Chuan immediately replied.

“Alright then, I’ll drive you to the airport tomorrow… I’ve already booked your ticket.”

“Thanks,” Tang Chuan replied politely.

Qin Ning was both happy and disappointed by the polite response.

Shouldn’t she be happy about his willingness to let her go?

The ticket Qin Ning booked was for 10 AM the next morning.

Qin Ning woke up at 6, unable to fall back asleep. With heavy eye bags, she got up to make toast and heat up the milk.

She wanted to have breakfast with Tang Chuan.

When she knocked on the door, there was no reply.

“Can I come in? Little Chuan?” Qin Ning thought that he was showering.



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