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(Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (4)

“I’m back to celebrate the Chinese new year…” Tang Chuan plopped down on Su Yu’s sofa as if he was in his own home.

“New year? Stop bullshitting…”


“You came back alone?” Su Yu looked at him suspiciously.

“What else? With my wife and kids?” Tang Chuan chuckled.

“Where’s Qin Ning? Have you gotten bored of her already? Or did you fail and ended up coming home alone?” Su Yu was confused.

Didn’t Tang Chuan promise to not return before he conquered Qin Ning, even at the cost of not spending the New Year back home?

How long had it been since he left? He’s back already before the New Year?

“Look at me. Of course, I failed… Ning-Ning… she’s… Forget it, I don’t want to talk about it. Are you busy after work?”

“No, I’m free.”

“Let’s go drinking. We haven’t gone for so long…”

“Sure, why would I say no?”

“Haha, whoever doesn’t get drunk today is a bastard,” Tang Chuan teased.

“Let’s go bastard. Stop wasting time.” Su Yu put his arm around Tang Chuan’s shoulders and the two friends walked out of Imperial Star’s headquarters, laughing and joking.

Just like that, Su Yu and Tang Chuan made their way to Seductive Fox.

After Rick left, Tang Chuan bought the place with his own money and took over.

Nobody on the outside knew the place belonged to him because he hired a responsible manager to run the place.

Inside the gigantic room were 20-something people.

Maybe because he was in a bad mood, Tang Chuan had called over a lot of people to drink together.

Su Yu and Tang Chuan sat in the middle of the sofa, their status as clear as could be, with countless people lining up to drink with them.

Both men had a lot to drink.

“Why isn’t Wei Liao here yet?” Su Yu kept looking towards the door.

“He’s not coming,” Tang Chuan replied while playing with his phone.

“Are you serious? Is he that afraid of his wife? Plus, he knows that this is for you right? He wouldn’t skip out on you like this.” Su Yu was confused once again.

“It’s not about that. He heard that Mr. Shen was coming… so…” Tang Chuan didn’t continue.

Su Yu understood immediately.

Before, the four of them had quite the tight bond, but because of Shen Mingxi and Wei Ying’s marriage and subsequent divorce, everything turned awkward.

The Shen and Wei Families turned into enemies, cutting off all business ties with one another.

Wei Ying seemed to have a lot to complain about her marriage and the Wei Family doted on their youngest daughter. So, naturally, they disliked the man to a great degree.

Knowing that Shen Mingxi was coming, Wei Liao naturally chose to avoid the awkward encounter.

Wei Liao was mature and wouldn’t have caused a scene but it was still best if they didn’t meet each other.

Tang Chuan told Wei Liao that the three of them would meet some other time.

Suddenly, the room door creaked. Shen Mingxi walked in, dressed in dark grey casual attire.

Following behind him was none other than Huo Yanyan.

It had been a long time since they last saw Huo Yanyan. She was much more beautiful, maybe thanks to her change in attitude; she was far less arrogant and insufferable.

Her attire was also less flashy, less showy; she had on only a beige coat.

Her neck was wrapped with a white scarf and her heels were almost flat. Her long hair laid flat against her back and her makeup was light and natural. She couldn’t be more demure.

Her style was similar to that of Huo Mian’s. Presented like this, Huo Yanyan really looked quite lovely.

“My god! What’s happening? Are they really together?” Su Yu gossiped.



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