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(No Zuo No Die Why You Try (6)

“I’ll be there right away…” Worried, Huo Mian immediately turned around and left the office.

Director Wu also followed along. These ridiculous things rarely happened at South Side as the hospital mainly dealt with upper-class people, so even Director Wu was alarmed by the suicide threat.

Almost no one in the hospital knew which VIP room Jian Tong was staying in. Her accident was so critical that her entire body was wrapped in bandages like a mummy. No one, not even her family or her company, was talking about her condition. Even the media was kept in the dark… So, almost no one knew of the tension between Jian Tong and Huo Mian.

When Huo Mian got there, Jian Tong already had the scissors at her own neck…

She looked extremely unstable. “I want to see Huo Mian. I know that she works at this hospital. Tell her to come here or I’ll kill myself right in front of you right now!”

Jian Tong’s voice was hysterical. The nurse who was taking care of her was now shaking and even Jian Tong’s mother was about to have a heart attack.

“I’m here. Calm down.” Huo Mian appeared in front of the door just in time, in her white robe and black-rimmed glasses.

This was the first meeting between the two women after the incident.

“Haha… Great timing… This is fantastic…” Jian Tong glared at Huo Mian whilst sporting a smile so wicked it made people’s skin crawl.

“You don’t need to do this… How will this help?” In front of the wrapped-up Jian Tong, Huo Mian’s words came out less than sincere…

How could she be nice to someone who had almost killed her daughter?

Huo Mian didn’t feel sorry for the woman either; she deserved what she got.

“Listen to me… All of you are being fooled by this woman. Huo Mian is the actual dirty b!tch here… She’ll do anything to get what she wants. To get rid of me, she even used her daughter to set me up. How low can you get? Why are there so many men in love with a woman like you? Haha… are they all blind?”

Jian Tong screamed and yelled, losing all the grace of a famous celebrity.

She was nothing but a shrew, a psycho who had no control over her own mouth.

“Vice Director Huo…” A couple of nurses wanted to stop Jian Tong’s rude attack.

“Let her speak. I’m not going to mind what a psycho says.” As far as Huo Mian was concerned, Jian Tong was a lost cause.

Jian Tong had been unstable ever since her car accident. With her body injured and her beautiful face destroyed, she lived every day in rage, throwing fits and smashing things on the ground.

She couldn’t accept what had happened to her, whether bodily or emotionally.

Plus, with Su Yu’s colder than cold treatment towards her, she wasn’t brave enough to kill herself.

So Master Qin had guessed right. She was living in hell every day since that incident. Every day was a new round of torture.

It really was worse than dying…

“Psycho? You’re calling me a psycho? Hahaha…Huo Mian, let me tell you this. I’ve never been more lucid. I’ve been thinking about the same question over and over again for the past couple of days. Why was it so coincidental? I went to President Su’s mansion and your kids were there just in time? It was all a setup, wasn’t it? How vile can you be? You’ll do anything just to keep me away from President Su. You used your seemingly innocent daughter as bait, feeding her something you knew was poisonous. You then used that to gain everyone’s sympathy and to frame me… Huo Mian, are you still human?”

Her every word was filled with rage, and other people didn’t really understand at all what she was saying.

No one else understood what she was screaming about because no one else knew who she was…

Only Huo Mian knew that she’s talking about Little Bean’s accident.



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