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(Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (7)

“Something did happen, but it wasn’t a huge story… All I did was lower myself and become her bodyguard, nanny, and assistant for twenty-ish days. That’s all… Haha…” Tang Chuan chuckled happily. He sounded like it was nothing but Su Yu knew that Tang Chuan wasn’t as happy as he looked.

Tang Chuan wasn’t the type that could keep everything to himself. When Su Yu asked him what happened, Tang Chuan told the whole story, including what Qin Ning’s father said to him.

Su Yu gave Tang Chuan’s words some deep thought and asked, “So you don’t want to marry into Qin Ning’s family?”

“That’s not the main point. You’ve known me for so many years so you’d know that I don’t care about reputation. I’d change my last name for her as long as she’s willing to marry me…”

“I don’t get it… Why did you come back then? Didn’t her father agree to your engagement with Qin Ning? Isn’t that good news?” Su Yu was rather confused.

To Su Yu, it sounded like it was going well for Tang Chuan but why did it end up with him defeated?

“What I’m concerned about is how Ning feels about me. I feel like she doesn’t trust that I really love her. I think she’s just touched by my actions or I’ve become a habit of hers. All in all, what’s important is that she doesn’t love me back… Hahaha… I feel so sentimental that I’m even disgusted by myself. I’m no longer a teenager but I still dream that I could be with ‘the one’ one day… I don’t want to end up with someone because of their family background or that we should be together…” It was the first time that Tang Chuan gave such a sentimental speech.

Su Yu was rather unused to Tang Chuan being like this.

“Hey Chuan, learn to let things go… Not every feeling is mutual. Do you think you and Qin Ning are like Qin Chu and Huo Mian? In reality, only a few people end up with people they love and the other party loves them back. The majority of love stories end without a happy ending so you shouldn’t pity yourself… Learn to be satisfied with what you have…” Su Yu tried to pacify Tang Chuan.

“I know what you mean, but it’s just hard for me to let her go.” *Sigh* “It’s okay… Whatever I say now won’t change the facts. I’m back now so who knows what will happen in the future?” Tang Chuan seemed to be uncertain of his future.

“Why don’t you pair up with Wei Ying? She’s divorced now. I kinda sympathize with her… Haha… You guys seem like a good match. She has a rather vibrant personality and your family backgrounds are similar. Also, you could become Wei’s brother-in-law…” Su Yu teased while taking another sip of his congee.

Tang Chuan glared at Su Yu and said, “Chu, you can’t joke like that. You’re also single and you’re also best buds with Wei. Why don’t you marry Wei Ying?”

“She’s not my cup of tea,” Su Yu quibbled.

“Then she for sure ain’t my cup of tea,” Tang Chuan declared with confidence.

The two chatted till it was very late. Finally, Su Yu gave in because he was very sleepy. Only then did the two return home.

Tang Chuan was sleepy but as soon as he came back to his huge empty mansion, he was feeling awake again.

Although it was midnight in China, it was daytime in Los Angeles.

He wondered what Qin Ning was doing.

Qin Ning normally was busy at GK’s headquarters working. She was especially busy when her father wasn’t at work.

She had to become deputy president for her father and attend meetings and solve problems.

No one dared to look down upon her despite her young age and being a woman. Instead, they saw her as a competent and decisive president.

When she returned home, she would change from her business clothes to casual home wear, and be as easy-going and warm as the little girl-next-door.

During lunchtime, Qin Ning’s secretary brought in a cup of coffee and a hamburger.

“Miss Qin, here’s your lunch.”



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