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(No Zuo No Die Why You Try (5)

When she pushed open the door, she was completely dumbfounded by the sight.

Tang Chuan’s room was clean and tidy, without a speck of dust. Even the bed was made impeccably.

“He left?” This was Qin Ning’s first reaction.

She walked over to the bedside table and saw a small note.

On it was a beautifully written English note. It wrote: Ning-Ning, I’m leaving. Sorry, I don’t have the guts to say goodbye to you in person, because I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to leave afterward. Anyway, thank you for everything… Thanks for letting me mooch off your food and giving me a place to stay. You can return the ticket. I’ve booked a ticket to Spain. I want to see a couple of soccer games before going home. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about me.

Qin Ning couldn’t hold it back any longer; streams of tears instantly flowed down her face…

He was gone… He really was gone… without saying goodbye to her.

She clenched the note tightly in her hands and ran downstairs.

When she reached the security team, she asked in English, “Have you seen my friend Tang? When did he leave?”

“He left around 3 AM in the morning. I saw him with his suitcase while I was in boxing practice.”

“3 AM in the morning?” Qin Ning looked down at her phone. It was already 6:30 AM.

It was too late to find him at the airport. There were planes leaving Los Angeles 24 hours of the day, to every city in the world.

Just then, Papa Qin came downstairs. “Ning-Ning, what happened?”

“Nothing, Dad… I’m heading to work now. Breakfast is ready in the kitchen. Remember to eat.”

Greatly disappointed, Qin Ning grabbed her bag and drove off in her sports convertible.

On the way, she put on her earphones and dialed Tang Chuan’s phone.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable at the moment, please try again later.”

He was already on the plane. Even his phone was turned off. Qin Ning had never felt so afraid. It was as if she let something extremely valuable slip away.

She wanted to cry but couldn’t…

She truly despised herself. Was directly asking him to stay really that difficult?

Under the early morning sun, Qin Ning raced down the coastal highway, her heart as heavy as lead.

At the same time, Tang Chuan really was already on a flight to Barcelona. Their goodbyes came just as abruptly as their meeting.

– South Side –

After the morning meeting concluded, Director Wu called for Huo Mian. “Mian, please come to my office.”

Huo Mian nodded and followed behind Director Wu, chatting as they walked.

“I’ve been busy with business trips recently and haven’t been around much. How are you feeling about coming back? Are you used to it yet?”

‘Yes, I’m getting used to it. It’s great.” Huo Mian smiled.

“I heard that something happened to your daughter a while ago? Is she alright now?”

“She’s okay now. Thank you for asking.”

Huo Mian followed Director Wu into his office. Director Wu then took out a beautiful gift box and handed it to her.

“I went to see Xiaoxue during my academic seminar to the U.S last week. She told me to give this to you. It’s for your twins.”

“Please thank Xiaoxue for me.” Huo Mian opened the gift box and found two cute dresses for girls. She really appreciated this gift.

“They might come back for Chinese New Year this year. Zhiyuan’s parents are getting old now and they’re not familiar with the life in the U.S… Xiaoxue said she’ll visit you if she comes back.”

“That’s fantastic! I haven’t seen her for such a long time. Is Xinyue all grown up now?”

“Yes, very tall. She also speaks fluent English and Mandarin now.” Director Wu laughed.

“Time really does fly. I remember meeting Xiaoxue like it was yesterday.”

Suddenly, a nurse rushed into the office, so worried she forgot to knock.

“Vice director Huo, hurry, the woman in the VIP room is crazy. She’s threatening suicide with scissors… and she’s calling for you to see her.”

Huo Mian’s heart instantly dropped. She knew it had to be Jian Tong.



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