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(Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (6)

The two women immediately turned to look at Su Yu.

“Young Master Su… I…” one of the models started to physically approach Su Yu.

Su Yu immediately waved his hands and said, “No. That’s too much for me. You two can go somewhere else to play…”

Su Yu took out his wallet and handed them a stack of cash. There were probably tens of thousands.

Su Yu wasn’t wasting money. Instead, this was an unspoken rule in the industry. After all, these two ladies were plus ones of a rich guy somewhere.

They had approached them for money. Although you could say they were models, they had in reality not even done a commercial yet.

All they did were part-time jobs, going out with rich people, and sleeping with them. They had to be much more sexual than those girls who worked at private clubs.

Since they had asked, they couldn’t let them go away empty-handed.

That was why Su Yu used the money to buy them to leave.

Although the two women were disappointed, they smiled when they saw the money.

“Thank you, Young Master Su.”

When they left with the money, it became a lot quieter.

The three drank a bit more. Very soon, it was midnight and Tang Chuang suggested, “I’m a bit hungry and craving for congee. Do you guys want to go?”

“I’ll pass. You guys can go. My kid is still at home and if we don’t go back, she won’t sleep.”

“Kid? Stop joking. When did you get a kid?” Tang Chuan chuckled.

“She’s Yanyan’s kid…” Shen Mingxi explained.

Su Yu and Tang Chuan were slightly shocked. They gave each other a look.

“Um… okay. We won’t force you then…”

“Yeah, let’s hang another day.”

Shen Mingxi nodded. Then he stood up, put his hand on Huo Yanyan’s shoulder, and walked towards the exit.

When he was at the door, he even carefully opened the door for her like a gentleman.

“I think Young master Shen is a bit different from before…” Su Yu mumbled.

“I think Huo Yanyan used witchcraft on him, and that’s why he’s so into her. I never knew she was so magical before, so magical that Young Master Shen would divorce Wei Ying for her and also treat Huo Yanyan’s daughter as his own…”

“It’s the magic of love. I also genuinely love Huo Mian’s daughters…” Su Yu seemed to understand Shen Mingxi’s behavior.

“That’s different. You’ve been into Huo Mian for many years. There’s history between you two, but for them, it feels very strange. It’s a good thing that Wei Liao didn’t come today. Otherwise, it would have been very awkward…”

Then, Su Yu and Tang Chuan left and went to a high-end congee restaurant.

The two had drunk a lot so they ordered two congees and some light appetizers.

Tang Chuan had wanted to speak to Su Yu about something.

He kept flipping through his phone. There seemed to have something in mind.

“Are you waiting for Qin Ning’s messages?” Su Yu asked.

“Uh… She won’t send me messages. I know…” Tang Chuan gave a bitter smile in response.

When he left Qin Ning’s house, he went to Spain. They had not talked ever since.

He had posted his activities in Spain and Qin Ning liked all his posts but said nothing.

They seemed to be having some sort of competition going on where they were competing on how long they didn’t talk to each other.

It had been a long time since they talked.

Their only communication was liking each others’ posts.

Tang Chuan got used to this. He kept scrolling through his phone, dreaming that Qin Ning would send him a message.

Yet, his phone was silent. Qin Ning didn’t even post any to her WeChat circle.

“What happened between you two? You were in the States for over twenty days. Did absolutely nothing happen? Was she that determined to reject you?” Su Yu asked as he took a sip of congee.



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