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(No Zuo No Die Why You Try (7)

“You’ve truly overestimated me. I’m not ruthless enough to use my own child to frame you. Plus, compared to my daughter, you’re entirely insignificant… You’re not even worth it. Not only you, no one is important enough for me to risk my daughter’s safety.” Huo Mian rebutted calmly.

“I don’t believe you… I will never believe in anything you say ever again. You’ve won. You’ve turned me into a monster. Huo Mian, karma will get you. You’ll go to hell after you die,” Jian Tong cursed.

“I’m going to live my life well while I’m alive and anything after that isn’t really up to me. I really couldn’t care less… You’ve really thought far…” In contrast to Jian Tong’s craziness, Huo Mian was as calm and collected as ever.

This made Jian Tong even more unstable…

He waved the scissors around, and it was as if she was about to hurt herself in any second.

“Go and call the police, let them come and deal with this,” Huo Mian turned and whispered to the nurse next to her.

Huo Mian knew that Jian Tong was out to cause a scene, and she probably wasn’t going to stop until something big happened.

“All of you, listen to me. If I die here today, it’s because of this woman. She’s the one who forced me to kill myself. I’ll never forgive you, Huo Mian. I’ll haunt you after I die. I hate you… b!tch…” With that, Jian Tong pointed the scissors toward her neck and slashed.

At that moment, Huo Mian suddenly tensed up. It was still a life, after all.

However, right before the scissor grazed her neck, Jian Tong suddenly fainted to the ground.

“Hurry! Someone, save my daughter. She fainted!” Jian Tong’s mother shouted.

As a doctor, Huo Mian reacted out of instinct, wanting to help Jian Tong onto the bed to save her.

Just as Huo Mian touched Jian Tong, however, the latter suddenly pushed a cold knife up against her neck.

Jian Tong opened up her eyes, her lips curved with a malicious smile.

“You’ve been tricked, kind doctor.”

“Let our Vice Director Huo go! We can work this out. Don’t do anything stupid…” Director Wu was completely frightened.

He had never been as scared as he was watching Huo Mian being held hostage.

Jian Tong’s scissors pushed against Huo Mian’s pale neck, the sharp iron piercing into her flesh.

Droplets of red seeped through her skin, coloring her decollete cold and leaving the surrounding flesh to sting.

“Move back! Everyone, move back, or I’ll kill her right now!” Jian Tong roared.

The crowd immediately backed away in fear.

“Tong-Tong… what are you… doing?! Why… can’t you just… rest and recover in peace?!” Jian Tong’s mother was wheezing.

She couldn’t comprehend her daughter’s extreme actions. Why was she so against this doctor?

“Get out of the way…” Jian Tong held Huo Mian hostage and made her way out of the room, into the hallway, and up the roof.

It was the dead of winter, close to the Chinese new year, so it was especially cold on the roof.

With -20 Celsius in temperature, both their complexions turned pale.

Jian Tong forced Huo Mian to the edges of the roof. They were on the 12th floor and a fall would secure both their deaths.

“I want to see Su Yu. Hurry up and get him here…” Jian Tong made her second demand.

People immediately began to search for ways to contact Imperial Star’s Headquarters, hoping to reach Su Yu.

Su Yu was in the middle of a shareholder’s meeting. He had his laptop turned-on and was analyzing the data of the entire year.

Assistant An walked in and whispered something into Su Yu’s ears.

The latter immediately stood up and ran out of the room, leaving behind a group of confused shareholders.

“President Su has to handle something. Everyone’s dismissed for now.” Assistant An made sure to close the meeting.

Su Yu flew down to the South Side in his Lamborghini, not risking even a second. He rushed up to the roof, and the entire process took less than 18 minutes.

“Let her go…” Those were Su Yu’s first words once he got up to the roof.



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