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(Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (5)

They had heard rumors that Shen Mingxi and Wei Ying got divorced because of Huo Yanyan, but they thought it was ridiculous so they quickly rejected the idea.

Huo Yanyan was now just an ordinary salesperson and no longer a girl from a rich and powerful family.

Not only was her marriage a disaster, but she also had to take care of her daughter.

Never did they expect Shen Mingxi to actually bring Huo Yanyan to such a public event.

“Oh… the rumors were true. Great thing that Wei didn’t come or it would have been very awkward…” Tang Chuan was rather surprised.

When Shen Mingxi came in, everyone stood up to greet him.

He was holding Huo Yanyan’s hand. He led her over and took a spot beside Su Yu.

“Hello, Young Master Su, Young Master Tang…” Huo Yanyan nodded to greet the two.

Su Yu and Tang Chuan nodded back.

“How is it? Has Qin Chu’s cousin agreed to date you yet?” Shen Mingxi picked up the glass of wine on the table as he asked Tang Chuan.

“Huh? When did you get into gossip as well?” Tang Chuan smiled.

“Who doesn’t know? You made such a big scene at your birthday party.”

“Maybe I overdid it during my birthday party. I didn’t get her. Otherwise, why would you think I’d come back from the States?”

“Don’t worry. Young Master Tang, you never lack women by your sides…” Shen Mingxi was not a talkative person, but when he says something, it was always pretty on point.

Su Yu and Shen Mingxi were good friends so they would chat a lot during their private time. However, their topics of discussion were mostly about investing.

Huo Yanyan sat on the side looking rather shy.

Tang Chuan was rather apathetic to her feelings and asked Huo Yanyan, “No wonder Huo Mian kept complaining she couldn’t see you – you were with Mr. Shen.”

“Yeah…” Huo Yanyan nodded with embarrassment.

After the incident, Huo Mian helped Huo Yanyan find a new place to live. However, Huo Yanyan did not go there nor did she take Huo Mian’s money.

She simply disappeared. In fact, she simply didn’t have the courage to see her; she didn’t go because she was afraid Huo Mian would scold her.

“Hey Young Master Chuan, don’t be so nosey. Worry about your own problems first. You’re not a teenager anymore but you don’t even have a proper girlfriend…” Shen Mingxi also seemed to have changed a little.

Su Yu had observed that he was more talkative now. Huo Yanyan might have changed him.

Shen Mingxi was now a brighter and happier person.

“I never lack women… Thanks for worrying…” Tang Chuan crossed his legs and held his wine glass high.

Just then, two models with big breasts came over. They probably were plus-ones some rich heirs brought over.

“Young Master Chuan, let’s play a game, shall we? Let’s guess how big our breast sizes are. If you’re right, we’ll follow you and you can do whatever you want to us,” one of the girls said with a smile. She looked exactly like those girls who were famous on Instagram.

The other looked a bit shyer and pure. She simply looked at Tang Chuan with a tender smile.

“What if I’m wrong?” Tang Chuan asked.

“If you’re wrong, then you will have to follow us,” the woman said shamelessly.

Su Yu snickered.

“Young Master Chuan, take care of yourself… Can you hold yourself up with two at once?” Su Yu teased him.

Back in the old days, Tang Chuan would have for sure tried to guess. However, he would not follow through the bet rewards.

He thought the game itself was fun, but the girls were probably dirty.

Tang Chuan was not that desperate for girls.

However, Tang Chuan didn’t seem to even want to play the game today.

He looked over at Su Yu and said, “I’ll leave such a fun game to you. You see, Young Master Su here has great eyes… If you two can please him, he might make you two into stars…”



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